Sprouting anyone?

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  • Sprouting anyone?
    When I found out that the nutrient content increases up to 1200% after spouting, and your body readily assimilate the organic compounds in the sprouts, Im now hooked.

    Ive still got a lot to learn, its new to me.

    What I like about it is how little space it takes, you get a lot of food very fast for not much effort. And as the spoutman says its very cost effective, good value.

    Good morning Silverman

    Yes I’ve just started. I’ll try to sprout any unhusked seed or bean that happens to be in the kitchen cupboard.

    Last week it was amaranth: there were some pretty pink shoots – I looked closely for mould but no, some of the shoots were various shades of pink. This week it was Puy lentils just because I wanted to use up the remains of a packet. The sprouts are sitting in a box in the fridge and I add them to salads and to any vegetables as they’re cooking.

    I’ve continued with the spring clean theme and am currently sprouting the end of a packet of Moath beans – pesky little devils are oval and efficiently slipped through the hole in my colander. The plan is to make a curry (loads of South Indian recipes for these beans, look for ‘sprouted horse gram’ on the net). It seems these beans are revered for their ability to help people lose weight: which I suppose is not dose dependent!!

    I used to hate sprouts but my mom always gives them in my salad. But I did research on them and found out that they are pretty beneficial for health. As you said “1200%” more nutrients after sprouting!!! Now I will definitely have them. Thank you for this informative thread.

    But where is the best place to get them? Im asking in all the supermarkets non of the staff have any idea what Im talking about. The best I found was mung beans in Asda.

    I want to find some cheap alfalfa seeds.

    Any suggestions please?

    Good morning.
    You’ll find seeds for sprouting wherever you buy garden seeds and in heath food or wholefood shops. When they’re packaged as seeds for growing they are expensive.
    But if you buy seeds for eating they’ll be a lot cheaper and they’re exactly the same!!
    Just be adventourous.
    0h and the Indian Horse Beans I sprouted and cooked had a surprising meaty texture. Lovely

    Thanks so much so a garden centre? I will have a look.

    [QUOTE=tommyk;68196888][SIZE=”2″][/SIZE]Good morning, I have no idea about the cost of these, but there are plenty on amazon, might be worth a look?[/QUOTE]

    Thanks, yes I buy online, but I prefer to buy off the shelf and look and feel and choose.

    Do any super markets have sprouts and beans and seeds? maybe in whole food sections, oe world food sections?

    what to ask for when asking a member of staff?

    Amazon don’t pay taxes….. so any potential monies from them wouldn’t have gone to the BBC and the TV programme that started all this.

    Besides shopkeepers and staff are nice!!!

    Indian shops have all sorts of beans, lentils and seeds. As long as they’ve still got the husk on they’ll like germinate.

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