hunger is psychological?

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  • At the end of a fast day I go to sleep with a rumbling tummy, dreaming of the big bowl of cereal I’m gonna have for brekkie, followed by beans on toast and a proper capuccino (been on the espresso for fast days…literally not my cuppa!)
    Of course I woke up this morning and don’t really fancy any of that!
    So… Hunger as a psychological pain (partly)? Does your body do enough repair overnight to stop the physical hunger pangs? Or is it your brain finally rested from fast mode?
    I guess here is the argument that you aren’t really fasting per se when you are asleep, maybe?
    I never really wake up hungry anyway, whereas my (annoyingly skinny) sister has a knack for being able to cook herself fried eggs with her eyes still half shut the second she rolls out of bed 🙂 …so I’m aware that of course everybody’s different.

    Hello LittleWing

    I find as well that after a fast day i don’t feel hungry in the morning. But i do find that this wears off during the day, anf i am sure that i generally eat too much!! I start pigging out on stuff i shouldn’t eat, is there a limited amount of calories that you should have on feast days. Also, i thought that i could do 3 fast days, do you think that this would work? How quickly should i be able to lose weight, got at least half a stone to lose!!

    I have been on the diet for 2 weeks now, and i am not losing weight, could it be that i am losing it in inches? Could you help me on this?

    I would be very grateful if someone could give me some advice

    a read

    There is a calculator on the welcome to the forum page that takes your age, height, how active you are etc and calculates approximately how many calories you should be consuming on non-fast days. Maybe this will help you keep tabs on things?
    There is a whole thread on what to do if you’re not losing weight, but I think lots of exercise really helps, and obviously, not going over board on non-fast days!
    Some people do fast 3 days, but it might be best to see how you go with the 2 for a while, and perhaps if you took measurements of hips, tummy etc you might see the weight loss there rather than on the scales!
    I’m no expert but hope this helped!
    Good luck! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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