When to eat?

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  • I’m going to be doing a morning routine that consists of various combinations of Tai Chi, Yoga, Slow Burn (twice a week), Pilates, walking and HIT (three times a week). This isn’t as much as it sounds and I’m good at managing and sustaining this kind of thing. I’ve also been doing the daily 16:8 approach but think I might be better off going back to 5:2.

    What I’m really unsure about is when and what to eat in the morning, especially as I build up quite an appetite after exercising. Also, if I break the 16:8 thing, with even a couple of eggs, I end up really hungry much sooner than I would have had I not eaten anything.

    So I guess I’m a little torn between the 16:8 approach and the 5:2. It just doesn’t feel ‘right’ not eating until the afternoon, especially if I’m exercising in the morning…

    Any tips appreciated.

    I’d recommend eating some protein just after exercising, such as a plain hard boiled egg, then eat the rest of your calorie allowance at lunchtime. Fill up on water till bedtime, and look forward to breakfast!

    What are you trying to achieve Martie? I’ll assume its weight loss? Then focus on your diet as providing 90% and exercise as providing 10%. If you are hungry after your workouts then arrange it so that you do 5:2 on those days were you aren’t working out. Most of what you have mentioned doesn’t seem to be too physically taxing (as in lean mass building exercise) so eating a lot of protein is questionable? A brisk walk is good for fat burning rather than full out exercise or yoga style exercise. Doing HIIT properly is very physically unpleasant. If you can sustain the activity for more than 20-30 seconds it isn’t HIIT. I finish my bike ride with two 20 second bursts of HIIT and I feel physically ill afterwards. Its not pleasant operating at 100% anaerobic effort for 20 seconds.

    Thanks folks. I am trying to lose a little weight and appreciate I need focus more on diet than exercise, which I mainly do for general toning and tuning etc. I’m also out and about a lot as part of my job, so I don’t really have a sedentary lifestyle.

    So yes, I don’t really need the protein in the morning as I don’t do anything particularly strenuous. I’ve also noticed that if I don’t eat at all I can go until around 1pm, but even a couple of times eggs in the morning makes me really hungry, so I’m going to stick with 16:8 as I find that really doable.

    If what you do is not physically taxing and you don’t feel hungry in the mornings then don’t eat until 1pm as you have suggested. If you get a good nights sleep your glycogen stores will be fairly well topped up overnight. This is supplied from fat stores and converted by the liver. So if youre not hungry don’t eat. 16:8 should be doable for most people. If you have your last meal at 8pm and then wake up at 8am the following day, you really only need to get to 12 noon to rack up 16 hours. That’s basically forgoing breakfast and only 4 hours until mid day to get to 16 hours. Very doable for most people. Good luck.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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