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  • Currently, I have been doing HIT at the local YMCA on the Elliptical trainer for several months and love it—> feel so good following. Then I go to the circuit resistant machines.

    I have learned most about HIT from Dr. Mercola website and articles. He says I think to do the HIT about 3 times a week. I have been following this frequency but would like to start doing HIT every other day. This way there is a full 24 hours between each HIT. One week will have 4 HIT workouts and the next week will have 3 HIT workouts.

    Since April 30, I have been on a eating plan provided by a local cardiologist (MD) who provides traditional treatment for cardio matters but at the same time offers a nutritional approach. He did extensive heart tests, blood work on me before I began the nutritional program. I have no negative issues with my heart-all tests returned with flying colors. I have no discomfort or pain, etc. while doing the HIT on the Elliptical. Currently I am doing 8 reps of 30 seconds, cool down 1.5 minutes.

    I am losing weight big time and feeling so good. But extra weight in my abdomen area is being stubborn to lose especially low belly fat. I understand this area will take time to get rid of. I am increasing my HIT reps to 10, first was last night and felt great afterwards. I have taken my BP after my HIT workouts and the numbers were good. Even checked my blood sugar and also good.

    So doing HIT every other day to me as a novice does not seem to be an issue and should help me with some stubborn areas of weight I need to loose. I understand cardio is the best way to lose weight.

    So, any issues doing HIT every other day and doing 10 30 second reps instead of 8?


    Texan, fat loss is mainly a diet issue. Exercise can help quite a bit but it seems like you are doing enough to get great results.

    HIIT is more about intensity and less about duration. Intensity is measured by heart rate during the sprints. You need to get your BPM up to ~90% of maximum for your age. During the rest period it should drop to the 120’s. As you get fitter you will need less time to recover.

    I think a better strategy would be to alternate a upper body weight workout done in a HIIT fashion with your elliptical training. So 3 days of HIIT and 2 of weights each week. If you do it in a circuit fashion with no rest your heart rate will go just a high as the elliptical and you will be working different muscles. Pick 5 upper body exercises and do 10 reps of each with no rest in between. Then rest 2 minutes and repeat 4 more times. The weights need to be heavy enough so that you couldn’t do more than 12 reps in the first sets and perhaps you won’t be able to make 10 reps in the last one.

    Hi, Texan. i’ve been doing close to what Diverdog suggest and can attest to its success. Cardio HiiT one day, strength HiiT the next. My goal is to have one day of rest each week, but it’s ended up being two. This way, my whole body gets worked thoroughly each week. plus my workouts stay short.

    The thing i’ve been noticing is that the fat loss keeps happening in the “easy” places first. if you were to photograph just my arm or just my calf, you might imagine an extremely toned person connected to it. That will be true eventually, i’m sure, but the belly fat is a bit more stubborn. The same is true of my spouse. i figure i’m also building my patience muscle.

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