Starting 60 hour water fast

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  • I am stariting a 60 day water fasting. I have never done this before and hoping I can find support and motivation here.

    Hi @kathy W I am currently at hour 42 in my water fast. For me the first day at lunch is hard then it becomes easier. Like today at lunch I’m fine, I know I’m drinking my water and i’m set.

    Drink water (and if the hunger strikes ya, drink another glass of water) Then try going for a short walk (anywhere just change your scenery) then come back and refocus.

    Cheers, Rabbette

    Hi Rabette and Kathy, why a 60 hour water fast ? I do 5 btb liquids only fasts every week and am just wondering if I should try the water only fast.

    @rosy posy – wow 5 B2B!
    Any particular reason you do 5 fasting days?
    What kind of liquids do you have on your fasting days?

    I’m at hour 67 and I did over half of this fast so far with just water. I am craving some broth now and decided I will switch this last bit to LFD. I’m aiming to get 72+ hours prob will be around 82 hours b/c I will wait till Friday morning to eat and I am thinking I will eat something really light b/c I want to gradually come back to food.

    Is WFD better than LFD. I have no idea if it is Better… I do know on the WFD there are no calories consumed vs my LFD are low calories such as 20 calories for broth and if I have broth twice Its 40 calories that day. Not really an amount to write home about, but I’m just observing the difference in how I feel on WFD vs LFD.

    Hi Rabette the 2 main reasons I do 5 btb fast days are: I work flat out 5 days a week so it is easy, 2. Hub and I have an active social life so it takes 2 to 3 days of btb fast days to recover from the weekend’s indulgences and 2 days more to make headway on weight loss. I do liquids only fasts. On work days I start by having 2 skim milk cappuccinos, when I arrive at work , I have my last coffee for the day. That is followed by 2 broths and constant sipping of large , iced waters flavoured by mint , lime, lemon, cucumber and coriander. A late lunch consists of a protein shake and dinner is a large Metamucil containing effervescent tablets of vit c, vit d, calcium and glucosamine. On this regime I have lost 3 kg a month and now have lost a total of 22.2 kg. I am on 2 weeks of holidays now so after my weekend of eating and drinking I will Fast without the protein shake as I don’t need as much energy and will replace it with more flavoured water as I will have constant access to the loo. Too much water makes life difficult at work.

    @rosy posy – this is brilliant! My husband and I are social and I plateaued which I would be soooo good on my LFD and/or WFD I was doing 4:3 Sun, Tues, Thurs FD but I love a good cocktail and/or stout (oh my gosh the calories in stout!) So I found that I was just maintaining.

    I may change my schedule to something similar. I found the 4 x B2B was easier and as a side bonus I was actually less indulgent with food once I stopped it *meaning I didn’t gorge like I usually want to, I even enjoyed lovely fresh made doughnut, I actually couldn’t finish it, gave the rest to my sweetheart *he is underweight so it would be more in his favor to have a dash more.

    Thank you so much. I enjoy learning and reading what works for other, because I think it helps us build a better rhythm for ourselves (and to feel like we can tweak it, to make it work better for our own bodies!)

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