Headache, Dizzy, Unable to concentrate

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Headache, Dizzy, Unable to concentrate

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  • So I tried fasting today for the first time and I have given up (sort of). I had a small amount of porridge for breakfast at 6am. I had a cup of tea with milk. I have had lots of tea since. I had cup of tom soup for lunch. It’s 3pm and I have a splitting headache that I associate with low blood sugar. I am unable to concentrate. I am weirdly tired and dizzy. I had to eat so I have had a very small bowl of granola which was the first thing I could find to eat. I am supposed to go for a run but all I want to do is go to bed. I have a nut burger and a bit of salad for dinner. Joy.

    I am going to try again on Thursday. I am not going to be able to do this if I feel so bad every time I try to reduce my calories.

    Thoughts? How do I do this.

    How many calories have you had? It sounds like you need something more substantial. Salad (you can eat a lot of lettuce!), eggs and other protein, lean meat or fish (I have tuna in my salads, along with a hard boiled egg). Some fast days, I go over 500 a bit. If you need a bit more u til your body gets used to it, do it. It is a process.

    I didn’t feel well on my first fast day either, though I don’t think I got quite as bad as you describe. The second day was significantly easier and subsequent days, easier still. Like fitnfast mentioned, you can try eating half your TDEE to begin with on your fast days, and then slowly work your way down to one quarter.

    I’ve managed to get it down to 300 calories on Mondays and zero calories on Thursdays. I started at the beginning of April and have lost 10 lbs, though I didn’t start with many to lose and am almost at my minimum acceptable. Once I hit my lower bound, I’ll be switching to a 6:1 pattern. In time, hopefully you will be able to do the same and then it will be easier for you.

    It might not be low blood sugar. Try a salty soup like miso. That gives me a real boost in the afternoon on a fast day.

    Alternatively, it may just take awhile to get used to burning fat efficiently. When I started, I always did one fast day on the weekend so dieting wouldn’t interfere with work too much…

    Hi Talamana, I am on my 5th fast day in 3 weeks and also have a headache. It usually happens early evening on a fast day. I read a few threads and people recommend to drink bouillon. Am trying it myself, but thankfully am about to eat dinner so hopefully that should help. Good luck!

    Talamana: Have you considered your caffeine intake? Also, carbs vs protein. Carbs/sugar plus caffeine may be your problem.
    I know I feel “weird” if I have carbs on a fast day and I always try to avoid caffeine. I don’t have a problem with my salt intake as other posters have mentioned. But, this “way of life” has to work for your body. We all have to experiment in the beginning. Good Luck!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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