Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Welcome Alannah.I very rarely have breakfast,so I can manage a 8 hour period of eating easily, it’s late at night which is the most difficult for me.To resist toast at midnight 😩

    Hi AlannahB

    Welcome to the page – a lovey bunch they are here, and the others are always really good at advice.

    I think, probably, when Your’e starting out, just stick with the basics. There’s been a lot of nuances developed over the years, and everyone finds the pattern that suits them…until we find ourselves stuck in a rut and need to shake it up a bit.

    So I started straghtforwardly on 5:2 using recipes from the book, then I went to my FDs being essentially fulid with all my calories in one meal at the end of the day with my family. Recently, I’ve been having almost all my calories towards the middle of the day, and mainly lots of protein in an omelette…just suited what was going on at the time.

    Others will chip in with their ways that work for them…


    BTW – the reason I was so busy last week? I was getting the last of the ducks in a row for a move to a new parish up north of Inverness…and I couldn’t say anything cos generally you don’t tell anyone until you’ve told your congregation – which I did yesterday!

    Really hard to leave them…but really excited at the new challenge. Anyway…now it’s going to be all madness to sort the house out and move at the end of July.


    Thank you so much, Minols and Brads27 for the kind welcome. It’s great to feel supported, and to know that things can be flexible. Congratulations on your new parish, Minols. I love Scotland, especially the Highlands and Islands.

    I don’t usually crave toast at midnight, Brads27 and can go through till about 3 as long as I don’t have breakfast, which weirdly makes me hungrier, but I’m not sure that would be the case if someone wafted toast and marmite under my nose. I’d probably lunge for it.

    Afternoon everyone and welcome AlannahB we’re a friendly bunch on here. As Minols has stated your perhaps best doing a straightforward 5:2 and then tweaking it to suit you as everybody’s different. I’ve found my way is to have my FDs on a Monday and Thursday and have 800 calories on both of those days as I find it easier than 500 calories I also divide it into breakfast and evening meals usually have breakfast around 8am and evening meal about 6pm or earlier if I’m very hungry and then nothing else to eat until the next morning. Other days I keep to a sensible calorie amount. A bit slower weight loss but it works for me.
    Having said that as both my husband and I are retired our pre Covid social life is now starting to pick up again so I may have to start moving my FDs around which is the beauty of the 5:2.
    Hope everyone has had a good weekend and been able to enjoy this lovely weather we’re having at the moment. OH and I went for a 7 mile walk early this morning to avoid the heat later on.
    Minols off to pastures new a new adventure for you and the family.
    Hope everyone else is having a good day whether fasting as I am or not are keeping okay and staying safe and sound.
    Nana x

    Hi Alannah & welcome! I don’t tend to eat breakfast on a fast day either, so have something very small at lunchtime & most cals in the evening, I wouldn’t worry too much when you’re starting out, just do what helps you through the day! I keep meals simple too, just a soup or salad, so I don’t have to think about it…
    Minols- moving, how exciting! Has OH got a move with his job too? Lovely area, we had friends at Nairn, so beautiful 😀 I’m sure your congregation will miss you though, that’ll be hard!
    No wonder you’ve been busy…
    Dave- I guess keeping off the bread is out at the moment, you’ve had alot of stress…
    Jean- hope your FD goes well, sounds like you were very busy yesterday…
    Nana- back to fasting today? Hope you had a good weekend…
    Hemmy- another day with Kristy, hope you had some good weather ☺
    Didn’t sleep well after my FD yesterday, very hungry, so will do alternate days. Decided I can’t stick to keto right now- it feels too much like a diet rather than a way of eating which it used to before. I’m hoping if I know I’m not going to stop the carbs again I can have more will power; when I had a few days off before going back to keto I’d cram everything in that I’d missed! So have really enjoyed some grapes today!

    Thank you, Nanafix. Everyone does seem to be very friendly. So far I have not had any trouble keeping to 500 a day on two days and 800-900 on other days. I really need to get rid of lockdown pounds. I am impressed by your 7 mile walk!

    AlannahB sadly my knees aren’t 😀

    HH – one of the benefits of the last year…my OH’s boss has agree he can work from home, and commute to the office every couple of weeks!
    And for the boy? Well, now we know why he’s been doing shinty all these years. It’s THE default sport (alright, still after football and rugby) for kids up there. So a great way to make friends (and enemies…grrrr!)

    Evening All…
    So very hot and no rain for us…I got my grass cut and bush cut back…the car can wait for another day.

    A park walk with Charlie and Oreo this morning two very tired mutts…Charlie fell asleep with his harness and lead on!!😂

    A good fast day but a bit peckish about 4 pm, took Charlie out and ate when I came back, a couple of boiled eggs and a slice of bread…

    Welcome it’s a good way of life, we all started with the original 5.2 then tweaked it to suit as you get used to it..I eat at 8 am or 10 am depending on my dog walking then my last meal is 5 pm. I would say keep it simple don’t over think it, do a couple of split days eg Monday and Thursday as fast days, depending on your lifestyle.

    How exciting and congratulations, hope the family are pleased..lots of packing to do…good for hubby and the boy and shinty!

    Hope all is well, enjoy Kirsty’s last day…a lovely 4 days for you you both…

    Lovely your dinner and catchup dates are starting again, you managed before you can tweak and change around..something to look forward too…long walk when it’s hot!

    Hard to know if to stop keto…I am going to try more protein this week with less carbs..must move the weight..still pétanque tomorrow will it be drinks or coffee, I will fall at the first hurdle 😂

    Hoping to sleep tonight…bringing the fan in as it’s getting more humid…then I worry about your son’s fan hedgehog…😱

    Jean x

    Thank you all for the advice. I thought I’d be desperate for food after two days of fasting, but I am not hungry today at all. I am though combing the net for vegan recipes for next week’s two days. Nanafix, I hope your knees have recovered!

    Morning everyone another lovely morning here again. We’re off to St Ives soon as I have a lot of significant age birthdays coming up shortly I’ve managed to sort the gifts but need the cards and wrapping paper also need to visit the bank. This evening we’ve been invited to our friends who live near Newmarket for a curry meal so I’ve volunteered to drive to avoid having any alcohol and extra calories. It’s nice to start doing things again that we took for granted before Covid restrictions happened.
    Minols good news regarding OH being able to work from home.
    AlannahB glad you’re getting on alright so far. My knees are much better this morning thank you but it’s a good reminder that I need to lose my excess weight to ease the strain and load I’m putting on them.
    Have a good day everyone whether fasting or not and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Alannah ask Hedgehogs for vegan recipes, in sure she can help with that. Do you have a dog? Most of us on here have one or meet up with one. I have a Old German shepherd.Speedway was good last night, they had to keep watering the track because of been so dry here for a change.

    Hello Brads. Good tip, thanks, No, I have cats. I can imagine the look they would give me if I tried to take them on a walk. I am sedentary in my job so really need to focus on exercise.

    Morning All..
    A good riverbank walk with Charlie and Oreo, it shatters them very warm…

    Pétanque at 1.30 must remember some water…

    A good fast day yesterday, I saw 1lb come off this morning need another for my weigh in on Friday..trying to keep off the biscuits….

    Glad you are getting into it..I am not a vegan nothing to do with this site but it’s a healthy site..’Pick up limes’..I use some of her things I quite like her thoughts. I think more veggie maybe both??
    What day are you weighing in?
    I have a dog a Dalmatian called Charlie he’s 5..used to have a cat Symba she was 21 when she died…

    Lots of cards and things to buy an expensive month..enjoy your shopping day..

    Glad speedway was good last night…when is bowling on next? I should know your days by now..😂

    Have a good day

    Jean x

    Hello Symba

    So sorry about your cat. I know what losing them is like.

    If I weighed myself too often I’d be dispirited if I had not lost weight, so I am going to watch out for loosening clothes and only weigh myself after 6 weeks. I might some test strips for ketosis, though. I do eat loads of veggies, legumes, grains and a few nuts (avoiding too much oil). I’m cutting down on the fruit a bit to avoid too much fructose. On a vegan diet it’s all-too easy to eat too many carbs – pasta, rice, potatoes and bread have made me fat, so I’m happy to say goodbye to them.

    Alannah- we do love cats too! Used to have them but son seems to be allergic now, so we have a funny girl lab instead- very lively so long walks needed…I borrowed a vegetarian 5:2 book from the library when I started, will see if I can find out what it was. I’m veggie/ pescatarian, but son’s just gone veggie & wanting to work to vegan, if I don’t do keto we can eat the same meals, won’t go back to pasta & rice though. Be careful you don’t go too low on your nonfast days, it’s got to be sustainable…you can work out your Total Daily Energy Expenditure on here & then keep just a little below that for quicker loss.
    Nana- nice to have a social life back, hopefully you can tweak things to keep losing! Poor knees…
    Jean- very nice when Charlie & Oreo wear each other out! I need to do my car too, but not when it’s so hot! Enjoy your boules!
    Dave- how was speedway? Crusty cobs today?
    Minols- great that OH can keep working from home ☺ Hope all the packing’s not too stressful!
    Hemmy- hope the house is not too quiet without Kristy…
    Fasting today- have been busy washing the kitchen curtains & cleaning windows so it’s kept my mind off food, but very hot so have a headache now! Mum’s home, aunt & uncle went back this morning, so she’s texted to see if I’m free this afternoon!

    Hello, Hedgehogs. Sad about the allergy, but Labs are so friendly – great companions. I’ve been vegan for decades, but not a very healthy-eating one at times. On non-fast days I’m eating more than 500 calories but without high GI and GL foods. I am hoping to get back into clothes from past years. You are good to wash curtains on the fast days.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    What some beautiful days we are having .. long may they last.

    I have had a lovely 4 days with Kristy .. eaten and drank far too much as per usual. lol

    We went to Stratford upon – Avon on Saturday .. shopping and lunch then Sunday lunch at a local village pub … We also had McDonalds which I said I am never having again. lol Lots of wine.

    Well the upshot is this morning I am 4lbs up from last Thursday morning Lolol

    Sooo onwards and downwards as they say .. back on the horse.

    Fast day today ..bacon and egg sandwich this evening and some fruit. Just had a milk coffee so far since yesterday at 6pm..

    Welcome AlannahB 5-2 is a good way to lose the weight as it doesn’t feel like dieting really. I think we all find out by trial and error what suits us best. Good luck this week.

    I will catch up with everyone as I get back in the swing.

    Take care all .. enjoy the day whatever you are doing.

    Ask yourself what is really important to you and then have the courage to build your life around your answer. Xxxx

    Hi everyone

    Combination of ‘normal’ work and endless lists and calls. Have to get 3 removal quotes, so people will start looking over my stuff either via a phone assessment or coming to the house from Thursday…should probably do sometidying up!

    Got a whole lot of spare bedding into duvet bags and packed out in the pod yesterday…not the most significant bit of ‘sorting’ but those are things we don’t need, so can happily store them in the pod for a wee while. The beetle (stripey) and pod will be among the first things to drive up and sit in a garage up there…that’s the trouble with having old bangers…they have to be driven at ‘old fashioned speed’ up the road, one at a time, with the normal car as escort to bring the driver home!


    It’s a long time now maybe 8 years, when Symba passed, she had a good life she was just an old lady.
    You have it all planned out which is good, everyone tweaks it a bit to their way of life..

    Maybe a car wash tomorrow pm, I should be in the shade..need to go and get a new collar for Charlie it’s starting to fray, maybe in the morning ….
    You have lots to do on a hot day, now mums back too…keep strong.

    Lots of food and drink so nice when you have someone to it share with..all will be quiet now Kirsty has gone home…counting the days when she’s back….

    What a lot to sort out and think through..at least you are not looking for the new accommodation..you will just arrive 😂..mixed emotions for you all but very exciting…

    Pétanque..played 3 and won 3 then to the cafe so a nice afternoon..and flapjack I can’t resist 😬

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Hemmy- glad you’ve had a good time with Kristy, I’m sure that you’ll soon lose the extra!
    Jean- well done with your boules, lovely for you to get out afterwards too, how long can you leave Charlie for?
    Minols- sounds like it’ll be a military operation to get everything moved! Are you buying your own place or does the Church provide somewhere?
    Dave- hope bowling goes well today!
    Alannah- you’ve done well being vegan for so long…our lab is not typical, she is an oddball, not as eager to please as our last one, a real character though!
    Had a good early walk, silly girl kept playing with sticks & getting really hot though! Both boys off today, have cooked them the full works breakfast. Not sure what else we’ll do today…

    Hi all

    Oh Jean – you would think so! Actually, it is pretty amazing having folks at the other end helping out, and I’m being spoilt with choices for this, and for that. But we are also trying to buy a place close by to replace our old bolt hole. This weekend is our last attempt, before we give up and put it off until we’re up there – property is moving so fast. But of course, we have so much stuff, and we’re moving into a much smaller manse…so if we could find a place really easily, then we could just dump the stuff from our old cottage in the new one…and worry about it later!

    All nice problems to have…

    Working from home today while I wait for various things to arrive, and bikes to be taken away, so definitely having an omelette!


    Has anyone tried kimchi? It’s recommended by Dr Mosley for good gut health, which aids digestion and calorie-burning. My brain reacts to it in the same way it does to yoghurt, saying: ‘Don’t! It’s gone off!’

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Glorious weather .. to hot for doing much of anything I reckon.. lol

    Glad to see a pound off already this morning just need some more lean days this week.

    Its funny but I can feel it in my clothes with just a few extra pounds on.

    Minois .. so much for you to do and think about now .. Do you have to work up to the last minute or do you get a break to get sorted. Exciting..

    HH Enjoy your day whatever you decide to do.

    Sym.. Well done with your game result. You sound a natural.

    Enjoy the day everyone and take care…

    There’s only one thing that makes someone change…Their own realization that they need to do it. And there’s only one time it will happen… When they decide they’re ready. Xxxx

    Afternoon everyone just a quick check in. Our curry evening with our friends yesterday evening was good and as the weather is good at the moment we ate and stayed outside the whole evening.
    Today we met up with our Friday night friends to resume our Weds pub lunches again pre Covid. Had Chicken EscLope with fresh vegetables and new potatoes plus one large and one medium lovely ice cold glasses of Pinot Grigo wine haven’t worked out the calories for me today yet but not had breakfast and am to full to eat anything else so it might work out as a FD. First time we’d been on our bicycles for 20 months it was hard going. Tomorrow we’re resuming our weekly visit to Ely to meet up with my sister and brother in law have breakfast and then visit my elderly Aunt and Uncle as we’ve not seen them for 20 months either.Glad you had a nice weekend Hemmy and pleased to hear that you’re getting on okay with 5:2 AlannahB.
    Hope everyone else is keeping okay and stay safe and sound.
    Nana x

    Glad you had a nice evening out, Nanafix. Yes, thank you, it’s still ok After my two fast days at <500 cals I’ve had a good light diet day so far other than stomach hurting a bit. Haven’t managed to eat any kimchi yet, though.

    Nana… I just love your lunch menu today… that would be my choice too. I think not having breakfasts does give us a bit of leeway.

    Its lovely you are able to get about again and sound so happy .. enjoy your life thats what its all about.

    We need to catch up with the good times again. Xx

    I have had 3 dogs and 3 cats so like both. When I lived at home I would take the dog out for a walk and the car used to walk with us😁.Bowling is now. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night.I won today 21-11 so a better day. I play my first game for my new team tomorrow.

    Evening All..
    A river walk with both boys a good long walk. Shopping for Charlie a new collar and grooming brush needed.

    Lazy day really so hot and humid to do anything…

    I left Charlie for three hours on boules day….four hours is the max really…still he is only asleep…he goes next Wednesday for his day and over night stay, although going to look for walking boots I won’t know what to do without him…
    Nice to have the full family at home..lots of cooking ?

    Lovely having all helping hands to help..it would be nice to find a new property too, getting it in the buying process.

    Kimchai doesn’t sound my sort of thing…you can have it all…

    Good a pound has moved easy on and off….it is much too hot for me…

    Well done on your bike ride..have you got bum ache 😂..it’s a while since you have been on…a lovely meal and wine…just joining you now Pinot Grigio …

    Jean x

    Good morning everyone,cloudy and humid here 😅. Bowling later so will take Heidi out now.

    Hello everyone, Brand new to all of this and it’s a little bit mindblowing if I am honest. I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind 🙂 so yesterday, Wednesday was my first day. My last food was at 09.30pm Tuesday then I had 500 calorie dinner at 19.00 Wednesday so I make that 21.5 hour fast is that correct ?
    In my head this should be as easy as on FD I have 500 calories, mainly protein and lower carbs ( not sure where fat factors in) and on non fast days I can have 1952 calories of whatever I want?
    my confusion lays in Low GI and Low GL foods, am I making it more complicated that needs be??
    I am one of those really annoying people that has to follow “The Rules” !!!
    Can anyone just break it down for me. I have read the book and listened to the E book and it mentions a PDF ?
    I think I am probably making it far more complicated in my own head. an helpful started tips would be great! Can’t wait to chat more 🙂 TIA

    Evening All..

    A good very cloudy day but warm, nice walking with Charlie, a village walk this morning.…

    Enjoyed my meet up with Ivy and Tony, walked again and a coffee stop no cake !

    Fasting day going very well, not really hungry today..I shall eat when I am ready..

    Hope the bowling day went well and you found it ok…

    Welcome, keep with the thread it helps a lot, good support on here..…
    I am trying to work out what you are saying..what time did you eat after your fast meal?
    Make it simple don’t over think, so your next meal after fasting is after 9.30 am ish on Thursday…
    It’s best to eat protein with salad or veggies keep off the carbs on a fast day especially at the beginning.
    On your non fast days..work out your calories what you need at your goal weight and eat to that. Hope that helps.

    Keep strong everyone..

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Another lovely day long may it last.

    I am having one of my very favourite days all day in my garden.. just nature and me. lol

    Orange blossom full on now and the smell is absolutely stunning along with the lilacs which are now starting to go over but still look lovely.

    Having a mindful week .. hopefully see this last weeks gain off soon.

    Welcome Millymolly 78 . TBH I have never read the books..so I cant comment on them.
    I think for myself over the past yrs of doing 5-2 I just make it simple as possible so as not to be a diet rather a way of life . Try to do 2 500-600 days and just eat what I really like within that.

    I never eat breakfast have a big cup of full fat milk coffee so any day my last eating was 6pm… then again at 1pm the following day. Its worked well for me but we are all different and rightly so. Good luck. Xx

    Brads lolol how the hell do you fit life in around all your sport lolol Love it.

    Sym .. HH.. Minois.. Nana .. AlannahB .. and anyone else.. Hope you are having a good day Fasting or mindful.

    The happiest people dont have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything Xxxx

    Milly Molly 1952 seems sky high to me,I try and stay a minimum 800 calories below my TDEE.You definitely can’t have what you like on non fast days. Welcome to our group.

    Hello, MillyMolly from anther newbie. If you ate at 21:30 on one day and next ate at 19:00 (ie nothing between), then, yes, that’s a 21.5 hour fast. ’24-hour’ fasts are really 36 hours unless people eat in the middle of the night. As everyone has said, it’s best to find what suits you. In the Fast Diet book, Michael Mosley notes that he eats at 07:30 and 19:30 on fast days, so that he is not eating for twelve hours on either side, but he also says that eating within an 8-hour span and fasting for 16 hours is fine. As has been said, it depends on your lifestyle. I don’t usually eat breakfast and I have two meals a day, one in the evening, and in order to want to eat in the evening I have to leave it late, but I am trying to bring it forward a bit.

    Evening everyone. Welcome to another new member on here MillyMolly as I said to our other new member AlannahB we’re a friendly bunch on here and try to help with any queries or advice regarding 5:2 or anything else🤗
    Today was supposed to be a FD for me today but I’ve finally managed to get to visit my elderly Aunt and Uncle as we’ve not seen them for 20mths and she’d got us a little celebratory lunch with some lovely cupcakes – managed to have a low calorie evening meal but am over my FD calories will see what the scales say tomorrow morning 🤔
    Hemmy hope you enjoyed your day.
    Hope everyone else has had a good day whether fasting or not and keep safe.
    Will be back tomorrow.
    Nana x

    I got a warning on my phone that I have been in contact with someone who as tested positive for Covid😱.My son went to bed not feeling well at 5pm and is still there. It’s a worry.

    Hi Millymolly (can I add Mandy on the end too or am I just showing my age?!) Best to keep it simple as the others have said- alot of the recipe books have breakfasts, lunches & dinners in them, if you have milk in tea or coffee it’s not a true fast anyway…just have a 500 cal day to start it, & you can tweak things later! I save most of my cals so I have a more filling meal in the evening. I used to keep my cals on nonfast days a bit under my TDEE, but struggling with that right now!
    Alannah- glad you’re finding it okay for now. Have a nice 5:2 sweet potato chilli recipe if you want it? I quite like kimchi- only a little at a time, there’s a deli near us which sells locally made jars.
    Jean- well done with the extra walk & avoiding cake! Good that Charlie is okay for a few hours…
    Dave- hope the bowling was good!
    Nana- sounds like you’re having a good time at the moment with family & friends ☺ Hope the scales are kind tomorrow!
    Hemmy- great you’ve spent the day in the garden, & hope it’s helped you to lose this week!
    Had a lovely walk along the river yesterday, youngest came out with us & was so chatty, not like he usually is! Cooked him so much food the last couple of days- he’s working hard at putting weight on! Today have done some gardening & other jobs, had our shoping delivery (which won’t last long if son keeps eating!), & saw mum. FD was good but ended up at 700cals, have done 2x 500 days so that’s okay.

    Your UP late HH.

    Brads, I hope that your son will be better soon and it is not Coved-19. You must be anxious.

    Thank you, Hedgehogs, that is a very kind thought. I’m weird in that I don’t like sweet things much – sweet potatoes are too sweet for me – and I am intolerant of chilies, avocado and peppers – awkward for a vegan as those seem to be in the ingredients of every veggie option in restaurants!

    Feel a bit better today,my son was up early and went to work.So hopefully we are both ok.A lot going on at the moment so very difficult to fast.I will have to give up the bread again after our holiday.

    Dave- sorry, missed your post last night, hope all okay, sounds like fingers crossed you’re both okay…stayed up late to make sure son got home from work okay, I wprry when he’s cycling that late at night!
    Alannah- that sounds very awkward, not eating sweet potatoes & peppers as a vegan!
    Hope everyone’s okay ☺
    Making a cheesecake for the weekend today, yummy! Going to do a plant swapsie with someone from Church today.

    Afternoon everyone just a quick check in. Was pleased to see the scales reward me with a half pound loss this week which was a pleasant surprise after my social week of meals out. Need to be extra careful again this week as we’re off on holiday next Friday.
    Dave glad you and son are feeling a little better it’s a worry all the same.
    Chinesetakeaway being collected after our usual Friday evening meet up with our friends. Have a good weekend everyone and stay safe and sound and I’ll be back again Monday.
    Nana x

    Afternoon All..
    A village walk, then cut and blow at the hairdressers ..all smart again for a bit…

    Quite blowy and cloudy here…the boy and I was going to the pub to book a table for the 27th, and have a drink but don’t think we will bother.

    Scales were up by 1 lb, I am finding it hard when it’s so hot…that and boules and cafes too…still at goal only just..hanging on by my teeth!!

    A lovely day in the garden the Orange Blossom sounds divine…I like lilac too…it’s warm here but blowy..

    Allannah and Milly keep strong it all falls into place…

    Well done on your half pound off all in the right direction..enjoy your meal this evening, have a good weekend.

    All the food you are cooking for your youngest, both Jacqui and Katie have the same problem…growing boys/men…your lovely cheesecake again 😀..what plant are you getting?

    Hope your test is negative 🤞

    Just sat sitting I must move and do some jobs..

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Another lovely summers day long may they last.

    Busy today as off tomorrow to a big Car Boot sale.. Then we are going to the pub for lunch. Early dog walking for us first.

    Well Done Nana on your loss you are very consistent and have found the right way for you. Enjoy your takeout today and week-end.

    HH Cheese cake making how yummy … what sort. lol.

    Brads .. Do you have to isolate now then. I have no idea how the phone notification works.

    Sym.. you sound all ready for a nice evening out with you hair looking glam. lol Its hard trying to maintain as you dont know how far you can go. Thats what I find.

    Well I was pleased to see that 2lbs now has gone from the 4lbs I put on last week .. Back on track. Just need to stay there now. lol

    Have a lovely weekend everyone..and take care .

    Life is short… Take the trip… By the shoes.. Live life to the fullest. Xxxx

    Hemmy,yes I have to isolate now until Thursday.I did the test and it came back negative.So that’s good news. I may do another test on Monday to see how I am.

    Brads .. thats good news re your negative, Good idea to do another test Monday.

    Glad your son was ok .

    Glad your test went S negative, Brads.
    Today marks the end of my first week on the 5:2 😀
    Don’t know whether there’s weight loss yet, but the strips show ketosis and my clothes feel a little looser. I’m pleased that it really isn’t difficult. It has been great to have support from here.

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