Stroke and Fast Diet

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  • I had a stroke at forty. From being completely paralysed down one side and unable to speak nine years ago, I have now returned to work, pretty much fully recovered physically and mentally.

    I’ve been doing the fast diet diet all year. But I’m not such a good faster. I find that fasting does affect my balance and concentration so I modify it on some days.

    The interesting thing for me is the effects fasting has had on my brain. I feel myself again, like somehow I have my brainy-ness back. Or rather, it’s sharpness. Before, I often felt fuzzy in my thinking, my thoughts and insights were just beyond my reach . I know stuff, and I know I know, but just can’t access it. This would happen when I was tired, had a migraine (another byproduct of the stroke) or had been concentrating for a long time.

    This improvement I measured with the cognitive testing recommended in the Fast Diet book. The improvements were marked and just so exciting!

    My balance has improved with fasting. Being a stroke survivor, I’m on aspirin and would be covered in bruises on my legs from bumping into things. So much so that I couldn’t wear skirts in summer some weeks. I noticed a bruise on my leg the other day and suddenly realised that I haven’t been bruised for months.

    My ability to concentrate and focus my attention has improved and this is expressed in my language. My word finding abilities have improved and my speech is clearer, finding the right words quickly, without hesitation therefore being clearer, more accurate, and saying what I wanted to say. This feels wonderful and empowering as it has enable me to regain some mental acuteness, clear thinking and wit

    While this is anecdotal, for me the cumulative effect on my brain has been fantastic and is evidence enough for me to keep fasting at least one day a week for life.


    Wow! I trust your progress will continue.

    What a great testimony to the healing power of the body – if you give it a chance.

    Ali, what a wonderful feeling that must be. I’ve heard this from others too – a mental sharpness and clarity from fasting.

    So glad you’re doing well and recovered so nicely. The best to you!

    Hi Ali64 I’m replying to your post as I too suffered a stroke 11 months ago at the age of 35. The part of my brain that was damaged has affected my eyesight,not completely but enough for doctors to tell me that I’m no longer allowed to drive, which has been a major blow as you can imagine, especially with two young children! I’m fine with all the walking & saw this as a good way of shifting the weight I put on during my stay in hospital & the side affects from a certain drug I was on. The problem is, a year later I’m still struggling to get back to my ‘normal’ weight. I’ve tried the 5:2 diet about 4 months after the stroke but was told by my homeopath that I would be starving my brain of nutrients it needs to heal, so I reluctantly came off & I’m now (after attempting other diets that didn’t involve fasting but weren’t sustainable) just sticking to Sarah Wilsons sugar free diet which I actually really love! But I would like to now incorporate the 5:2 back in also as I feel I still could so with shedding a few more pounds & coming across your post, really feel it could help my brain to heal rather then hinder! I guess what I’m wondering is, should I listen to my homeopath or not?!! I too am very pleased to hear of your recovery & very inspired to hear your story, thanks!

    Thanks for all of your responses.
    Niki, why don’t you get a second opinion from your local doctor or Neurologist. I have to be careful and some days I just can’t fast as it affects my thinking too much. But even with modifying the diet it is still working.
    I find I still get post-stroke fatigue and will ‘crash and burn’ a couple of times a year and that impacts on my ability to exercise. In my life, everything is better if I can exercise (it’s a big stress buster as I have kids as well) and the weight comes off more easily.
    Good luck, let me know how it goes

    Hi Ali64,

    I’m JV from the Philippines 2-time stroke survivor. Paralyzed on one side. I’m on my 7th month. I’m inspired by your story of recovery through dry fasting. I’m now doing now intermittent fasting 16/8 on my 1st week and will try dry fasting after I’m on a 20/4 IF
    Afterwhich I will do Dry fasting Beginning with 12/12 till I reach 24. Thank you for inspiring. God bless

    Will keep you posted on the developments.

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