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  • Eight months after starting 5:2 diet I had lost twenty kilos; that took me from a 104 kg hippo to 84 – 85, where I have stayed, now at eighteen months. My main problem with the diet itself is the boredom of fast days.

    My question is: am I alone in needing to get up three, sometimes four times in a night to pee on the night following a fast day? The next day after eating normally, back to normal, peeing once at about 2 am. Absolutely regular; it’s like turning a switch.

    Is it a consequence of going into mild ketosis? I am 77-year-old male, 183 cm tall, generally healthy, no diabetes, total and HDL cholesterol within reference range, liver and kidney function seem normal on annual tests.

    It sounds like your balder doesn’t empty. The fasting does cause a lot of dehydration as the glycogen is used up, but having to go 3 or 4 times in the night is extreme. You might what to have your prostrate checked.

    Maybe you are also low on sodium, although that isn’t very common these days. It also might be you just aren’t sleeping as deeply.

    Just making guesses here.

    Great-uncle, my dear husband and MANY others get up again and again in the night to pee. It seems to be a common theme among Fasters. Not a problem for other Fasters. Dr Mosely says that lack of food stimulates the kidneys to produce an enzyme which stimulates the production of urine. Nothing wrong with your kidneys or your bladder.

    Why are you bored on Fast Days? We eat a wide variety of delicious foods on Fast Days and actually look forward to them. need recipes or are you a Water-Faster?
    Good job on your weight loss.

    Thank you for your considered reply. That thought about a substance (hormone?) released by kidney cells during fasting stimulating urine production could make sense. I had never heard of such a thing, but I haven’t heard of everything! It sounds like a counter-productive response if fasting were to coincide with reduced water intake, which might be an issue if you are lost in the desert.

    The thing that intrigued me about this was the absolute regularity with which it was turned on in the night straight after fasting, and turned straight off again as soon as you went back on to normal rations.

    I think I am bored on fast days because I am/was a chronic grazer, which is part of the reason I finished up resembling a hippo; this behaviour exacerbated by living on your own, which I don’t recommend.

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