techniques to take your mind off food.

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techniques to take your mind off food.

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  • Currently on week 4. First 2 weeks lost 4lb but the 3rd was difficult as I had a stressful week at wirk and my dads 70th and my daughters 9th. I do like the versatility of this diet as any other id have given up. Im on a fast day today and because my routine has been messed up by a 2 hour meeting I feel oike I want to graze, even after my dinner. What strategies do you use to take your mind off it? I am ok once my girls go bed as I have a bath and go bed myself but this last hour is going to kill me. Helpppppp x

    Hi Hmb!

    Sorry i didnt see your post earlier so i hope you are going ok lol, fasting today as well and i am just glad the day is almost done!
    Re the techiniques, mm, that is a hard one, everyone copes differently i think, i try not to think about food grrrrr, stay away from the kitchen and keep water nearby so i am drinking often lol!!

    Am sure you will be fine, hang in there!! X

    Hi Hmb,

    Oh, it’s awful, isn’t it? But you know you’re doing this for all the right reasons, your daughter for one (mine was 15 on the 27th – January babies!). The last hour? What about a cup of herbal tea and surf the forum? There’s usually someone on who’ll dissuade you from that beckoning biscuit tin, lol.

    All the best and STAY STRONG

    Aud x
    PS I also hate work meetings; HATE is not too strong a word *sigh*

    Hi Hmb,

    So my very best advice is to keep busy. I have only been doing intermittent fasting for 4 weeks too but when I am busy, either at work or just doing something at home I find that I very rarely notice the hunger and if I do it comes in waves and as soon as I notice a wave if i keep busy i actually forget about it and before I know it i am not hungry and its the next day!

    I hope that helps – that’s what I do every fast day, especially when i don’t really want to be fasting I get more focused on something to get me through it!

    Focus on something absolutely nothing to do with diet helps the best to take your mind off it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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