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  • Hi all, hope you all are having a good day. I have just started the 5-2 diet and am struggling to know which activity level to chose to get my TDEE. I work Mon – Fri and is mainly sitting down at a desk job. I do try and park my car as far as away from where I am working to get some steps in and also try and pop out for lunch and have a walk around the shops. I do cardio classes twice a week and Bounce once a week.
    I want to chose the right activity level so I don’t go over or under my calorie allowance. TIA

    Try ‘sedentary’ and see what that yields for a TDEE. And even if that is a conservative estimate of your activity level and it gives you a conservative TDEE, what’s the loss in that?
    Always ’round up’ for calorie estimates and ’round down’ for activity estimates.
    Welcome to Fasting, Princess. Good luck. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

    Thank you fasting_me.i will give that a go

    Hi there, after reading about your problem I’ve come up with a few tips to help you out, try them out, see if you like them…
    1. Don’t park far. If you park far, although that does add steps, it takes time. Time that, when added up, even a day at a time, could be used for a full workout at the gym.
    2. Assuming you are work from 9 to 5, see if you can prioritize HIIT over scrolling through TV like most like to do.
    3. Stay patient. If you exersice properly, don’t feel deprived in your diet while eating healthy, and stay patient, you can get ripped.
    Good luck, have fun, and hope this finds you well.

    Princess, what TDEE did you calculate? Does that work for you? Mine = 1450.

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