I've lost just over 3 stone in 3 months but now it's stopped!

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I've lost just over 3 stone in 3 months but now it's stopped!

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  • Hi guys,

    I started IF 3 months ago. I would eat at 6pm every night, avoiding carbs and dairy as much as I could.
    My usual meal would be a Steak, or chicken with spinach, beetroot, tomatoes and broccoli. Basically a meat and as much vegetables I could fit on the plate. Then I would eat more or less the same 24hrs later. Missing breakfast and lunch. I would have black coffee’s and water and avoid sugar drinks. I lost 3 stone over a few months and increased energy levels. My health massively improved so overall I’m very happy. The problem I have is despite increasing my Gym sessions to aid weight loss and for my body to use the fat stores for energy I dont seem to be losing much weight anymore. In fact its almost like I’m stuck at 238 pounds. After seeing rapid weight loss at first things have almost stopped. Does anybody have any advise they can offer? Many thanks.


    Hiya- Iā€™m wondering if your body has got used to the pattern you are eating in? So maybe switch it up a bit? Extend your eating window for a couple days and then go back to your original eating plan? Well done for you progress, sounds great!

    Firstly, well done on your loss so far! That’s brilliant.
    2. Keep at it. Our bodies are weird, hormonal things. You can plateau for weeks, then have a sudden rush again. Just stay at it and change-up a bit. Just don’t give up.
    3. Exercise builds muscle and this weighs more than fat, so with the protein focus you’re probably putting on muscle and losing fat. This is great news. Just make sure you take other measurments other than weight – e.g. belly, arms, thighs, etc.
    4. Rebase your TDEE as you might need to eat a bit less now you’re smaller šŸ™‚

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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