How to post pictures?

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  • I want to place a picture on the forum, how do we do it ?

    Hi symba7,

    The Official Fast Diet forums › Site stuff › Suggested improvements
    has info from Clare on how to post photos: “Send the before and after photos with a brief summary, to There may be a day or two delay before posting.”

    Thanks for that, fastingberlin. I better find a before picture!

    Looking forward to your pictures symba7!

    Dare I show a before………I don’t know

    You better – I did!

    Lindy- you deserve a ‘Medal of Courage’. Symba- if you are even thinking about posting pics, you are a brave girl, too. In the whole forum, I have only seen two sets ( not including Michael’s).

    I’ ll think about it……

    Oi, I posted pictures too! Just not on the forum, but on my own blog (where there is a link to on my own threads). I find keeping a blog is easier and it lets me tweak and upload new pictures when I want ^^

    Nika- you were the other person!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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