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  • Hi Everyone,

    I bought the Fast Diet book about 5 weeks ago and started 5:2ing 3 weeks ago (I needed a couple of weeks to rev up to it!!). Have found the experience so far pretty easy, except for one day when I fasted with a hangover….not recommended!

    I am a 5ft 8in 38 year old woman with about a stone and a bit to lose. Started at 11 stone and have now lost 4 pounds. I have never been really overweight, but have noticed that when getting closer to the big 40 that weight is tending to creep on easier and clings on harder.

    I honestly believe that this way of life will allow me to still enjoy the finer (and naughtier!) things in life without worrying too much about calorie counting. I have even started looking forward to my fast days when I have over indulged at the weekends.

    Good luck to all 5:2ers out there!

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