Needing serious motivation!

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  • Help I just can’t seem to motivate myself to start! I did the fast diet 3 years ago and lost a stone and felt amazing physically and mentally. SoI know it works. A year and half ago I had a baby and promised myself I would get my figure back as soon as I stopped breastfeeding. That was 8 months ago! Has anyone got any tips or advice for starting out, or is there anyone in the same position?
    Any help greatly received!

    1. plan the days you will Fast
    2. choose foods to eat on those days [we began with recipes from the Fast Diet Book] making sure that you have enough protein to keep you full and enough fruits/veggies to be delicious
    3. shop for ingredients
    4. do it
    5. drink lots of water

    Good luck, line86

    You’ve done it and know it works. You felt physically and mentally amazing and that’s not enough to kick start you into action? So ask yourself what’s stopping you? It must be something.

    I think it helps to be honest with yourself. Once I was able to admit I was fat and believed it then I was able to do a lot of things, even fasting. When motivation comes from within it is very powerful.

    Thanks, you’re right, if you don’t see a problem then you won’t be bothered to change anything. It’s a horrible feeling when your clothes feel tight or no longer fit at all. That’s my motivation now.

    I’ve been fasting today, so far it’s going well. I kept thinking about wearing all my nice clothes again!

    Thank you for the advice fasting_me Organisation is key!

    line86 I wish you success!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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