Week 4, 7th fast day and hardest yet!

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Week 4, 7th fast day and hardest yet!

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  • Been doing so well on fast days but today has been awful 🙁 I have has my 500 calories but am starving and tummy rumbling. I thought it would get easier nor harder!!

    Well, some days are just harder than others. The next one will be different, as will the next one and the next… Just power through, have an early night and enjoy some food tomorrow!

    PS don’t start too many new topics, or people won’t be able to keep track 🙂

    Sorry – wasn’t aware I had started that many!

    Edited to say just checked and this is only my 4th – in 4 weeks – one if which was my intro! Not really sure how I should ask for help without starting a topic?


    It is a dilemma, isn’t it, how to ‘ensure’ you get a reply, but not create too many topics…

    Maybe ideally you start one topic about you and your story, and then just include any questions in that same topic, and hope people have been interested enough to keep reading it.

    Alternatively, pose a question in a relevant topic – even better if the topic is a particularly active one.

    Then if neither of these work, start a new topic with your question as the subject.

    No guarantee you’ll get a reply with any of these methods tho!! I have seen examples of all the above where questions both do and don’t get answered, and there is no obvious reason for the difference.

    Some people start a new topic about themselves and get lots of people posting in welcome. Others get almost none. It does seem to be a bit of a lucky dip – it may depend on who else is online at the time, particularly with regard to those members who do a lot of posting.

    Anyhow, re fasting getting easier – it does on average but, as Nika says, some days are harder than others, even after many months. With time, tho, you do get better at coping with the difficult days, as you know from experience that you can survive them, and the weight loss that you have by then really helps motivate you to keep going.

    So just keep going!
    Best wishes 🙂

    Lol – not sure this is the place for me to post then really! As you say, if you have a question and can’t see anything recent of a similar vein you run the risk of no-one answering and last night it would just have been nice to have had little bit of encouragement, which is what I have always considered forums to be about. On others I have joined on different topics it is considered rude to ‘hijack’ someone elses’ thread. Oh well, you live and learn x

    Didn’t mean to ride you down or something Lass, no worries 🙂 Was just a tip, I see it around the forum a lot, people starting a lot of topics who then die out. I think the forum should have a function to delete your own threads though, it would make the whole forum a lot cleaner.
    I tend to just post everything on my own thread, Nudgin Nika, and usually get a response quite quickly. I agree re the ‘hijacking’ someone’s thread a bit, but depends how active the thread is and how you do it 😛

    Anyway, enough about that. Did you get through the day OK? Are you going to do something different next fast day? You probably don’t have to though, seeing how your previous days were a lot better. This was probably just a bit of a hiccup, just shrug it off and keep marching on ^^

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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