Vegetables have calories – who knew!

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  • Just re-started 5:2 again Monday last week. Already lost some weight.

    I’m obsessive compulsive so anything that has rules attached works really well for me.

    I have 20kg to lose. A friend told me about 5:2 about two years ago. I instantly started the diet and stayed on it for about a year. I only lost 2 kilos. :-(. I didn’t read the book – just did the diet based on what he told me.

    I used to eat a big bowl of oats for breaky (to reduce my cholesterol) then nothing until dinner time where I’d have a huge bowl of veges with either tuna or a cup of skim milk white sauce.

    Another friend gave me The Fast Diet book for Christmas just gone. I read it. I discovered that you need to limit the amount of veges that you eat because they have calories that contribute to the 500. I reckon in my previous 5:2 year I was eating waaaaayyyyy more than 500 calories. That’s why I didn’t lose the weight.

    Anyway – this time I’m measuring my cereal (just half a cup with under half a cup of skim milk) and weighing my veges every fast night. And eating them only with tuna and a little sweet chilli sauce. Already lost a couple of kilos in 2 weeks.

    I fast Monday and Tuesday – to get it over with. This means that if I lose weight by Wednesday, I put a bit of it back on the remaining days – but still an overall loss by the next Monday.

    I’m luckier than most because I never get hungry. Haven’t been hungry since I was a kid. I eat because I like the taste of food and because it’s eating time (being obsessive compulsive). This of course makes it really easy for me to skip lunch. I don’t eat lunch most weekends either.

    I’m a bit nervous – given my previous experience but determined to give it a good go.

    Hi Canberraangel! I take it you live in Canberra? I live in N. NSW up near Tweed Heads! Sounds like you are on your way with an excellent re-start! Dr. M’s book is an excellent read isn’t it! I’m glad I read it and I know others who gave up 5:2 for same reasons as you, which is that they didn’t know some of the finer details! Yes, vegetables contain calories as does tea! I count every calorie on a fast day, which worked, as you describe. I’m now in maintenance.

    P.S. There are a couple of threads devoted to those of us who live ‘down under’. I’d like to invite you to the one in which I’m active which you can check out here…

    Excellent – thanks Lael.

    Yes I do live in Canberra. I’ll take a look at the Aussie threads.

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