Need Protein Increase In Morning Before Lunchtime Meal

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Need Protein Increase In Morning Before Lunchtime Meal

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  • I have found I need to increase protein, and I have found that doing this in the morning over the “fast” period benefits me in many ways, energy and injury healing as well as mentally.

    Will having a protein shake at 9:30am pull me out of fat burning mode?

    Shake Serving:

    Whey Protein
    Energy 435kJ
    Fat 1.9g
    Carb 1.0g
    Protein 21g

    Last meal by 8pm, first meal at 12:30am

    Depends what plan your following. If your doing the 16:8 then having a shame at 9:30am would reduce your fast to 12.5 hours. You would still have to count the calories in your protein shakes towards your daily total, fast day or not.

    “having a shame at 9:30am” is a fantastic Freudian slip 🙂

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I’m doing IF 5 days a week.

    As far as i understand, brushing your teeth, having a small amount of milk in tea, water with lemon squeezed in etc, while these things result in calories entering the system, they don’t stop your fast.

    I have read that as a general rule of thumb, if you drink something with less than 50 calories you are still fasting.

    This is my question about the shake. If you look at the calorie counts, they are low, energy is round 100 calories, that they are more comparable with a cup of tea with milk than a meal.

    So does taking in this amount of energy end your fast? Where is the cut-off if so? 50 cals? 75 cals? Then I can titrate my protein shake to fit in and see if it works.

    Does this make sense?

    I think I should change the title for the post (but can’t work out how) so will start a new one, sorry if I wasn’t clear on this one, and thanks again for replying

    Sorry about the shame.😊 Really must read my posts properly.

    I would say you have answered your own question here. A drink below 50 cals does not break your fast, your shake has just over 100 cals so that therefore must break your fast.

    Spelling checked this time 👼

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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