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  • Re-Newing on our motivation & goals for this month.

    Goal for this month:

    Starting Weight:

    Tracking Weight:

    Feed, Fast, HIIT:

    Goal for this month: 180 lb

    Starting Weight: 196 lb

    Tracking Weight: 186 lb

    Feed, Fast, HIIT:

    Fasting: Mo-Tu, Th-Fr for dual 36 hours
    Strengthening: Weights
    Sprints: Treadmill

    Lowered my expectations to reducing 6 lb this month & lowering body fat lower from 21%..

    Vacation & Holidays coming up…

    Goal for this month: 214

    Starting Weight: 274

    Tracking Weight: 218

    Feed, Fast, HIIT:

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Fasting on 600 calories.

    Feed days during the week are fish days. Weekends mostly chicken protein.

    Compound6 lifting on Tuesday Thursday and Saturday

    HIIT. On Tues, Thurs, Sat, and Sun 1hr prior to last meals of the day. Skipping rope or jumping jacks 10 minutes.

    Isolation hand weights on fast days 90 second strength training sessions. After all meals within 1 hour.
    Stability ball and plank on all days as morning routine.

    On the job walking NEAT- more than 15,000 steps work days M-F


    With what you are accomplishing, I’m impressed and pleased to see your progress.

    Great motivation for me.

    Glad that you can post your progress here.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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