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  • I’m 33 years old.,60kg and 165cm. I don’t have to loose a lot but I have problems with ibs and acid reflux which makes me feel really bad. I can’t follow diets because I have problems with overeating and the stress of the ibs and work makes me eat more. I decided to check if fasting helps and came upon this forum. I bought the book and decided to try. For me fasting comes easier sometimes as i avoid food some days until the evening because I’m afraid to eat. I did 2 days already but I have been eating badly some days so i can’t tell if there is a lot of progress but I reduced my drinking last week a lot. I’m posting as a way to keep myself accountable and try to motivate myself. I will try to post weekly here and see if it helps me to keep up with the plan.

    @inna. Im a little confused? What are you actually trying to achieve? Are you trying to get rid of IBS? Lose weight? Stop stress eating? Its not actually clear?

    Hi, Inna. We’ve been Fasting for 5 years. 2 years ago, the MD suggested an IBS diet for my husband. I found that I could adapt many of our usual Fast meals to fit into that regime. If you want me to, I’ll look up those and send them along.
    I’m happy that you were able to make the choice to reduce some of your alcohol intake last week. That too will help you to lose weight. What kind of work do you do, it sounds stressful. Have you tried going for a walk in the park as a break from work? Perhaps at lunchtime or after work. It can be soothing. Also, try finding some hand-craft that you enjoy and can do in the evening. It truly can reduce your stress and might keep you from random eating since your hands will be occupied.
    Good luck, Inna.

    Bigbooty I have always wanted to loose weight, lately my concern has been the ibs and be more healthy in general but I think is all connected.
    Fasting_me I tried to follow fodmap diet but I’m failing at it. I’m a cleaner which is physically demanding and I have tried different relaxing techniques but I am barely dragging myself home in the evening and don’t feel like doing much. I do Journaling which helped me a lot.

    At 60kg and 165cm tall youre not overweight. In fact your BMI is the same as mine, 22. Most people describe me as thin. OK fodmap is pretty hard core, have you been professionally assessed as needing to be on fodmap? Personally I’ll agree with the grains component of fodmap, not too sure about some of the other foods they eliminate. I fully agree that IBS is the result of a crap diet though. Try and eliminate one crap food at a time and replace it with a healthy option. Personally Id start with grain based foods. No bread, pasta, cakes, biscuits, rice etc. Up the veggie content. Id be doing this for 6 months at least before re-evaluating whether it improved things. Are you lactose intolerant?

    I know it’s from bad eating i find it very hard to control what i eat in the evenings and sometime when I’m tired. It’s really hard to tell but I have days when it feels like even water doesn’t agree with me. I have been to the doctors and they say fodmap might help bit if i could eliminate so many foods i will not be in this situation. I know I’m not too overweight but i have a few kg more than I need and I can feel it because I move a lot.
    I finished a FD yesterday and I think to try again today as I’m not very hungry.

    Pick the worst “poison” food and try and eliminate that. Don’t try and eliminate too many at the same time. If I had to pick one of the worst culprits it would be processed grain based foods. Try and eliminate bread pasta cakes rice and biscuits. Anything grain based and see what happens. Do it for a month to give it a chance. Good luck.

    Thanks i will try that and see what happens.

    INNA, try planning some meals ahead of time. On a day off, make some good soup and put it in the freezer in one-size servings. good ’emergency’ food for those days you are too tired to cook.

    I usually cook on the weekend for the next week because I don’t have the time or the energy on week days but i still eat rubish a lot sometimes after I had a proper meal. I think that i crave bad food because I eat a lot of it sometimes. I always have salad and vegetables in my fridge so I have a healthy options but i think that eating too much is the big problem.

    I find that if there is no rubbish food in the house, then I won’t eat it. True! What you describe is your mind playing tricks on you. Distract yourself after dinner. Set the timer and be firm about not eating while it is ticking. then have cup of herbal tea. Repeat.

    I know it’s my mind it’s a habit now. If I sit and watch tv I don’t stop eating so when possible I don’t watch tv. Yesterday I watched tv and binged on ice cream but i didn’t have dinner which means that I was a bit better. Ice cream is not good but on top of dinner is even worse. I did finish my fast days this week so at least 2 days of not overeating. I might try again on Sunday which will be another day.

    Hard to binge on ice cream if you don’t buy it. Try and avoid buying junk food when you do your shopping. Good luck.

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