Kettlebell swings whilst fasting.

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  • I have been using kettlebells for the last 16 years and Iusually do 500 1 arm swings with a 24kg kettlebell and 125 bodyweight dips on parallel bars each alternate day.
    I have just started reducing calories and began my first fasting excercise session yesterday after fasting for 16.5 hours.
    I even did 300 and 75 dips then walked 3 miles with the dog and came back and completed the other 200 and the remaining 50 dips to break it up a bit

    But I felt totally burned out after.
    I always feel a bit tired after the sessions but this time I was light headed and felt pretty awful.
    I felt like I had literally run out of steam and had to grit my teeth to finish the session.
    I know I have always had to eat regularly when I go out with my local cycling club doing 50 mile rides as I tend to run out of steam and start “bonking”
    Just wondering if anyone else does this sort of level of training and continues with fasting- or has anyone else felt like this?
    I expected the hunger pangs but just manned up and distracted myself, but this burned out feeling was not a place I would like to regularly find myself.
    Any tips/ accounts of similar experiences from others would be welcome.
    Thanks In advance

    I’ve never tried extended fasting with a workout like that. It sounds like a lot to take on, and it makes sense you felt super burnt out afterwards. It’s been my experience that any type of extended distance or intense physical activity requires fueling, but it sounds like you knew that already. Have you heard of carb-cycling? It’s a great way to get the fuel you need without compromising weight loss. If that doesn’t sound like something you want to try, regular eating just before your workouts should definitely help you get through those intense sessions more easily.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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