First day and it's a mind game

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  • This is my first day. I did my 600 calories at about 4:00 pm. It’s 7:36 pm now and I’m not hungry, but I really feel like I should be eating. I’m not craving food, but the act of eating.

    It is a bit of a mind game. It’s also habit, one gets accustomed to eating at a certain time. Say noon. Noon comes no food and your body/mind starts in on you.

    Welcome to a whole new pattern of eating you won’t believe yourself in a year.

    Read the FAQ at the top of this page

    See for some of the best advice around.

    I found that thinking about ‘hunger’ and really focusing on what the hunger was actually feeling like, helped me to recognise that it was just that ”a feeling”,nothing else, ignored it soon went away.

    good luck

    My first day too. I have started it with the same enthusiasm I usually have on a diet but hoping to be able to stick to this plan. How long can one day be? I have been hungry today but that has almost helped as it has made me realise that normally I would eat before I even felt hungry. I know now I have made day 1 as I am about to go to bed. Really hope this one works where others (or I) have failed! Good luck and I hope to hear more.

    I started about a month ago. Remembering back now, I can say that the first two days of fasting were the worst, and now it’s getting easier all the time. Today, a bunch of us went to the cinema, and I was quite happy with a bottle of water while everyone else was snarfing popcorn.

    Also that nothing seemed to shift in the first week – the scales dipped a bit and then bobbed back up – but now it’s become a routine the pounds are beginning to go. I’ve done 10lb in 4 weeks.

    Probably the most important thing I’ve learned is that hunger is not cumulative. I feel it, and acknowledge it, and it passes. Then, it might come back for half an hour later on. But, it has bothered me way less than I thought it would. When did I become so zen about food?!

    Good luck to those starting out this week.

    First day for me today — wasn’t sure I’d make it. It is now 7:30 p.m. Where I live and I got through the first day with 520 calories. I had a few times today where the hunger seemed to be a constant source of nagging, when it was at its worst I had some water and a few celery stalks — seemed to take the edge off. Brand new to the IF diet and hope to stick to Mon/Thurs to start with and go from there. Need something to jump start my weight loss — so tired of trying so hard and making NO progress 🙂 Glad to have found this site/forum!

    We can do this! It’s strange being on day 2 and it being a non-fast day. Already by breakfast I’d had more calories than I’d had by 5pm yesterday! I’m using this site in conjunction with a calorie counting website. If anything it has been a real eye opener into where calories can be wasted really easily. Feeling positive and ready for fast day number 2 tomorrow. Keep in touch!

    Which calorie counting website are you using?

    Yesterday was my first day too, I managed 550 calories but I found that I was not hungry if I was occupied , hour in the gym and walking the dog today is very different although I am trying not to eat everything in the fridge I have just caught myself wondering what I can eat with a coffee…..hmm obviously a habit I will have to break in time but as for the recipes in the book I tried it yesterday and even my partner went to bed complaining of being stuffed!!!!!!😀😀😀😀

    I use but there are lotsvof sites that will allow you to track calories.

    I’m using My fitness pal
    It seems pretty comprehensive. I’m trying not to obsess too much about it but it really does make you think. I’ve just realised I’ve had 102 calories eating three mint humbugs this morning!!

    I use myfitnesspal as well and really like it — it seems to have the biggest “food” database and you can easily add to it ….it is surprising when you are honest about every bite you eat …..and sad to see how many calories are in something so small, but tastes so good, BUT still does not fill you UP 🙂

    Today is my non-fasting day so I’m curious to see how it will go. I have to say waking up this morning I feel good — and not sure I want to eat! Haha! What a change …….

    Have a great day all!

    Thanks. I’ll use my fitness pal since there are compatible with apple watch.

    Second day of fasting having had a non fast day yesterday. Good to know I’ll have done week one by tomorrow. I think I can do this….just hope it gives some noticeable results!

    I had my 2nd fast day yesterday I’m doing ADF instead of 5:2. Last night when I went to bed I was really looking forward to eating today but when I woke up I wasn’t hungry at all. I considered extending the fast, but since I’m doing ADF I didn’t think that would be a good idea so I had a spinach, bacon, and sausage omelet with some coffee. So far I’m surprised at the lack of really bad hunger pains or cravings (i have them, just not as bad as i thought they would be). It’s still only my first week though.

    twisted will have results but this is a way of life rather than a diet. Measure yourself all over and try on your clothes too. There will be times that the scales don’t move but the tape measure will, or you will simply notice that your clothes are looser. The aim is for a waist measurement that is less than half your height…so look to a decreasing tummy rather than a number on the scales.

    Hi twisted and idonot:

    twisted – if you do 5:2 correctly you will lose about a pound a week over time – you have to! If you overeat on your non diet days, you will stop your weight gain, but not lose much. It all depends on how much you do, or don’t eat.

    idonot – one thing almost unimaginable to newbies is that hunger won’t kill them. They find it comes and goes and really isn’t that bad. They then find that if they don’t eat, they don’t get hungry – that eating, especially carbs, actually makes them hungry. Over time, hunger becomes a non-event – people that have been on 5:2 for a couple of months don’t even talk about hunger.

    It is a process.

    Here are some tips:

    Good Luck!

    What’s ADF?

    Hi twisted:

    ADF means alternate day fasting – eat one day, fast the next, eat, fast . . .

    I’ve been using the Lose it app for logging food. Seems ok so far.

    My second fasting day. I’m struggling a little. About to have some peppermint tea. Send good thoughts!

    I’m going to bed having just finished my second fast day. I could have caved on many occasions. The justification I could find – haven’t I done well?/on a normal day I’d have eaten four times this much, etc. I haven’t caved and stuck it out. Feeling great for it – mentally rather than physically! Did you get there JacyLynn? Hunger definitely comes in waves and does subside and this topic thread is bang on…it’s all in the head!! Good luck!

    Twisted grapefruit — that is exactly how I kept myself on track on my first fast day and when I went to bed I thought to myself “wow! I did it!…I didn’t give in!” And I felt great!! Today is my second fast day and I’m hoping to be as successful. I too had several times that the hunger was getting the best of me but when that was happening I drank more water and had a few celery stalks at one point in the afternoon when it was at its worst! I am doing the 500 calorie fast days to start …and at this point I’m spreading the 500 calories out throughout the day. And being able to come here and read similar stories, challenges and success gives me more motivation to keep going ! Best wishes to all who are fasting today!

    Hello Everyone! Thank you Twisted Grapefruit for the encouragement! I wasn’t really hungry, more a feeling of just wanting to eat! I brushed my teeth – which always seems to help diminish the urge to eat – and went to bed early with a good book! Woke up feeling great – NOT ravenous. I’m having a regular, healthy breakfast and have the same planned for lunch. I expected to all kinds of cravings and so far, I don’t! I’m sending good thought to all the fasters!

    Hi everyone, I’m on my fifth fast, third week now. Twisted grapefruit & rlw66 I’m using myfitnesspal too and my username is hokumclone if you want to add me. I could do with the encouragement. The fasting seems to be relatively easy for me but I find it hard on non fast days because I like to drink wine & Guinness! Lately I have been giddy with alcohol because I was pregnant then breastfed for 9 months so I have been overindulging as it is a novelty to be able to drink again. So far I’ve lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks. I have 11 pounds to reach my goal.

    Wellsprungalice that is so so true about hunger not being cumulative.. it’s an important lesson to learn I think.

    I’ve nearly reached the end of a fast day and so far so good. I’ve got 100 Cals left which is a good thing. I didn’t know you could add people on my fitness pal so will have a look at that later. I too overindulge on wine but have taken to eating as I would do on a fast day on non-fast days until the evening so at least I feel I can have a treat!! I need to come onto the forum on non fast days too. The weekends are my downfall 😳

    Hi my name is Margaret and this is my first day fasting…I woke up and drunk a bottle of Propel water and am just posting to the site… I just turned 54 on May 16 and need to lose about 30-50 lbs. Last time I weighed myself was in January preop for hip surgery and I was 250 then…I’ve lost weight since then don’t know how much…no scale…I go by how my clothes fit…use a tummy trainer and exercise 1 to 3 times a week just 10-15 min per day treadmill, weights(arms, legs) need to do more about stuff but my back won’t allow too much of that. Oh and im 5′ 7″!
    Thanks for listening.

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