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  • 27 years ago i quit smoking. The best way to do this was to prepare my mind. It took a few weeks up to the last smoking day to prepare my mind and i always thought this was the key to any regime. I did a colonoscopy just a month ago and did not get hungry during the prep. A good sign, I’d say.
    So I set my fast diet to start on the 14th. Sunday dinner as last meal until breakfast on wednesday. Cold Turkey without the turkey.
    I will prepare miso soup, chicken broth, and lemon water. If things go really bad I will have a hard boiled egg. I’m planning to clean out the garage if I start getting mad. keep you posted!

    How has it gone? Best of luck 🙂

    thanx! so far so good.

    after 40 hrs fasting: not a big deal at all. looking forward to day 2, on friday.

    2nd fast day went well. I do not eat anything at all, just drink a lot. Not hungry and no big appetite after fasting.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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