Non Cardio exercising every day including fast days?

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Non Cardio exercising every day including fast days?

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  • Hi I have done 5:2 diet before with some success before a holiday but didn’t go back to it afterwards. I know have a belly I wont to get rid of.

    Thinking of taking it up again but my lifestyle has recently changed. I was playing squash 3 times a week so could just plan them around the non fast days. I have since given up squash.

    I now do 1200 press ups a week (have done over 1000 a week for 6 weeks). This raises a few questions for me. What I was planning was to fast Tuesdays and Thursdays and on these days only do 100 press-ups and do 200 press ups on the other days.

    How will this work? Will my muscle development continue normally? A friend recommended Creatine and I was going to use an egg based diet on fast days to ensure ok protein intake.

    I think this would work but it could plateu my pressup count to 1200 a week. I think it would be hard to increase with 2 days restricted to 100 press ups.

    Also regarding this 600 for a man 500 for a women restriction? it doesn’t take into account Muscle development. It seams strange that Arnold Swazzeneger in his prime would have the same restriction as me. I entered my details and got a BMR of 1677 and a TDEE of 2306-2600 (depending on activity) but this only takes into account body mass and not fat : Muscle composition. Muscle requires more calories to maintain even in a sedentary state?

    There’s no need to restrict exercise on fast days & I personally like to exercise at the beginning of a fast day before I have eaten. Still have lots of energy & quite often have my best workouts on those days. I avoid carbs on FDs – couple of boiled eggs after my workout keeps me satisfied.
    My understanding is that the 500/600 calories should be approximately 1/4 of your normal TDEE & you do not increase caloric intake if you workout. In other words, if you think you burnt 300 calories at the gym, you still stick with 600 for the day (not 900).
    On line calculators will give an average TDEE based upon what you enter – you need a lot of equipment to get an actual one.

    I’m exercising and fasting Mon to Fri each week. Plenty of salt on what I do eat and vitamins to make sure I stay healthy and burn fat. The exercise is as good if not better on fast days. You can eat steak, eggs etc. And lots of vegetables. But it’s the cal deficit that’s important. I find exercising twice a day help.stave off hunger. Once can make you feel really hungry!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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