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  • Hi ive started today and i think ive consumed 720 calories although thars a rough amount. Is this a realistic amount for a fast day? Cheers

    Probably. Not really enough info given. What is your TDEE?

    According to the calculations is 2022.bmi is 31 and the bmr was 1471. Im confused cos everything said 500cals but then i saw about the 800cals.

    Hi Vixs1,
    When Dr Mosley put together the Fast Diet his idea was to make intermittent fasting ‘do-able’ so that people could sustain it. He decided on 1/4 of the average daily calories, ie 500 for women and 600 for men. This worked well for him and it is what he put in his documentary and book.

    A lot of people who tried 5:2 found they could manage, and many people do it with less than 500 a day, or even no calories at all (just water on fast days).

    However, a lot of people tried 5:2 and found that 500/600 calories on fast days wasn’t manageable, and last year Dr Mosley adjusted the ‘rules’ to say that if 500/600 doesn’t work, then eating up to 800 calories (ie fitting in another small meal on a fast day) will still have benefits, including losing weight.

    For weight loss, obviously the less you eat, the quicker your weight loss will be. However, the main thing is to have a way of eating that is sustainable, so if it works for you to eat 720 calories on fast days, then go for it.

    You might be like me, and start with around 700 calories, but over time find that you can manage on less. Just keep at it, you’ll work out what suits you.

    What cinque said. Spot on.

    But be aware that the 2000 calories/day TDEE is too much for a Slow Day. Drop that number a bit and you will be more successful. We eat about 600 calories on 2 Fast Days/week and about 1450-calorie TDEE for Slow Days which helps us to maintain.

    Cinque + bigbooty always give good advice.

    Calorie count is important to keep a track on your physical health. The less you intake, the less your body will perceive! People who eat a lot then trust weight loss supplements like Hydrox Slim, are the different kind. It depends on you how to make things fall into place. By controlling your appetite & unhealthy cravings or by eating more & having weight loss supplements.
    Becuase we only know about our body & its needs. Do whatever works for you. Either way is great that results in your favour.

    Thank you for your replys. It really helped. On my work days i tend to eat a fairly repetitive diet which averages at about 1500 cals but ive noticed bread seems to be a issue (too much of it) so I’m gonna listen to your advice and see how i go.

    5:2 is all about eating 500-800 calories on fast days and eating “healthy” normal meals on the other days. If you are a large active man 800 will work great. If you are a older small inactive woman 500 could be too much. My experience and most of the people I’ve coached is that a high fat moderate protein, low carb diet works best for healthy blood chems and fat loss. By low carb I mean no sugar, grains and minimal fruits. Lots of leafy and fibrous veggies. Seasoned citizens need more protein because we don’t absorb it too well. Eating this way makes fast days easy. Your body becomes more able to metabolise fat for energy so no weakness, headaches or craving during a 36 hour water fast.

    I just completed a 5 1/2 day zero calorie fast and other than missing the ritual of eating and the wonderful flavors and smell of food I had no issues. Actually it was pretty easy.

    Just started my day with a boiled egg and soilders and lunchtime is a vegetable soup which is 200 cals. Hubby is househusband so not sure what dinner will be. This plus working in a busy nursery i’ll be under 800 plus a 13 hour fast will be a good second fast day

    I was usually just over the 500 calls, but then struggled to eat up to my TDEE on a nonfast day. Adding an interesting salad helps with the ritual of eating, including giving more time eating to con yourself.

    The key is keeping busy. As I was bored yesterday, my thoughts strayed to food.

    Well above the fast day i started with today as movie day at work. Oh well next day planned for Saturday. Ended up about 900 cals which is still less than normal and I’m still doing my 12 hour overnight fast so all good

    Stay positive, Vixs, and count those calories until it becomes ‘normal.’

    So it seems that i have high cholesterol and slightly reduced kidney function so think i might have to look at this in a different light

    Take care of yourself, Vixs. Discuss Fasting with your MD in view of your kidneys. Fasting should help the high cholesterol.

    @vixs. High cholesterol is not a bad thing on its own. Combined with high inflammation rates then it becomes a concern. Most GPs are 30 years out of date with current research trends. Get your CRP (C reactive protein) levels done the next time your at the doctors. Its a good marker for inflammation. You want less than 3mg/L. Better still is less than 1mg/L. Get rid of crap processed carbs (ie all grain based foods is a real good start) and limit high fructose content fruits and your inflammation will come down as well as cholesterol levels.

    Reduced kidney function. Well that’s a double incentive to continue doing 5:2 rather than stopping it!!! To help your kidneys out: Stop smoking (if you smoke). Loose weight. Drink at least 1.5-2 L of water per day. Eat healthy unprocessed foods high in fibre. Cut down on alcohol (if you drink).

    Good luck with it.

    Hi bigbooty,

    I’m going to disagree with you on the high cholestrol situation.

    This is not a simple subject we should be advising people on here. There is a lot of information out there that is confusing and difficult for some people to navigate. There are also genetic variations that need to be taken into account eg the not uncommon hyperchesterolaemia.

    While GP’s knowledge about specific things may vary, cardiologists are usually up to date , and they still consider high cholesterol as a risk factor. High cholesterol for some people is a high risk, irrespective of inflammation markers.

    No problem. If you do consider cholesterol a problem then seek advice that goes beyond a visit to the GP. See someone who specialises in this area.

    So no problems about seeking proper medical advice. However Im struggling to see how a good diet and 5:2 would not help the situation?

    I absolutely agree with you there, bigbooty 5:2 and a healthy way of eating will assist.

    Whatever condition, being a normal weight will help. Every 5kgs of extra weight will impact heart functioning detrimentally. 5:2 and normal weight will give you better blood test results.

    High cholesterol or high blood pressure is a reason to use 5:2, not to go off it.

    Another agreeing that 5:2 is good for general health and maintenance. I did it because my knee was starting to give me trouble. I realised that losing a stone woukd help, in fact I lost two stone.

    Coming up to my second anniversary of reaching target.

    Just go for it, vix. Drinking lots of water helps with any hunger pangs in the early days.

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