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  • A U.K. relative (I’m here in the States) directed me to amazon where I found the new book by Michael Mosley she was talking about.

    I was very excited to find this, because I am starting back on 5:2 this month. I want to be in the losing mode again when 2019 hits us!

    This book is titled Fast 800 and apparently talks about 5:2 using 800 calories instead of 500, and also about different forms of intermittent fasting to go along the 800 calorie intake. That is the only information I can get on this book. Is it being discussed anywhere on this forum? Also, as of now it is only available through amazon U.K., release date 12/27. Does anyone know when it will be released in the United States?

    If anyone has anymore information, please share! I am very happy to be returning to 5:2.

    Here is an article:

    Basically it is an update, making the fast day maximum 800 calories to make it easier for people who find the 500 or 600 calories maximum limit unsustainable. And a lot about the Mediterranean Diet as the healthy diet to be eating while doing 5:2.

    Enjoy your return to 5:2!

    Thank you for the link, Cinque. I am really interested in the 800 calorie diet as I think I will be using that as my maintenance rather than 6:1. I’m not at maintenance stage yet though.
    I think 800 calories will be much easier for some people who just want to try it and see how they go. It will also be easier to broach the subject with our family and friends as I think 500 calories sounds very daunting at first and many people dismiss it as not doable.

    Cinque, thank you so much for that link. Until the book is published, that will do! Unfortunately, I am one of those who found 500 calories not sustainable after about a month of 5:2ing. I dreaded those fasting days. 800 calories is doable for me. Thanks again.

    I’ve just bought the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet for OH. One of its strategies is 5:2 with 800 calls for those who find the every day approach too hard.

    Pollypenny, I bought that one too! It arrived today. I think The Fast 800 will be focusing more on different aspects of 5:2, which I am more interested in. I also bought Dr. Mosley’s 8 Week Blood Sugar Cookbook, his Clever Gut Diet, and The Clever Gut Cookbook. They all focus on low carb Mediterranean Diet, and I want to learn all I can about it. There are just too many studies out there showing the benefits of the Med Diet, and I feel combined with 5:2, I will be doing all I can for my health. I turned 65 this year. It is time.

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