Lunch box ideas for fast days

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Lunch box ideas for fast days

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  • Hi all, new starter here. I was wondering if anyone has some good ideas for lunch boxes on fast days? I’m a gardener and usually find myself eating my lunch in the car or under a tree somewhere! The usual sandwiches are out as bread is the devil!! So any ideas welcome :0)

    Whatever you would put in a sandwich, except without the bread. Chicken salad sandwich without the bread. Lettuce, tomato’s, cucumber, sliced onion, shredded carrot etc. Some chicken pieces. A salad dressing if you want, salt pepper. An apple for desert/snack. Mix it up from there. You’ll be amazed at how good raw vegetables taste after you rid yourself of sugar/processed carbs. I’ll quite happily eat raw sliced broccoli, zucchini. eggplant, sweet and hot peppers. Sliced hard boiled egg salad. Cheese salad. Tofu salad. 4 bean mix salad. Add whatever dressing takes your fancy.

    Whichever lettuce you like, a tomato or two, a boiled egg, some lean ham. No dressing. That is one of my go-to lunches. I can put together a very enjoyable lunch that I struggle to finish but which only has around 250 calories.

    Another option: A hefty serve of steamed or boiled green vegetables. No butter. Possibly a small amount of cheese. That’s my lunch today.

    If you can get hold of some hot water, some miso soup can be really good and very low in calories. You can buy it as a paste, as a powder, or freeze dried. You could have this in addition to something more substantial – some miso soups are only around 20 calories per serve.

    I have small cans of sardines always available for snacks. Check the calorie count but the ones I have are 111 calories per can.

    Zucchini noodles with stuffed Celeriac in tomato soup and steamed potatoes is a great energy booster and is extremely healthy.Another great lunch option is a chicken salad with avocado, cabbage, quinoa and roasted beet.

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