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  • Greetings all from a rainy Devon.
    I read Dr Mosley’s excellent book in a day yesterday. Have a friend who has kept with the programme and has lost loads/looks fitter. More friends (I’m 57) who’ve been diagnosed with diabetes. I’m 17 stone and reasonable active but just seem to be getting heavier year on year-I’ve been a Levi 501 36/34 kind of geezer for 25+?and am now struggling to get in them. Thought i should commit and get my health sorted-without hopefully boring everyone counting calories 24/7.
    Anyway that will do for now-wish me luck :). I shall hopefully have some progress to report in a week or two.

    Welcome to the forums and to the fast diet. My husband started the fast diet with me back in July and he’s still doing it. He’s been impressed at how easy it is to fit it into the weekly routine and he’s lost the ‘spare tyre’ he’d developed.

    Thanks for taking time to drop me a line of encouragement Corrycat :).
    First week down and lost 2 kg! Feeling well and deffo eating less on my days off.
    Happy days.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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