Feeling better on fast days?

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Feeling better on fast days?

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  • Do any of you have the same ‘problem’?

    I’ve just started this week after buying the book out of curiosity (where I come from no one ‘normal’ (not religious or a complete hippy) fasts).
    I found it quite interesting to read and wanted to see what it did to my body or better said my mind/mood.
    Normaly my life revolves around food, I don’t have a single minute without thinking about it, planning on what I will eat, when I’m aloud to eat it, how much, when I can get some more (without people noticing it), emptying kitchen cabinets when everybody’s out of the house and so on, you get the picture.

    I found that when I just decide for myself that it’s a fasting day and that I’m not aloud to eat, between a little someting in the morning and someting in the evening, I don’t think about it as much, and I’m less frustrated about it.
    I feel light, strong, in control, and like there’s a life outside of food and I’m less stressed, smile more and overal feel a lot better.
    (Apparently I also radiate it since 3 people I don’t know said hello to me, and one man ran after me on the street to tell me he thought I looked nice:))

    The thing is that I had 2 fasting day’s + today sort of fasting till 7pm, than ate a meal salad(couscous, goat cheese, letuce and tomatoes 720cal)
    and felt quite bad afterwards, nausious, heavy, full.

    Has any one of you had the same experience, and what do you do/eat to keep the light/breezy feeling?

    Thanks for reading, hope anyone wants to share their thoughts on this..


    This is a very interesting topic you have raised here. Fascinating!! Whilst my mood is not as elevated as yours I don’t mind fasting days and feel quite relaxed about them. I feel so alert that I have reduced my coffee/cafein intake fearing that this will just wire me up unnecessarily. No headaches or dizzy spells.

    I am truly astonished and convinced that food is totally in the mind. We eat for our emotions rather than our stomaches/hunger. On fasting days I tell myself that I won’t eat until… and my body/brain accepts this notion. However as soon as the time arrives when I gave myself permission to eat again, I feel ravenous. Because 25% of my TDEE is quite low and does not really fill me up (and if it does not fill me up what is the point of eating) I have started to tell myself that I won’t eat for 36hrs (no evening meal) and strangely I am OK with it. Moreover, I am no more (possibly slighly less) hungry the morning after the fast than the afternoon before. On Monday I extended my fast until Tuesday midday (40hrs) and even then I have to say, I ate not because of terrible hunger but because I missed eating.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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