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  • I’ve been trying to lose weight since about after Christmas and I can’t stick to it. I walk everywhere, I take the kids to school then come home take the dog out then go back to school at dinner time to pick my son up then I take him back after dinner, then I do any housework or food shopping then pick the kids up after school.

    I also have a nearly 1yr old aswell and I don’t know what else to do exercise wise.

    Any advice is welcome.


    Hi Lynda, the latest research indicates that exercise is not very useful in helping to lose weight. You have to do a big lot of exercise to replace a rather small amount of calories, and for many people the exercise makes them hungry and they eat more. The suggested way is to lose weight by eating less, eg doing 5:2. Exercise does have an important role to play in keeping weight off.
    How long have you been doing 5:2? Are you not finding it useful?

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    the best things what can do pratice sport

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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