PLEASE HELP, 2 weeks IF and sudden loss of energy and cannot sleep at night

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PLEASE HELP, 2 weeks IF and sudden loss of energy and cannot sleep at night

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  • Hi guys I am new to this fourm and to intermittent fasting (well sort of) I have been doing it for 2 weeks and a few days.

    So basically I’m freaking out because the first 2 weeks of if we’re amazing, I had more energy, more focus and basically what everyone says you get out of it but now after 2 weeks it has flipped on me and I’m having very strange things happening to my body..

    Those first two weeks I was doing push-ups, pulls ups skipping rope, getting great sleep, able to wake up early, but now out of no where I am laying in bed tossing and turning unable to fall asleep at night, and in the morning I am tired as hell! During the day when I don’t eat I feel fine but this is where it gets even weirder… at 3pm when I go to my feeding window and have my first meal I LOSE all my energy, I feel weak and tired, so much so I don’t even want to talk to anyone around me, my mind feels foggy and my memory doesn’t work as good, the past 3 days at around 5pm I just couldn’t take it anymore and just wanted to go to bed only to find I’d only sleep for like 30 minutes and then be tossing and turning until 1 am or 2 am :(… For the record I am 202 pounds and I’ve been making sure I’m eating around 2000 calories a day, also these past 3 days I’ve noticed my appetite has sky rocketed out of nowhere also but I’ve still fought it.. I feel like deadweight now, I literally have no energy to do anymore workouts either..

    I LOVE the idea of IF and want to adapt this but according to what I see on youtube and online 2 weeks SHOULD have already adapted my body to it BUT IT’S THE OPPOSITE!? It’s like 2 weeks of IF made my body reject it? I honestly don’t know what I should do from this point can anyone please help me out?

    I don’t this one fully adopted to you. 2 weeks ins’t well enough.

    Try to give it more time. I’m pretty sure I struggled the first few weeks after the first week seemed easy. You will adapt.

    It’s a lifestyle not a diet, and it affects everyone differently. I find the day after a fast if I eat a big meal I feel dreadful.

    That said, this week I’ve fasted Mon/Weds/Fri and done heavy weights Tues/Thurs. Feels good.
    Looking forward to a beer tomorrow πŸ˜‰

    I think you re being extremely optimistic that your body will have adopted after 2 weeks. Think of any other activity be it sports or something technical. Were you absolutely at the top of your game after 2 weeks? It took me 6 months before I found fasting easy. Basically you have to hang tough, give your body time to adjust. The 2 week bliss was probably just your body detoxing. Now your liver is going WTF are you doing to me?? Give it time. Maybe try eating late in the day instead of breakfast. Change it up a little and find something that suits you.

    Thank you all! You guys were right! I knew I just had to stick to it I couldn’t go back to eating how I used too, sure enough Im fine now (except I’m noticing I have throat colds with a deep cough more often.. could just be a coincidence) but the day after I posted this I got a multivitamin liquid and started adding vegetables everyday and my energy returned I feel fine! And I noticed my weight has been slowly but surely dropping everyday, I guess intermittent fasting combined with 10 minutes of jump rope a day is a great fat killer πŸ™‚

    In my experience, and from what I have heard, 90 days to change your habits is really the amount of time it takes. Think of all the adjustment your body has to make in during that time! You are going to have tremendous fluctuations in your body’s activities during that time: sleep, diet, physical and mental adaptation. And results will vary from person to person.

    After a month, I still have to make myself consciously aware of my fasting days. This has been the only focus I have maintained during this time frame. The results I have had do not motivate me to continue as much as whether or not I can do this for 90 days. So far, however, I have discovered that this is something I can do.

    I am thrilled that I have lost 22 lbs in this time and continue to drop weight everyday, whether a feast or fast day. My visceral fat (the fat around your organs) is the most obvious loss I have noticed. No more bloated feeling after even the smallest meal. I had a massive heart attack at 45 two years ago and had gained 20 lbs and doubled my bad cholesterol since then. I am hoping that my next blood panel will tell me what I really want to know: am I healthier for doing this?

    I hope you stick with it for the right reasons and find that it is a lifestyle that works for you. Hang in there! πŸ˜€

    I just started fasting, and I’m noticing I get awfully tired in late afternoon too. I’ll give it time. My body just probably need to get used to this. I’m glad I found this thread.

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