Greetings from Snowy Utah!

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  • Hello All!

    Greetings from snowy Utah! I’m happy to be here among like minded people. I’m 11 days into my intermittent fasting lifestyle. My first fast was around 60 hours. I’ve been going 18-22 hours with an eating window of 3-4 hours since then. Currently, I’m at 13 hours. I might fast in to tomorrow. I’ve been refeeding with whole foods. Last night I had a salmon patty with a medley of beans, cauliflower, and spinach mixed with some sour cream. I paired that with some corn tortillas on the side. Dessert was some plain Greek yogurt with strawberries, banana, and peanut butter. So far, I’ve noticed better sleep, increased energy, clothes fitting better, skin clearing, anxiety and depression has reduced, head tremors have decreased substantially, and I’m healing a prostate issue I’m experiencing. My older brother is supporting me and encouraging me in this endeavor. I’d love to meet more friends here in this community! 💜

    I haven’t weighed myself but the last time I visited a doctor in November of 2023, I weighed 190 lbs. I’m 5 ft 2 inches tall, so I feel my optimal weight is around 135-140 lbs. I weighed that back in 2010 after becoming vegetarian with my now ex wife. All my numbers were off the chart when I received my lab results, but I’ve taken responsibility for my actions and can only go forward from here.

    Cheers to us all in this journey to health and healing! Here’s to a fantastic 2024!!!

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