Yay! First day done!!

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  • Completed my first fast day yesterday, all 36 hours of it!
    I’m not going to say it was easy as I don’t diet ever, and I have the willpower of a hungry labrador, but I did it 🙂
    One thing I’m not sure about, as I’m a complete newbie to this, is are fast days supposed to be 500 cals or 800? Dr Moseley’s latest article on the subject published at the weekend quoted 800, but is this a ‘maintenance’ amount once you have hit your target weight? I’m going with 500 to kick start my weight loss throughout October, but those extra 300 calories could be helpful if the going gets really tough later on!

    Thanks Amanda, that’s really kind. ‘You have results or you have excuses’ – holding yourself to account, I love that!!!

    Welcome to the 5:2 forums, fastandfree. When I first read Moseley’s book it was 500 calories for fast days (FD). I think he later upped the calories for people who couldn’t manage only 500. Even with 500, weight loss can be rather slow, about a pound per week is average. And when you get close to your goal it can be even slower. I think I might have become discouraged by the speed of weight loss if it had been too slow. And I didn’t want to count calories on NFD’s so the 500 calories worked for me. I figure it’s just a small amount of food to hold you over.

    I’ve been doing 5:2 for maintenance for the last 9 months and still use 500 calories. I eat more on NFD than I did while I was losing. It works. You get so used to FD that they become a habit. I eat pretty much the same things every FD because it’s easier and they are foods that are easy to keep on hand. I think a lot of people here do it that way. These are the foods I choose from, in a combination to come up to 500 calories:

    Canned salmon with a sprinkle of lemon juice 160 cals
    12 ounces of broccoli or califlower, from frozen bag 100 calories
    A piece of fruit like banana, apple, pear, peach 70 – 120 cals
    Oatmeal 1/2 cup dry,
    Soup, canned or homemade, around 200 calories for the can
    Miso soup around 60 plus any vegetables added

    fastandfree, I do the 600 calories when I Fast, even tho that is the recommended for MEN. But it had worked for me, and for my husband. Do what works for you. We’ve been at this for 5.5 years, Fasting 2 days each week. it works.
    Good luck.

    Hi, Cali!

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