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  • I have a few friends who have done intermittent fasting and gave me some tips. I am off for a month and have time to walk and try it out. Thanks, Elise user name ELV

    I have been reading about the 5:2 diet and am starting tomorrow. I am American living in France. I notice some comments from British 5:2 ers. I will walk the dog. We are driving our 17 year old son to school. He goes to a technical school where he sleeps there during the week. And we drive him and he takes the bus home on Friday night with a friend and we pick him up at the bus station. So because of this I am more free to diet during the week and not on the weekends. So my 5:2 is going to be during the week. I am off this month. And so I can be irritable and weak and lay in bed all day if I need to do that. I would really love to take this month I have off and walk and try and lose weight. I have even bought Evian water to drink every day. As normally I don’t drink much water. The only time in my life I have drank water was 18 years ago when I was pregnant with our son. I drank 2 liters a day. And have barely drank a glass of water since. So will comment every day. Look forward to reading and writing.

    Hello ELV.Welcome.I’ve followed this forum since 2017.Found the most useful info from the monthly challenge posts Think it’s ‘Jaunty January’ atm.Posters are Worldwide (not just Brits)

    I like the word jaunty. Hi back. I speak a couple of languages etc. Its just seems very Britt for whatever reason. I get it. ELV

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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