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  • Just thought I would share a few tips that help me, and i’d like to hear some of yours…

    – OK the obvious one – water. I find fizzy water is even better.
    – Marmite spread thinly on celery sticks, is a lovely alternative to Crisps / twiglets
    – Pickles, for some reason the vinegary little things seem to stave of hunger pangs really well for me.
    – Hot Chillies – whatever strength you like go a bit further than you are comfortable with. Successfully seems to curb hunger. Worst case scenario, has you gulping down the water, which will fill you up.

    Thinking of all the great tasty things I am going eat tomorrow – on my non-fast day…

    On my fast days, a healthy splash of Bragg’s organic vinegar with my liter of morning water helps stave off the hungries.

    Not sure we get that in the UK – But an Organic apple cider vinegar is easy enough to come by. I do think Vinegar seems to work well, so will perhaps try it.

    Another one from me. Some people seem to have trouble calorie counting. I use the My Fitness Pal App…. has a calorie counter built in, and is free.

    I recommend getting it for your smart phones and can stay on track on the move……..

    I just had some pickles and i feel much better . Today was my sixth fast and i had a very difficult fast today . I think i need to have more soups and vegetables on my fast days. I have only been eating health bars for my calories and they are not at all filling .

    Health bars?? Nooooooooo. Eat real food. How can you tell if its real food? If it has a label on it telling you the nutritional value of the food, its not real food.

    Tip #1 – Don’t eat anything. I find that eating releases the hunger dragon. Just keep the beast tied up by saving the eating until a NFD.

    Tip #2 – Sometimes the hunger beast does stretch it neck out and snap at you. It can even make a lot of rumbling and noise by flapping its wings. Typically it tried after about 20 minutes or so and the wave of hunger fades away.

    Tip #3 – Eating a lot of fiber the day before the fast helps me with not feeling much hunger. In fact lately I’ve been having some fasts without noticing a single hunger wave. However that after high fiber consumption. (> 50g)

    Tip #4 – Encourage yourself by stepping on a scale once in a while. While it is mostly water, the weight seems to drop fast while fasting.

    Tip #5 – Drink unsweetened drinks you don’t normally drink like teas or coffees if you like.

    Tip #6 – On NFD avoid added refined sugar, that refined sugar just feeds the hunger beast and makes it stronger when one is fasting.

    Tip #7 – Drink plenty of water. That not only tends to tends to drown out the hunger but it helps fight against the dehydration that often happens with fasting.

    Tip #8 – Listen to or watch some YouTube talks about the benefits of fasting or the evils or sugar. Some cheerleading never hurts.

    Tip #9 – Watch something like “My 600lb life” to put the fear of fat in you. This is pretty much a fire and brimstone approach but the hunger beast likes to burn you and cause things like heartburn. So fight fire with fire.

    Tip #10 – Distract yourself if you have too, chew sugar free gum (a few calories) or something like that.

    Tip #11 – Get busy, when you are busy time goes faster and the hunger beast gets confused and forgets to bite you.

    Tip #12 – Plan out how you are going to break your fast and make sure you have what you need. For me that means some nuts I want, some good peanut butter and at least a banana for my breakfast.

    Tip #13 – Release your inner glucose. An example is to squat without a chair putting your weight on your large leg muscles. Hold it as long as you can and let the lactic acid build up. (You should really feel the burning.) When you stop the body with haul the lactic acid to the liver and much of it will get converted back to glucose in the blood. Sometimes that really helps quiet the hunger beast.

    Tip #14 – Distract yourself with some exercise. For example go climb twenty floors of stairs.

    Tip #15 – Take a nap or sleep if you can. You body keeps fasting and you are that much closer to your NFD when you wake up.

    Tip #16 – Make a game of it! Anything to inspire you to hang in there and complete the fast.

    Tip #17 – Let someone that is working against you inspire you. When you succeed they lose.

    Tip #18 – Find someone that supports you! You don’t want let them down!

    Tip #19 – Train your family so that fasting becomes part of the routine, even if they don’t fast. When the expect you to be fasting it becomes a motivation.

    Tip #20 – Join a monthly challenge group here. Posting as you go along.

    Tip #21 – Break out the tape and measure your girth, and track your fat. Often weight might not show the progress that a measurement shows.

    Tip #22 – Take advantage of the moment. If you wake up and aren’t hungry, delay breakfast. If you aren’t hungry at supper start a fast early. The later hours in a fast can be worth a lot more burned fat than the early hours.

    Tip #23 – Upgrade your wardrobe as you are getting slimmer. Wear cloths that you couldn’t have for years can be a great incentive.

    Tip #24 – Upgrade your diet. You are saving money when you don’t eat so if there is something you really like when your eating, it is more affordable.

    Tip #25 – Take advantage of the time not eating and do something that you wouldn’t have done. That can inspire you when you are fasting later.

    Tip #26 – Read some blogs/books/forums about fasting. If it becomes a bit of a passion it can be easier to do.

    Tip #27 – Make some short term fasting goals and long term goals. It is easier to work towards and achieve something if you have more goals.

    Tip #28 – Do the household chores that mess up your appetite. Clean the garbage can, clean the pet areas, clean the drains (yea you have to do that in Japan), and so forth …

    Tip #29 – Read too many tips until you loss your appetite. 😉 Think that is enough for now!

    Fantastic, dykask!

    Sugar on no fast days makes me extra hungry all the time. If I stick to vegetables & unprocessed carbohydrates then I easily manage my TDE.
    If I eat at work morning teas & restaurants or even family meals, so as not to offend; then I get really hungry on fast days.
    I also heavily depend on water, coffee & tea; it fills a hole & replaces the food ritual.

    Hi, thank you so much for these tips, dykask! I’m on my second fast day (first was last Wednesday) and I feel like I’m winging it a bit! These tips are a real help 😊 I’m choosing not to weigh myself at all and am just concentrating on my measurements. I hope this works for me as I can’t usually stick with anything for long!

    I am doing two 36 hour fast days Sunday 8:00pm until Tuesday 12:pm and Wednesday 8:00pm until Friday 12:00pm the other 5 days I do 16.8. I am struggling on what to eat on my 36 hour fast days. Thanks for the tips dykask today is only my second 36 hour fast day. Your tips are great

    If you feel a bit light headed or start to get a headache, take a couple of pinches of salt with a glass of water or drink something savoury such a miso or beef broth.

    Hunger pangs usually do not begin until 12 to 24 hours after the last ingestion of food. A single hunger contraction lasts about 30 seconds, and pangs continue for around 30 to 45 minutes, then hunger subsides for around 30 to 150 minutes.

    The water and sugar will help you quickly rebound from the fast. Then try to fit in a well-rounded meal with whole grains, healthy lean protein, and plenty of vegetables and fruits. You can even splurge by adding some liquid calories, like milk or juice, to keep your total intake high enough for each day

    Kimm, the jury is not out on Diet Soda — it is not good for us. One reason is that elements in soda replace the Calcium in our bones and make them weaker. Not good. The flavored water is so much better.
    Good job losing the 50 Pounds.

    Tip #1 tic tacs
    Tip #2 gum
    Tip #3 herbal teas
    Tip #4 begin to get comfortable with a stomach growl. You have the power to not give in
    Tip #5 think about food insecurity worldwide and do something about it.
    Tip #6 weigh and check your waste line
    Tip #7 don’t tell anyone but trusted friends you are doing this. You don’t need anyone’s judgment
    Tip #8 these forums
    Tip #9 plan for fast day foods in advance. Careful planning avoids a mishap
    Tip #10 try to get those you live with to be supportive and mindful of your fast days.
    Tip #11 reward yourself a little on non fast days
    Tip #12 be flexible with yourself to change a fast day here and there but always maintain at least two
    Tip #13 if you work m-f , don’t fast fri, sat or Sun because it is too difficult to maintain. Days off work are meant to be enjoyed and food is enjoyment!
    Tip #14 distraction is your friend. Use the time to be productive at work and home.
    Tip #15 eat non processed, healthy and mostly plant based whole foods on fast days. Processed foods, sugars and even diet soda make you crave more food quickly. They don’t fend off hunger like fruits and vegetables.
    Tip #16 go to bed earlier so you sleep through the hunger.
    Tip #17 I liked to try to stick to two days a week for the most part. I usually fast on Mondays and Thursdays. Monday’s are great because I’ve feasted over the weekend. I don’t like my fast days to be back to back because it feels like torture but others like to get it over with. You have to choose what works best for you.
    Tip #18 eating between 11-7 didn’t help me lose weight. Only 5:2 did. I may still do 11-7 on the 5-2, however but not as a stand alone.

    Brilliant – Can I add a tip. Clean your teeth if you feel temptation on an evening, similar to mint or gum idea.

    When you get cold – especially toes and hands have a warm bath maybe with magnesium salts. Or drink a warm beverage – even just warm water.

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