Is it normal to gain on non fasting days

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Is it normal to gain on non fasting days

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  • Hello everyone
    I am finding that even though I lose about a pound after fasting days afterwards I.e. The next couple of days it starts to creep up slowly again.
    Is this normal?
    Am I eating too much on my non fast days.?
    Sure would appreciate suggestions.

    Victoria, that’s perfectly normal. You will be lighter the day after your fast for a variety of reasons, e.g. less water retention, less food ‘in transit’.

    If you just think about what your food weighs, you will see that just eating more will make you heavier (my morning cup of tea weighs 400g, hence I weigh before I drink it!). On a daily basis you are not seeing ‘lost 1lb of fat’/ ‘gained 1lb of fat’.

    Everyone’s weight varies within and between days. Mine is highest on a Monday morning after the weekend, but will reduce (without fasting) to a low (perhaps as much as 3lbs lighter) on Saturday.

    Weigh daily to understand how your weight fluctuates, but take note of the long term trend. If you are not seeing a gradual loss, week on week, then you may be eating too much on your non-fast days. But please don’t start eating less based only on weighing more when you aren’t fasting!

    Hello happy now
    Thank you for your wise advice.
    I am losing about a pound a week but was just disappointed to find on my non fast days I seemed to gain.
    But I won’t worry now.
    Thanks again

    On fasting days, you’ll lose liver glycogen, and about 15 grams/kilogram of body weight. (actually the amount depends on lean body mass) And added to that will be about 2-2.7 grams of water per gram of glycogen, depending on who you believe. So if you tally it up for a lot of people this can amount to between 5-10 lbs or so of water sloshing around on fasting vs non-fasting days. You’d never in the short term often see a 1 lbs loss of fat, so you have to be patient. Some people can’t handle the number fluctuations emotionally,so they only weight themselves once a week. But to me it’s better to see the numbers fluctuate so that you can understand that your weight is actually a range, depending on water and glycogen retention. It is revealing though when you see lower numbers appear on the scale that you’ve never seen before. Hopefully you’re moving downwards.

    I started the 5:2 less than 2 weeks ago. Even during the week before I had my first fast day, weighing every few days, I noticed a variation (down, thankfully) and put it down to being ‘mindful’ of what I was eating.

    After 10 days and three fast days so far my weight has continued to fall, down 3 lbs from start weight. However, like others I notice a slight increase after a first ‘feast’ day (ie eating normally after a fast). I know this is the food in transit issue so don’t worry. The long-term trend is the main thing to concentrate on and I’m pleased this is as I expected after reading Michael Moseley’s FD book. That is a real help and I’m a bit of a knowledge nerd in that I need to know the whys to be able to commit.

    Good luck to all on the road to better health and lower weight.

    Into 2nd week and can feel I am losing. According to scales 4lb My weight does fluctuate daily but def weighing less at end of 11 days. Have started walking at lunchtime. Starting to swim next week too.

    I’m another one that the weight seems reluctant to leave… I also find daily weighing beneficial, and I know it can fluctuate quite a bit.
    But boy it’s hard when it goes up and you’re trying so hard! I will be focussing on how I’m feeling mentally and physically rather than the scales, and that will see my through the slump 🙂

    You’re not alone!

    I’ll second Swizzle’s comment. Been going just over a month and still find the fasting days quite a chore. However, I’m 7lb lighter now and into a size smaller trousers and shirts. Most interesting of all, I have rheumatoid arthritis that, for a long time, as well as giving me painful and swollen joints and muscles, has also affected my lung function significantly.

    I keep a diary of symptoms to report them to my consultant. At my last 6-monthly review, I reported that I had about one serious ‘flare’ per week on average with a shoulder, hand or other joint putting it out of action for several days with associated severe pain. Since starting on 5:2, I have made no entries at all in my diary. None. Pain free for almost five weeks and no swelling. No pain killers needed and feeling fine.

    Obviously, it may not be down to the 5:2 and something else is at play but I now think that, if the diet has something to do with it, fast days are a small price to pay for such a positive change. Weight loss is a bonus.

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