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  • Originally Dr. Mosley advocated Dr. Jamie Timmons HIIT protocol of three 20 seconds sprints per workout, three times a week.

    However, in the book Fast Exercise Dr. Mosley advocates Dr. Neils Vollaard protocol of TWO 20 seconds sprints per workout, three times a week.

    Is this a new development that two 20 seconds is as effective as three 20 seconds?

    If not, what am I missing by changing to the two 20 seconds protocol?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi jethro,

    There are lots of different ways you could do it, either 2 or 3 sets will have benefits, but I believe what he was looking at was the minimal you needed to do to see health benefits.

    The principles of HIT still apply no matter what you’re doing – for example, with some of my clients I’ll sometimes have them doing an HIT bike session by doing 20 seconds sprinting on the bike, followed for 40 seconds gentle cycling, then 20 seconds sprinting, over and over for 20 minutes! Here our goals are slightly different, but the principles still apply.

    So I’d say find what works for you, what you want to achieve by doing this. If its just general health benefits, either 2 or 3 sets would work fine so long as you’re maxing out on the effort during them. But if you’ve got a bit longer and are not in a rush, try a little bit more and see how you feel. Try by doing

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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