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  • Hi all, I am a continual 5:2er, (off and on) and still my weight loss is on the positive, downward path. Over all the time I have contributed, read and replied to other posters comments what I have come to see is that dieting and its success is psychological, ie – its all in the mind. I have seen many positive outcomes and well done. I have also seen many negative comments interlaced with some positives by posters who may or may not recognise the positive efforts they make in their commendable efforts with the 5:2 way of life. Put simply I suggest many of you should simply Google “Positive words and Phrases”. Seek through the many sites you will find until you discover some that will suit and support you with the 5:2 way of life. In fact I know that many of you all ready have a positive attitude. The problem as I see it is that of the many superb positive comments made by many posters they seem to get lost in the hundreds of great posts made. Can any posters who have and use a simple, POSITIVE word, PHRASE or SAYING that helps them, share them in a common thread.
    Good luck to you all out there.


    Interesting post.

    My phrase – “game on” – comes from sports competition, where people are publicly faced with the realities of both winning and losing.

    The way I approach 5:2 is that there are two factors – the 5 and the 2 – and they add up to every day.

    Every day is “game on” for me. On the “2” days I try to simply follow the basic FastDiet. On the “5’s” I try to eat good food and not too much of it. Likewise I try to get some exercise every day.

    Some days I win.

    Some I lose.

    Just like athletes.

    But athletes do a very interesting thing – win and lose they continue to play out the whole season. Why? Because they are playing for the overall accomplishment of being the champions “for that season.”

    Win or lose I’m going to play out the whole season. Why? Because I’m playing to feel, and be, healthy. Health is not a game, it’s a season. The season of your lifetime.

    After adding up the wins and loses 5:2 has helped me compile a very high winning percentage. A good season, so far.

    For me “game on” is NOT about the positive – it’s really about the positive AND the negative. Accepting both as reality, putting on my game face and getting out there and doing the best I can today, win or lose, but never perfect. And coming back tomorrow to do it again.

    D52 – your post just helped me! Great perspective on eating and (I just realised) on any worthwhile practice in life: sport, any artistic endeavour; meditation; relationships. So it has helped me remember, again, that eating/5:2 diet is not some separate, ring-fenced activity but just part of life. And that’s positive!
    All the best to all on this forum.

    On fast days I repeat, “My hunger is eating my fat”.

    “Whenever you want to quit, remind yourself why you started.” That is probably my favourite quote, because it helps me so much being disciplined.

    Browsing through todays posts I came across the “F” word on at least two posts. I really do believe as responsible adults the “F” word should be banned by every one. It is used far to often, induces negativity, causes hurt feelings and in some cases re-inforces the “Glass half full mentality”. Stop it, it should be banned from this forum, any one using it should be reported…. who to?….. well I dont know, they just should be. Oh the word I am talking about…. did I not mention it?….. the word is well known and used on a daily basis. The word is…”FAILURE”. Ban it, dismiss it from your minds and vocabulary, do not use it, do not allow the word to enter your thoughts as you wind your way through the 5:2 life style. I was on my 3rd fast day of the week on Friday, come 8.00pm I had a re-assessment of my day, recognised my immediate needs, RE – ADJUSTED my programme and basically pigged out. I have moved my fast day to another day more suitable to me. I did not “F”….
    So let us all banish the word, I am sure we will all feel that much better for it, after all we are doing the 5:2 and you cannot be more positive than that.
    Good luck to you all out there.

    @couscous I love your post! Ban the F word!!!! 😀

    Hi Couscous. This is an interesting topic. Both banning the F word plus staying positive. I’m of the opinion that negativity is really demoralising both for this new way of eating plus everyday living. I try and stay positive all the time. It does not always work but it does most of the time. Happy 5:2 ing.

    It’s more than a couple of years old – but there are some great comments in this thread, so I hope a few others find it too : )

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