Small meals throughout the day

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Small meals throughout the day

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  • I read in the FAQ that Mimi prefers several small meals throughout the day. But I think I also read (or saw) that there needs to be a significant amount of time on the fast days without food so that the body can repair and the brain can register the lack of food and then create new brain cells. Can someone help clarify if this is a dilemma, and if so, how to resolve it. Thanks so much.

    Hi Susan,
    in my opinion, several small meals (providing that the equal 500/600 cals) will still result in weight loss however you will be missing out on the health benefits of fasting.
    That’s my understanding from reading the book anyway.
    I’ve been splitting my cals into breakfast and dinner and that works for me. Have tried just having dinner, but prefer two meals over one.

    Hiya Susan j,
    I have be a lot of research about 5:2, and my understanding is that you can break up the calories any way you want on a fast/normal day and still get the benefits, provided you have a window of fasting after your last meal of 12-18 hours or so. I stop eating every night at 6:00pm, and eat my next meal the next day at 12:00pm. That is an 18 hour fasting window (I do drink as much herbal tea and water as I want, as that really works with hunger pangs). This time frame is when the repair work in the body is happening. Then there is a 6 hour feeding window every day from 12:00pm til 6:00pm that I can eat when I will, (although I try to stick to eating at noon, then 3pm, then 6:00pm, with lots of water, typically a full glass an hour. However, sometimes I feel like eating in between, so I do.

    It works well for me. Have lost 20 lbs in 8 1/2 weeks, feel wonderful, skin clearing up and cellulite disappearing.

    If you are someone who likes to eat breakfast, then just tweak the times of when you first start eating and when your last meal is, regardless of fast/normal day.

    Hope this helps! It sure does for me!

    Good for you! great loss! I tend to spread out my food throughout the day leaving 300 for 7pm, if I eat my last meal earlier, I get up at 5am – “ping”. I have lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks, expect that rate to slow up, but enjoying it for now.

    Should I stick with this? or should I try and have a 12 hr+ fast space?



    Hey Bliss, well I think it’s already been said to be honest. You’ll still experience the weight loss if you spread out your food, but you won’t get the benefits of an extended fast when your body doesn’t have to digest food for a longer period of time.

    The choice remains yours of course, so I’m not telling you what you should do 😉

    Here’s a reminder of all the food items you can still eat when fasting.

    Amaranth Grains and Flour

    Raw Banana

    Coconut and Coconut Milk Preparations

    Milk and Milk Products

    Dry Fruits, Seeds and Nuts

    I’m on my 7th fast but have been messing about with this for a couple of years. I truly committed to this a few weeks ago when I realised I could no longer get in my suit. Despite thinking I could out-excersize my diet. I couldn’t.
    I basically have my 650 calories before 11am and then don’t eat until the next morning. It means I have to get through about 4 hours of feeling peckish (which gets easier) before I head to bed and then once I’ve woken, I’ve effectively fasted for nearly 21 hours. I think the thing I am discovering is that everyone has a different way of doing things, but this way seems to work for me and I like the idea my system gets a bit of a rest.

    Breakfast was a bowl of cereal followed by a croissant and a banana at work. Lunch was a jacket potato at your desk; and come 3pm you had a bar of chocolate to tide you over.
    By the time dinner came you were too tired to cook, so you had a bowl of soup or cereal and then at 10pm, made a cheese sandwich before bed. Welcome to 21st century Britain.

    Research from market analysts Datamonitor has found that the average Briton doesn’t have time to sit down for a big meal three times a day and, instead, is more likely to fit in five or six mini ‘meals’.

    The result is we’ve become a snack-obsessed society. There are coffee bars and sandwich shops on every corner, and companies are coming up with endless new ways to package foods we can eat on the run.

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