How do i stop cravings?

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  • I have just started the 5/2 diet. I am probably 2 stone overweight since i had an accident and was immobile for a time last year. I have a panic disorder with anxiety and the meds most definitely put weight on but now i am gradually reducing these but…i have not exercised much. I am alone and would love some support to get me into this diet. I find my will power isn’t great but believe this diet would help me enormously. Any ideas anyone please?

    Hello Corn Dolly,

    I just started Monday, I’m not alone on this as my Boyfriend is doing 5:2 also, but he can lose weight so darn fast it’s a bit discouraging for me……UGH 🙁

    Cravings: Tuesday was soooooooo bad (first fast day) craved everything. Drinking a lot of water helped……flavored non calorie water. Yesterday I craved wine as everyone was drinking around me, just sucked it up and had sparkling water in a pretty wine glass to help.

    Today is my second fasting day and it’s been much easier………wishing you the best in your weight loss journey.


    Hi Corn Dully, is it that you have had some fast days, but have found them really hard? Or that you are about to start it and are scared?

    I was terribly scared on my first fast day, but by the end of the day I felt really good, and was sure 5:2 was for me. That was four years ago. I lost 15kg and I am still doing 5:2 for maintenance. I love how 5:2 fast days give a break from our normal eating and a reset so we can focus again on good new habits.

    If cravings are making fast days really hard, or non-fast days really hard, my tip is to cut out sugar, sweet things can make cravings intolerable. Most people find highly refined grains do too: white bread pasta etc. If you can cut those things out, then hopefully the cravings will decline over a few days.

    Another tip is to drink lots of water. A lot of people are chronically, slightly dehydrated and it is as though the brain has given up sending ‘I’m thirsty’ messages and asks for something to eat instead. Try a drink of water every hour, or every time you go to the loo. It is a cheap and easy thing to try and might make a big difference.

    Eating meals that have high protein, and low GI such as wholegrains and hearty vegetables can also help keep you full for longer. Always concentrate on nutrient rich foods, we can’t afford empty calories when we are overweight. Good info here:

    Since your meds are part of making you put on weight, you might need to except that 5:2 will be slower for you (it was for me too) and think of lots of things to distract yourself on fast days, and between meals on NFD (non-fast days). You will get there!

    Hope this helps. Starting 5:2 is a bit of process as you work out the best way to fit it into your life. Good luck, and all power to you.

    Thank you so much for being so helpful. It helps enormously being in contact with others also having travelled the path. Your tips are so constructive it has given me heart to tackle the diet in a more studied way. I appreciate the science behind the cravings and am encouraged by the fact you have succeeded and maintain the diet as a lifestyle.
    Only started the diet two weeks ago, the fast days are definitely challenging at the moment – a tiny bit of porridge with blueberries, no lunch and a small evening meal, using the fast diet cookbook. It is the non-fast days where i seem to fail to maintain a sensible amount of food. I might start the day well but come the evening time can slip into eating a bag of chocolate peanuts, which defeats the benefits of the fast days.
    Being older, almost 63, I reckon my ability to shed weight will be that bit more difficult. I used to be very fit, walked a lot and even went to the gym twice a week. However since my fall this has fallen by the wayside. I hope that i will get back to walking again and i look forward to posting that i have started to lose some weight. Many thanks.

    Thanks Kari, it seems that as soon as you know a particular food or drink is deemed a no-no, that is when you want it! I will try drinking more and hope that thought of chocolate peanuts will disappear!
    Good luck with your progress – hope we will be posting something much more positive in a month or two!

    Hi again Corn Dolly,

    I know how you feel. When I started 5:2 I loved the ‘eat what you like on non fast days’ idea, but soon found out that it is ‘eat a normal healthy diet with a snack or a feast day now and then’. I am still working on getting that right.
    It is made easy though, by my two fast days giving me a break and reset every week.

    I hope you can start going for walks again soon. I’m 61 and I agree that things change so much dealing with our bodies this side of 60!

    You might like to check out the big threads here and see if you would like to join one, they work more like a support group as you get to know the regular posters. I’m in Southern Hemispherites and you would be welcome to join in there, even if you don’t live in the Southern hemisphere.

    Best wishes and all good things.

    Hi Cinque, thanks for all your encouragement and a fellow sexagenarian! I had to challenge myself to go for a physio appointment on the local hospital today and found it very upsetting due to the panic etc. & what did i do on the way back, yes…… french toast with bacon and maple syrup! Comfort food is a downfall but I know that i IDID feel better and more in control of my future on the fast days – so tomorrow will be one of them. I will most certainly look at the Southern Hemispheres – i live in Northern Ireland. Online eradicates boundaries which can be a very positive thing.
    Best wishes to you and many blessings.

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