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  • Hey everyone! I’m new but actually returning. I used to be a member here almost 6 years ago, when I lived in Scotland. I’ve done intermittent fasting – well, intermittently – since then. I moved to Canada, I changed jobs, I had a bereavement… Things have changed since I was last here.

    Over the last couple of years though, my biggest challenge has probably been chronic pain. I have suffered with back pain ever since my son (now almost 16) was a baby, but recently it has worsened to the point that I had to give up karate and make some major changes to life that make it easier to manage the pain. It’s a work in progress!

    But my husband and I decided that returning to intermittent fasting could be a great move for both of us. We would both like to shift a few pounds. And I certainly remember how energetic I felt when I did this properly back in 2013. I don’t expect it (or anything) to cure my pain, but can it reduce inflammation? That could give me a marginal gain, and I will take any of those!

    So, remembering how supportive this place was, especially on fasting days that seemed to go on forever, I am back.


    Welcome, PrairieChicken! Saskatchewan? Alberta? We summer in PEI but that’s a long way away.
    Glad you are back to Fasting. Losing weight sure won’t hurt your back and might even help. Got your recipes all planned out [we’re big on planning here]? Or are you doing the water Fast?
    We had a Fast Day today: Baked Eggs with Cheese in the AM, Maltese Spinach-Tuna Pie for dinner.

    You know that we will all cheer you on! Keep posting.

    I’m in BC. Was born in Saskatchewan though – mom used to call me a Prairie Chicken. Lol

    Just finished my first fast day and actually did really well. When I first started I hated it and struggled through every fast day. But maybe my body remembers that I did survive back then??!

    Thanks for the welcome 🙂

    Glad your re-introduction went smoothly. We Fast on Mon and Thur. How about you? Yes, you will survive. I think the mental hurdle is the worst one — getting your head around the idea that one can be successful and that hunger pangs will not overwhelm you.

    We had a good Fast Day yesterday. Maltese Baked Eggs [spinach, Mediterranean Vegetables, tuna] for breakfast and a green salad with white beans, tomatoes, pears, almonds, cheese for dinner.
    What do you eat on a Fast Day?

    I usually find it easiest not to eat until dinner on a fast day, although we eat dinner earlier than usual – about 5.30. I seem to get hungrier if I eat small amounts through the day. I drink lots of water though (fizzy water especially helps stop my hunger pangs!)

    We did a really yummy chicken curry yesterday with spinach and rice and then I snacked on carrots at supper time.

    Feeling great this morning. And I think I sleep better after a fast day, possibly?

    So far, so good, Prairie chick. Lots of people find as you do that eating early leads to hunger. Waiting until dinner is just fine. That chicken curry sounds delicious. I find that white rice puts weight on me that is hard to remove. No big loss for me to avoid it. We find what works for us, and that makes us succeed with Fasting.
    Happy Week-End.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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