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  • My first time ever on a public forum, and Im actually quite nervous even though I cannot see you.

    I have started the 800 diet and at first I found it hard then after 3 days things got much better. I have an auto immune disease, well two actually, the worst Sjogren’s and the other Raynaud’s. I would love to know if there are other shoggie’s out there who are doing any of Michaels diets.

    Welcome to the Forum, SylvieJ. You will find us to be very supportive, as we were all once where you are — just starting out, full of questions. No ‘trolls’ here, just people on the same journey.
    I too have Reynaud’s, but not the auto-immune variety. Fasting has had no effect on it.
    Good luck and keep posting your progress, both the ups and the downs.

    Hi.. i dont have anything wrong with me except for being overwight .. but just wanted to say ‘hi’ as I’m just starting today on the diet:-)

    Welcome to you, wanna-be-slim. Good luck with the Fasting Lifestyle. I find that planning is key to being successful: plan in advance what you will eat on a Fast Day, write it on the calendar, and shop in advance. There are lots of good meals, like soups and chilis, that can be prepared in advance, ready to take from the freezer. Remember the protein: it keeps you full. Eggs for breakfast, rather than porridge, for example.
    Good luck.

    Thank you, since posting Ive been having family to stay as it’s half term. That makes it doubly difficult I find as when eating out all the temptations. Your tips are most welcome and yes I will definitely have to improve on my planning meals up front. A question did you find you were sticking to everything to the book, or did you use other recipes?

    Hi back, sorry I have had family staying so no chance to check in. Good luck by the way 🙂

    Likewise Ive been on the 800 for two weeks and its not helped my Reynauds but I am beginning to feel much more alert, although tired in the evenings. Thank you for your support its very much appreciated.

    Sylvie, when we first started, we used the recipes from the book [Fast Diet Book]. But then I started modifying recipes we liked and then I began creating recipes for Fast Days. I’m not going for only low calories, I want low fat, low carb, high protein. You’ll find my recipes posted twice a week on my blog, if you think that would be useful to you. Google my ‘handle’ and it should get you there. We like to have eggs for Fast Breakfasts, but there are non-egg breakfasts too, as well as meat dinners and seafood dinners and vegetarian dinners.

    Hint for dining out: I always order 2 appetizers, a glass of wine with each, and share a dessert. That way, you eat when everyone else eats, but you don’t over-eat.
    Hope you had fun with your family visit.

    Wanna-be, how is it for you?

    Thank you Salmozoe for the link for the tea I will take a look 🙂

    What a great idea, about the eating out as we found that really hard on the weekend. Its funny how you never think of these things yourselves, so its great having people like yourself on the forum.

    We seem to be going down at different paces. My hubby has more to lose and his metabolic rate is faster than mine. Im losing a 1/4 pound at a time and was a little disappointed I put what I’d lost back on again even though I was very vigilant as to what I ate and it was mediterranean and I was so good not eating the bread in the turkish restaurant which normally I love. Definitely doing the starter ordering next time, thanks.

    Sylvie, that ‘red tea’ is not a silver bullet, it is a red herring. Stick to Fasting.
    Have you worked out your TDEE? It helps to have a sense of how much to eat [calories] on a Slow Day. If you are gaining back the weight you lost, you might be over-eating on Slow Days. If you go to the RESOURCES ‘button’ at the top of the page, you’ll get to BMI Calculator. When you enter your data, put in the weight you want to be at [NOT actual weight] and it will show you your BMI And TDEE [number of calories for Slow Days] This isn’t about counting calories, it is about being informed.

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