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  • Hi don’t know why, but each time I shut down the iPad I get thrown out and have no choice but to renew my password. Any advice?

    Please techies help to solve my problem. I have had to change my password yet again. Will have to drop out if it cannot be fixed as it’s so frustrating. Can I de-register and re-register. Am fed up with it!

    hi fastdiet, as a last resort – I really do find the forum a helpful place, keeping me motivated to carry on. However, the problem I am having with my login is driving me mad. Seem to be able to do it from my phone,(which is too small for me to use in any relevant way), laptop doesn’t accept straight away but redirects me to a page which is blank except for a login box, which then works ok, but the thing I find easier and quicker to use, a tablet, which I can use wherever I am, will only offer me one way in each time I come back to it, and that is changing my password. Is there no-one at fastdiet towers who can offer an explanation or any remedy for this? I would be most grateful for any help. Thank you.

    Thanks fast diet for sorting this for me. Easy enough to log in via e-mail.

    Contact to administrator

    Please help me, in the beginning I did not have to log on to open the Southernhemiphereites but now have to every time.
    When I log on It takes 3-4 attempts and then I am not accepted and have to wait before trying again. Find it really frustrating.
    Also not getting any notifications anymore.
    Thank you.

    Noticed this is replies sorry, hoping it might get to the right place??

    I am having the same problems –having to log in each time and most times my password isn’t accepted.–of course then can’t contact the administrators. I thought I may have been barred. anyways good to know there are others in the same boat. very frustrating.

    Hi Tech guys,
    I just registered and got locked out as password not working. Whilst I waited the 20mins wondering why it would not work I discovered my phone was showing the email in a different font to the PC. On the PC it was easy to pick out capital letters better than the font which shows up on my phone. A capital “I” looked like a lower case “L” on my phone.

    Can you fix this?

    It’s me double happy back again–have been locked out for a week-the password didnt work, abit weird since i had said remember me.
    There was a comment on one of the threads to the effect that some regulars seem to be missing, wonder if that’s because of password probs.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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