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  • Hi all!
    I’ve spent the past decade yo-yo dieting and failing spectacularly. Frankly, I’m fed up now and want to make a lasting change and sort out the terrible relationship I have with food and my weight. So, here I am – I’ve read all sorts of encouraging things about this approach to eating and I’m ready and willing to give it a go. Tomorrow will be my first day, and I’m planning fast days on Tuesday and Thursday. Looking forward to getting going and interacting with you folks here to keep us all going!

    Hello I have just joined and am starting my 5:2 journey I have done every diet known but never been able to stick to it I got the book yesterday and I am determined to maintain a healthy eating plan as i need to for my health

    Hello! Good to know that we’re not alone! I started today with a regular diet day – so far so good. Feeling motivated and excited to be making this change. I’ve downloaded a calorie counting app to my phone to help me keep track and not over-eat as I think I have quite a distorted view of portion sizes and need some guidance! First fast day tomorrow – eek!

    Hello to Fat quine. Welcome to the Fasting Lifestyle. Glad you are starting out with so much enthusiasm. My husband and I jumped in 5+ years ago and have been happy with the process ever since.
    One note about the calorie-counting apps. They will tell you ‘you can eat ____ calories today’ and then you do some exercise and that number changes. Ignore the calories expended in a day. The only calories that count are the ones you eat.
    Are you doing 500 or 600 or 800? Your app will help you to count your total. If you go to the top of this page, you will see RESOURCES. Click that and go to the BMI calculator. Enter the data, including the WEIGHT YOU WANT TO BE [not the weight you are] and then you will know your maximum calories to eat on a Slow Day. What you eat and how you eat are the keys.
    Plan ahead, eat whole foods, eat real foods and keep up your good attitude.

    Tia-Marie, glad you were inspired by the book and that you will begin to journey soon. Keep us posted on your progress. If you need recipes, Google my ‘handle’ and you should get to my recipe blog.
    Good luck.

    Hi there. Another newbie here. I finished my first week yesterday. Fast day today. Very happy to find other newbies to share this journey with. 🙂

    Hi everyone I’m new to this forum, lost quite a bit of weight doing this diet last year but on the verge of menopause and really need a ‘diet for life’ so to speak as the weight is steadily creeping up.

    Tash, this is your diet for life. I’ve been doing the 5:2 since I was 64 years old and will continue to do so. You say you lost weight by Fasting last year…did you then stop Fasting? And now you have come back? Goodluck to you. You know that this works. You might need to recalculate your TDEE [daily calories for Slow Days] and you may find, as I did, that some foods cause you to gain weight and that you need to eliminate them from your diet. This seems to be a response to aging — don’t understand it, but there it is. One food I avoid now is white rice. Even if the calories are correct, I gain and retain the weight.

    Aglow, what progress?

    Fat quine, how goes it?

    Fasting tomorrow!

    @fasting_me I’m doing really good thanks. I’ve now nearly completed my first 2 weeks on the 5:2. The scales are being kind and I’m really enjoying this new WoL! Thanks for asking 🙂

    @fat quine How are you doing?

    @tash1973 Welcome! The forum is amazing and a great source of support. Good luck with your goals!

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