Not losing weight!

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  • been doing 5;2 since Jan and hardly lost a 1lb.
    any advice please?
    what am i doing wrong?

    If you’re not losing weight you are eating too much on the other 5 days. You need to work out what your calorie intake should be and stick to it.

    Listen to Amazon, Girl. It is not true that your can ‘Eat anything you want” on Slow Days. If you eat too much, you cancel out the good you did on a Fast Day. My husband lost 45 pounds by the 5:2 method and has kept it off. After a while, your appetite will shrink, but until then, eat less on Slow Days.
    good luck

    Good morning Dark. And lovely to see you fastingme and Amazon. How are you both?

    Are you adhering rigidly to 500 cals on your FDs (I’ve assumed you’re female by your name)? No-one likes calorie counting but it’s not forever. It is essential that you don’t go over 500 cals (or quarter TDEE). This means that you must count absolutely everything that passes your lips on your FD. Milk in coffee, any herbal teas, no spoon licking, etc. When does your FD begin and end?

    As your FDs are M and W, is there a chance that you’re over-compensating with food on Tuesdays? I think we’ve all be guilty of that when we started. Could you possibly spread your FDs out so there are at least two NFDs in between?

    And, as FM and Amazon have indicated, you can have whatever you want on a NFD but this doesn’t mean as much as you want. Hopefully you won’t have to count calories on your NFDs but, if you’re doing the FDs strictly, then you might have to examine your NFD intake.

    I lost 23kg on 5:2 and have kept it off for 4 years, actually losing another 2kg along the way. It works!

    Good luck.

    @darkiegirl, fasting works if you actually fast. Try increasing the hours you have without taking in any calories. (IE only water/black coffee/unsweetened tea, etc.)
    If you don’t consume calories your body will burn off excess stored sugar (glycogen) and fat. Next when you do eat make sure you are eating healthy. The easiest rule is to just completely avoid foods with added refined sugars. Too much sugar leads to visceral fat. Basically that means cutting processed foods. Finally don’t over eat.

    1) Fasting without eating for as long as you can in the FD and even on NFD between last meal of the day and first food of the next day. You can have your 500 calories if you need it, however it is better increase the amount of time actually fasting.

    2) Avoid foods with added refined sugars. (Often it is High Fructose Corn Syrup) Mostly this means processed foods.

    3) Don’t overeat. It doesn’t matter what you do if you just eat too much!

    4) Give it time, sometimes our weight can seem stuck, even for months. But most people average around losing 1lb/week over time.

    Hi, Thin, nice to ‘hear your voice’ again.

    Dark, are you familiar with the term TDEE? It means ‘the upper range of how many calories to eat in one day if you want to lose weight.’ This is a useful number. If you to to the top of this page, you will see RESOURCES. Click to get the drop-down menu. Go to BMI Calculator. Once there, put in the values asked for, being sure to put in the WEIGHT YOU WANT TO BE not the weight you are now. The TDEE is how many calories to eat on a Slow Day. For the Fast Day, we aim at 600. On a Slow Day, my TDEE is 1400. By sticking to that, my weight stays where I want it to be.
    hope that helps.
    if you want recipes for Fast Days [all keyed out for calories, carbs, fat…], Google my ‘handle’ and find a blog dedicated to recipes for fasters.

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