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  • I’ve followed 5:2 successfully before but after being away for about a year, weight has crept up again. I started on Monday and have done 800 calorie FDs Monday, Tuesday and yesterday with a NFD on Wednesday. It’s all gone fine and I feel I’m right back into it. However, it took hours to get to sleep last night and I woke up just after 6 ( probably about 3 hours sleep in total). I wasn’t especially hungry and had worked for 4.5 hours in the garden so should have been out like a light. I hope this was a one-off but I do remember having a few problems with sleep when I did 5:2 before. Does anyone else experience sleep disruption and if so, do you have any recommendations on how to stop it from happening? I’ve read the new ‘Fast 800’ book and don’t realistically think I could manage every day with only 800 cals because I do a lot of work in the garden most days plus some swimming. So, I decided to try 3 FDs and on the NFDs to either miss breakfast or lunch, depending on what I was doing. Any advice about sleep would be gratefully received.

    Hi Clemmi, I did have sleep problems when I first tried this diet about five years ago. I knew it was because I was hungry doing 500 on fast days. I didn’t last long and gave up fairly soon. I’ve recently started again with 800 calories on fast days and using the time scale averaging about 16:8.
    I’m having a lot more success this time and actually manage 500 calories some fast days. Also trying to be aware of my TDEE which I’d never heard of before. My loss is around a pound a week which suits me as it all mounts up. Sleep seems to be ok on the whole but I’ve had a few bad nights which stand out because I’m usually out like a light. I think coffee makes a difference and I only have one a day, in the morning..Also not good to be on the iPad late as I am tonight!!

    I started last Saturday with a two day fast, then two NFDs because I was visiting a friend, and have been fasting on 800 calories and a 12:12 schedule since Wednesday. And yes, I definitely noticed sleep disruption, but it seems to be settling down now.

    Okay, the tricks I’m using are: I’m used to a before-bed snack, and I’ve replaced that with sugar free chewing gum. My tummy still rumbles, but but my mind seems happy that I’m chewing something, even if it doesn’t have any calories. I’m also a massive tea drinker (Brits, huh), and I’ve added warm water drinks instead of adding tea to make up the fluid I need.

    Again, my mind seems quite happy with cups of warm water instead of extra tea. I tried chewing gum to replace snack and a warm water drink late last night and slept for my usual length of time.

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