Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Evening everyone,

    HH – glad you didn’t get soaked! The weather is just so weird at the moment. We seem to get three different types all pushed together in one day.

    Kay – yes, it’s a good thing, and I’m feeling more positive about it. I’ve actually had a last minute job come in for tomorrow. Nothing glamorous, just helping signpost at a station in London, but it’s much-needed money!

    Jean – hmm that’s a shame for Katie. I hope she finds something she enjoys.

    Nana – that’s a shame about the wedding being postponed, but nice of them to want to share it with everyone, and a lovely incentive for you as well!

    In the end I’ve booked my flights! I just bit the bullet and decided while they were £75 return for a route that’s normally a few hundred, I might as well. If things get complicated, I can always move them. But, if I don’t, I’ll be out there for two weeks in July! I’m very excited!

    Looking forward to a glass of wine tonight to celebrate, and an early night before a 7am start at work tomorrow…! Have lovely evenings everyone x

    Endellion- exciting, booking your trip! And a jog for tomorrow! Enjoy that celebration tonight…
    Jean- hope you get the fridge sorted, sounds like you have a trying day! Poor Katie, a difficult time to be job hunting. Enjoying the online shopping?!
    Kay- does Tara enjoy the rainy walks too? She seems to sleep alot for a young dog! Deliveries are alot easier to get round here, so maybe worth a try…
    Dave- funny that Heidi likes her rub down! Is her tummy okay now? Hope you get an answer about the bowling!
    Minols- glad someone’s had sun at least! Although it’s cheered up here now.
    Nana- shame about the wedding, but good to have extra time to lose some weight! Enjoy the sunny evening…
    Sorry if I’ve missed anyone, page’s turned…
    Didn’t have a lazy day in the end, cracked on with ironing, steamed my floor & went to mum’s. Flipping laptop wouldn’t connect to the internet again- but realised the broadband was off, so had to ring up about that. She’s with post office, it’s rubbish, had to ring them up, they said it’s the extensions on the line, had to move the router, all back on & will looking into changing mum to BT. She mentioned her memory so we had a bit of a conversation about that, tricky, hopefully she’ll be willing to go to the doctors when things are a bit more normal. Asda order mostly all there, fridge & frezers totally full now! Fasting’s been okay again, another liquid one.

    Morning all!
    Pleased to see 1lb down this morning, although feels like an awful lot of work for just one…
    Sunny again here, out with Xena shortly. Will take a card & flowers to leave on the doorstep for my Homestart Mum later, nothing else planned.
    Have a good day all!

    Morning All…
    Looking dark at the moment…taking Steve and the bike to the park and having a coffee ( if it doesn’t rain)

    Three weeks on the trot I have gained a pound now three pounds out of maintenance …not happy this morning…I have been on maintenance or under for 10 months….😱

    Still keeping to Fridays off..no more bread making, vanilla slices, ice cream..I know were the problem is..

    Shame on the wedding but as you say more time to loose a bit more….enjoy your 🍷 this weekend..

    Lovely you have the good weather and the lovely sunsets…is your office better with the table near the window..still sounds chilly…

    Katie is lucky she doesn’t need a job but needs stimulation and a bit bored of a house mum, she thinks she can juggle the children now Charlotte is at school she is 6…so school hours would suit too.

    Lovely you have sorted your flights out, shall you go alone or with friends…not long to go..😀

    Enjoying on line shopping isn’t really my idea..I hate shopping…still it’s when you need things then I have too..
    Problems with the laptop or internet..everything is ok when working a pain when not….I like full freezers 😀..
    I need to make my fish cakes again, I still have some fish…not today.. Well done on the pound off…better than me….

    Must push on the boys clock is ticking, I am having the look..I am not late 😂

    Jean x

    Hi all,

    Just a quick post as Tara is pestering me for a walk!! Might not get quite as wet today!
    She doesnt like the rain very much, well water in general, typical shar pei, but if it starts raining when we are out, she isnt too bad!

    Successful FD yesterday, so 2 managed this week and 1 low day in between.
    Im going to have another FD today as feeling quite determined. Its my afternoon in the shop, so that will keep me out of the kitchen for a few hours!

    I did go on the scales and things are looking a bit better but Im saving the main weigh in for the end of the month for a comparison.

    First goal is to get 5lbs off, wont manage it that by end of the month, but hoping for at least 2. Definitely want to start July in a much better position!

    Back later x

    Afternoon All..
    Park cafe is opening a hour later so no coffee for us..

    My trainers have arrived and I am keeping them, sending the second size back….Quite pleased.

    I am feeling scruffy my hair is a mess and I feel like a update on my clothes, well making more effort with the ones I have….I fall in ‘dog walking clothes’ every day as they are easy…excuse other dogs jump up at you but it’s not muddy now…is anyone else like me …or is it just me new to dog walking….

    Haddock and chips from our usual chippy as it’s opened now, something to look forward too…Steve would like curry tomorrow as he might not be eating spicy things for a while…possibly eating low portions of food in general, I shall join him 😂

    Is Tara setting in a lot better now, it’s about 10 days or so..can you see any difference in her yet?…hoping you see some movement over the month, slow and steady…

    Jean x

    Jean- I wear scruffy stuff to walk the dog- got mucky the other day when another dog jumped at me, & Xena made my sis very messy when we bumped into them, she was very naughty jumping up. & very scruffy at home too as I’m messy when I cook, & clean 😂 Enjoy your fish & chips!
    Kay- hope being at the shop was busy enough to help distract you! How’s Tara’s tummy looking, any bigger?!
    Dave- when you’re allowed back on, how did you get on at Denise’s Mum’s…must be very long & boring days for her.
    Endellion- have you decided about the tutoring yet?
    Nana- were you seeing any friends today?
    Hope everyone else is okay!
    Was lovely to see my HS family, even at a distance, but poor Mum is looking very strained- the baby has a high temp though so it’s a worry. A few rotine jobs done, but have lost my motivation to get cracking on my list! Did a work out too, dinner eaten now. Will fast again tomorrow.

    Evening All…

    A lovely canal walk a change…Steve started and then sat on a bench couldn’t walk but I continued on my own, passed a few people but I was ok…not keen on solitary places I don’t know…

    Well that’s what you call haddock and chips…delicious!….going to have a wine shortly…

    I am also messy at home and when cooking too, it’s maybe with my hair been untidy doesn’t help my image…….if I use chocolate it can be on nearly every handle 😂 and on me…..poor HS mum she must be so worried, can she visit him, lots of visiting I thought was cancelled.

    Have a good weekend everyone..

    Jean x

    Evening everyone, very pleased to see a two pounds loss shown on the scales this morning. Had a lovely visit with our friends again this evening and collected a indian take away from near to where they live – I offered to drive this evening and now husband is very relaxed.
    Have just eaten the take away and am now enjoying my first glass of wine. Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Good morning all,up early can’t sleep 😫. Hope I am unblocked on here now.The sun is out so hopefully a good day.

    Morning all!
    Nana- well done, that’s a great result! And a lovely takeaway to celebrate!
    Dave- yes, you are now allowed back on! Shame about the early start, it’ll be a long day for you…on the longest day!
    Jean- glad the fish & chips were good! Difficult not getting a hair cut- I was lucky to get in just before lockdown & she cut it really short, so it’s still a nice length! Need my highlights doing again though! My HS mum isn’t allowed to visit, poor thing, that must be hard! The dad’s staying up there, only one parent allowed.
    Hope everyone else is okay…
    Had a busy morning- the site I moderate had bern busy overnight, 3 new members waiting to be checked & admitted, realised I needed to book a shopping slot in advance for the weekend before we hopefully go away, so had to do that. A good walk with Xena, but busy already so we had to change the route a bit, & she rolled in something again, so another wash down! Luckily not as revolting as yesterday!
    The noisy neighbours have finally moved in- they’ve been coming over in dribs & drabs for a few weeks, having noisy get togethers each weekend, plus loads of workmen still doing stuff- the whole place has been gutted & redone, hoped it was all finished, but now they’ve got someone round giving them a quote to have all the drive dug up & paved, & overheard her talking about all the work they want to do over the next 2 years, it’s already been a year of work 😱😵 ugh…but at least they’re not nadty like yours, Jean!
    Fasting okay, getting into the swing of alternate days. Must do some cleaning now!

    Hi everyone.
    Been dealing with a sick old dog the last couple of days. Something’s gone in his back again. Referred to hospital and thought we wouldn’t be coming home with him this morning but vet thinks he has a 75% chance with rest and anti inflammatories…we’ll take that!

    New lawn mower has just arrived so I should be ‘mowing the meadow’…feeling lazy!

    Jean – study will always be cold…imagine a long front to back garage (nearly) that’s what all the other houses have on the estate, but when it was built it had already been earmarked to be a manse, so there’s an extra wee garage and my study is what would have been the garage. Lovely windows at the front…so of course that’s where my sewing table is – priorities!

    Sun out now soma6be I will cut the grass now the dog’s hobbled inside.


    Minols- poor old boy, & poor you with the worry…hope the anti-inflammatories work…

    Afternoon All..
    I thought I had posted..has it disappeared or I forgot….

    My new wa
    My new jacket has arrived really pleased with it, dark grey..another bargain £83 it was half price Goretex, so no choice of colour but looks ok, I like my bright scarves and hats..

    Walk at the park on my own…full house cleaned with some help from Steve it does make a difference..dips made for this evenings meal and main Indian meal half done just to finish, table set..grass cut too.

    Very hot outside, sat a bit but come in…settee throws and Charlie’s small throws all washed and ready to go back on…

    Glad you had a lovely evening and enjoyed your Indian meal with your friends….well done on 2 lbs off…

    That’s sad for mum not able to visit the little one, she really must be worried…..
    My hair was cut extra short this time but was due a cut the week of lock down..I am just feeling it now it’s in a pony tail it’s driving me nuts!
    Hoping the neighbours are better when they move it…my neighbours both sides are always doing work, the one joined on sometimes at it till 10 pm, it’s inconsiderate really…
    Where are you going on holiday..is it booked?🤞

    Hope the old boy comes round and the tablets help him….Such a worry….enjoy playing with the lawn mower..

    Walk time looming shortly…goodness it comes around quick..we will go at 4.15…

    Jean x

    Jean- how do you cram so much into one day?! Your neighbours sound a pain both sides!
    If they allow holiday cottages to open on July 4th like they keep hinting, we are booked to go the ‘beach hut’ we went to last year in Devon- the one with no electricity, own beach & you hike down to it…then on to St Ives, again where we went last year, an apartment overlooking the beach. Will have to see- alot to sort out if we can go; Xena hasn’t seen this dog sitter since last summer, so would want to organise a walk with them again, food for boys as usual, a longer trip than we’ve been on before, still want to get as much food online as we can, & will try to find somewhere quiet to shop on the way to St Ives. Masks ready for walking there, it’ll be crowded! We won’t eat out & will keep to the beach under our place where it’s quieter!
    Have a good evening all!

    Been out three times with Heidi, that’s it for the day. Denise as baked a lemon cake and coconut buns. Give up for this month, will try and not gain to much then do better in July. Steak for tea. Been busy buying online.

    I am a bit tired I must admit but it was nice Steve helped it makes a difference….the beach hut sounds lovely do you leave the car at the top…where do you look for these different places, is there a site or are they all private….?….we would love to get away but I think it will be September, hoping it’s all settled down more…..even a caravan on the coast…

    The joined neighbours are not so bad, nice really..but she cracks the whip I feel sorry for him….always banging and jobs…Xena will have to have a reminder of your sitters, but she loves going so there will be no problem…

    Lovely baking I would fall too…I can’t bake any more for a while…although may have friends coming up next week, possibly in the house at a distance too hot to sit out..I have a very long dining table we will sit at each end.. .depends if they are happy with it….after next weekend we are on lock down again….

    Jean x

    I am looking at caravans or lodges, got to get Denise around to my way of thinking first though. Unless guest houses open. Need a holiday now. I would be happy sitting in a beer garden at the moment.Not had any beer for four months 😭😭😭.

    Evening everyone, dos’nt it make you feel a little better talking about going on holidays – we should have been in Sheringham this week 😐 We are still hoping to be going forour late September holiday.
    Had a 7 mile walk this morning didn’t intend to my knee is really painful now but it was a good walk around the new town of Northsowe which is being built close to where we live and a lot more building has been done despite the lockdown which was the last time we went.
    Minols hope your dog improves with the medication.
    Jean hope your meal and wine were good you deserve it after a busy day.
    Hope everyone else is keeping okay and enjoy the rest of your evening and stay safe.
    Nana x

    We gave been looking at static caravans…could be a busy for me..but give it a try…HH place on her own sounds me totally…

    That was a good walk..hope you don’t suffer…strange after chemo and busy with that now it’s passed it’s now back to hip trouble it’s strange your body can only deal with one thing…maybe a gun is in order!! Only joking….

    Still on the go… Charlie’s mince just cooked and needs bagging for the freezer…vegetables cooking for the fridge…that’s me finished!!!….bring on the wine 😂🍷

    Jean x

    Morning all.
    Back door open for a long time this morning in case the old boy needs to go out…possibly nerve / prostate causing problems with his bladder. But it’s been lively to have the door open and hear the summer rain and birds before anyone else is up and at the day.

    I’ll need to go and get up properly soon…usually head to church about 7 at the moment to get over any tech glitches ahead of the 8.30. And today I plan to set up some socially distanced tables for the holiday club team to be able to drop in and make up craft bags to drop to the kids next month. HC is going on-line!

    Our holiday hangs in the balance along with everyone else…will the ferry to the Netherlands be running? Will the dog be well enough to leave if it is? Both are probably more ‘no’ than ‘yes’! But hope is a funny thing.

    No food today until I get home about 1pm and make pancakes, and then it’s soup for me tonight. Last tub so I’ll be able to defrost the freezer this week.


    Morning All…
    A lovely day now….start of the change of weather…

    Finished the day with 26,069 steps….never had that before…a very busy day..😀

    Where is my well behaved dog??….naughty this morning, scavenging in the bins again eating things in tin foil and running away from me..in a ladies pocket nicking treats and jumping up, which is hard to stop when distancing, I went round her back and he got a tap on his bum, then decided he wasn’t going to get in the car when time to leave….he was bored no one to play with….but he knows he is in bad books!

    Inviting our friends up for lunch before we go back in lockdown ( not invited them yet, see what they think) thought I may do some baking for the freezer, to make things easier ..I just don’t seem to have time for socialising with Charlie walking….

    Hoping all works when you get to church on your IT stuff this morning…it must be a nightmare to do…glad the old boy is managing I do love my back door open, just fresh air and the birds singing it’s does sound nice.
    Which pancakes do you do? big thin ones what you roll up or the american small thick ones..I like the thin ones, my favourite filling banana, chocolate spread with whizzy cream or ice cream.umm

    Have a good Sunday..a lazy day for me..

    Jean x

    Good afternoon, the sun is just about out. Heidi as good and bad days,she will be 14 in under a fortnight. Thinking of going fishing next week but it might be too hot, not good weather for fishing. Denise was happy with her Kobo last night, she said it’s easier on her eyes.

    The folding cycle we bought for Steve a few days ago has now been sold and moved on..a good idea but not suitable with partial knees..it’s killed the idea which he’s been thinking of for 6 months..so sold it for the same as we bought it….

    Scones made for the freezer next is fish cakes for me tonight for me …then the rest in the freezer…yummy!….meat pie for Steve….it’s choose what you want night….

    Glad the Kobo was as good as the kindle.. and Denise liked it….I always thought fishing was good in bad weather, will they hide from the sun if it’s too hot?? No idea really…

    Jean x

    Minols- hope your service has gone well today…the craft bags sound like a good idea! Feel for you with the worry about your dog, hope he starts to improve. Keep strong today foodwise!
    Jean- would be nice for you to be able to go away, & have that to look forward to! We do like to be by ourselves alot on holidays! Although most of the places we go to you can’t take dogs, would love a holiday with Xena but can’t face the car journey! We stayed in a lovely place on the Holkham Hall estate, on the North Norfolk coast, they’re luxurious & do take dogs, good pub & beach nearby, it’s called Palmers Lodge, expensive though, we just had a couple of nights there! American pancakes are more popular in this house 😀
    Dave- why doesn’t Denise like the idea of a holiday here? Just the weather? Hope you get a day out fishing! Enjoy the cakes, shame to write off June’s weight loss though, you’ve worked really hard watching your calories!
    Nana- sorry for you that you’ve missed your holiday, fingers crossed for September…have a holiday at home for a week maybe? Hope your knee is better today; 7 miles is a long way!
    Endellion- are you okay, you’ve been quiet?
    Hope everyone else is okay!
    Long walk with Xena this morning, cloudy here so a bit better temp. Church done online, & will see Mum in a bit. Enjoying a nonFD!

    The fish all come to the top and I am fishing on the bottom 😵. Uncomfortable if it’s too hot. It’s 17°C at the moment so I will take Heidi out before it gets too hot.

    About to have ‘soup surprise’ and some cheese pancakes.
    Pancakes big and thin…though not as thin as they used to be!
    So hopefully a nice low day.

    Denise dosent mind holidays in England,to be honest we never went abroad from 1976 until April 2004.We went to a speedway testimonial and I won first prize which was four nights in the Hilton hotel Paris.So we had to get passports.Since then we have mostly gone abroad.We both like holidays in the UK as well.

    Evening everyone had a lazy day today and eaten way too much food but only one glass of wine so most definitely a FD tomorrow. Not much else to report.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Morning all!
    Lovely & sunny here, going out for a walk with a lady from Church, will learn a new one hopefully as we’re going near where she lives!
    Fasting today, is it a mass Monday one?

    I’m with you, HH – last week of the month so going to try for a really controlled one.

    Off to take my place int he queue at Tesco…


    Nice walk & a catch up done, next time we’ll have a cuppa in the garden together afterwards…
    Minols- keep strong- are you on a monthly weigh in still? Hope Tesco is not too busy!
    Mum’s coming over later for a cuppa here, did wonder about baking but don’t feel strong enough! Yesterday Mum said she was cutting down anyway, that’ll probably change today 😂

    Morning All…
    Lovely day, walk in the park and onto the shops, Steve sat in the car with Charlie.

    We are fasting today….no food as yet.

    Our friends are visiting us Wednesday lunch, we will be inside but sat at the dining table with distance I shall pull the extra leaf out….as from Sunday we will get in lockdown again so no visiting even outside.

    Steves breathless this morning and the last few days quite noticeable, we were wondering if he needs a blood transfusion so we have left a message with his cancer nurse and see if she can advise…he needs to be quite good and fit for his treatment on Monday.

    We like to be on our own too..the beach hut looks just what we would like…The lodge is quite pricey but very lovely..
    Enjoy your walk with your church lady, maybe a good new route…Just seen a cuppa would have been nice…enjoy mums company hope she is ok today.

    Hope Heidi manages her walk quite hot now…

    Never thought of cheese pancakes, that’s got to be a try on my next making….

    I had too much food felt quite unwell last night with heart burn, it’s ages since I had to get up and find a tablet…still off today so no food ad yet..

    New tee shirts have arrived going to have a play with them, see how they look with other clothes..and hoping they fit!

    Keeping busy, two lots of washing done, chicken cooking for Charlie’s freezer portions,..just bits and pieces not too much….

    Jean x

    I will take the Skunk(Heidi)out for a walk to get some fresh air in my lungs.Nice and sunny here but only 17°C at the moment.My son ordered a webcam but it’s not very good so taking it back to the post office to return it.Will look for a better one, he uses it for his therapist as well as friends. Shorts on but the sun as just gone in. Don’t think it will rain so should be ok.

    Evening All…
    We went for a blood test, it was low but not enough for a transfusion so that’s good, we have to monitor the situation…..if it gets worse it could mean blood clots on the lung but Steve would feel very unwell and he’s fine.

    We have had a good fast day…I have had about 350 calories…….kitchen is now closed.

    I am keeping my 4 tee shirts all fit and look nice a bit different for me, Steve sent for three he’s keeping two..

    Shame on the webcam but it’s best to get the one what suits…we have had a good warn day here, it’s now getting hotter for us all…

    Jean x

    Evening everyone been a successful FD coming in at 600 calories. Also clocked up over 1500 steps but I think a 1000 of those are from going backwards and forwards to the toilet as I’ve been drinking lots of water today. Lots of washing done today.

    Jean hope Steve continues to be okay. Expect you’re both looking forward to having your friends over for lunch Weds.
    Hedgehogs nice to have a catchup with the lady from your church.
    Dave hope Heidi is alright with this heat.
    Hope everyone else is keeping okay and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Well done on your day and all the trotting to the bathroom….I think you mean 15,000 steps well done..

    Trying to get things a bit organised for Wednesday, my friend always has things just right…I am not confident at catering for people as I get older…..I am sure it will go fine…

    Have a lovely evening

    Jean x

    Jean- glad nothing too serious for Steve, hope that it stays that way & all good for next week…I’m sure your friends will be pleased to see you & not worried about the food, don’t stress (obvs I don’t take that advice myself 😂)
    Dave- frustrating for your son with the webcam, hope he can sort something for Friday’s session. Did you frighten the sun away with your shorts?! Poor Heidi; why is she the skunk?
    Nana- well done with your FD, I’ve joined you with many steps to loo & back today!
    Minols- hope you held out on the food today…not long til the hols for your son, & you! Did hubby’s 1st day on kitchen duty go well?!
    Endellion- have you gone off on holiday?
    A good day, some outside jobs done, then Mum & sis both came round, so that was nice- sis has Monday afternoons off. Xena was beside herself with excitement, she loves them both!
    Left it until 7pm to walk Xena as it’s been so hot, done the watering, dinners & puddings all cooked- my kitchen is now closed too. FD good, too busy to eat anyway!

    Morning all!
    I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoyed breakfast this morning!
    Out early, very warm already…might have to pop into the small town nearby for some bits I can’t get online- not impressed that it sounds like after all everyone’s been through with lockdown it looks like the government’s going to ignore the science & bow to pressure to reduce the distance to 1m- so will go quickly before it changes! Sorry, rant over!
    Have a good day everyone!

    Hi guys
    Need to loss weight as faster you must watch—>

    Morning All..
    A lovely early walk caught up with Oreo, it was very hot at 8 am….I will be there at 6am tomorrow as even hotter…hopefully.

    Lovely breakfast …..now to sorting things out for our friends lunch tomorrow ….cake baking, pastry needs making for quiche, cleaning etc…

    I am concerned on the 1 metre rule…they let the shielding group out and then lower it??…I like the 2 metre rule….Germany is just changing their lockdown again, not heard what, quite bad there again…..

    Good luck at getting your bits…in and out quickly….

    Have a good day everyone..

    Jean x

    Hi everyone!

    I’ve not been on all weekend! My one-off 12 hour job on Friday ended up extending into 12 hours on Saturday, Sunday and then 6 yesterday! So I’m very happy from a money perspective, but very worn out. My days were just getting up, getting on the train there, and collapsing into bed when I got back to do it all again. That said, it was a very easy one wayfinding at stations in central London, and everything was so quiet it was a nice opportunity to catch up with some old colleagues and enjoy some socialising.

    Jean – quickly on, quickly off.. I’m sure you’ll be back down in no time.
    I’ll be going alone on the trip, but I’m just a bit concerned about having to quarantine when I get back… fingers crossed I won’t have to.
    New trainers sound lovely! Sometimes all it takes is a few new pieces to brighten up things you have already and tie things together. I need to do the same and get a few fresh vest tops and it’ll feel like everything is new again.

    HH – I didn’t decide yet about the tutoring! I feel like I’ve just not had a moment to stop this weekend and think haha! And it’s a tough one, as that station campaign is going on all summer long, so while it’s mildly mind-numbingly long, it’s good money.
    Sorry to hear about your neighbours. Hopefully they don’t disrupt you too much.
    I hope you can get to go on that holiday! It sounds spectacular and a complete escape… and St Ives is so beautiful too.

    Kay – glad things are heading in the right direction on the scales!

    Nana – congratulations! Brilliant result on the scale.

    Minols – oh no, your poor dog. Hope he is feeling more rested.

    I’m on a similar mindset this month to finish this week strong! Successful FD yesterday, I followed the workout this morning and there’ll be abs coming up in an hour. I’m not sure if I’ve lost this week and haven’t weighed yet, but I can definitely see changes in my body so I’m happy with that! Relaxing and recovering the next few days, writing, and seeing friends, I think.


    Endellion- nice to have some extra money, even if it’s a boring day! What exactly did you have to do?
    Jean- hope the cooking goes well & not too tempting! I can’t face setting an alarm to walk Xena, we were out at 8am today & it was bearable for her, if I’m up any earlier I’ll take her out.
    Hated shopping! Queing to get in, Boots had tried to do a one way system & it was a fail, tape all over the floor for queueing boxes which then blocked aisles 😂 Luckily I got some new walking boots, that shop was empty! The boys needed cards for their aunt & hadn’t got round to getting them online, but that shop was empty too…Won’t be rushing to go any more!
    A bit of relaxing in the garden now, I’ll be busy with jobs later.
    Keep safe!

    Afternoon All..

    Have got most things completed, pastry made in the fridge and a chocolate cake made, do the finishing off in the morning…I was going to do more baking but decided against it. They are usually dieting as us, so not too much.
    It’s finding tablecloth and napkins, getting the crockery out, serving dishes, I only use at Xmas.😂

    Katie’s hamper is arriving this evening…it will be interesting?

    All organised as now..flapping in the morning…will weigh in the morning and then Friday, will take best offer….The cake will be a problem I will send it home with them, what’s left..fresh cream so it will need eating. We are awake at 5.30..6am..so no alarm…
    Steve will have to leave here for hospital at 7.45, doing it for three weeks will be tiring….

    Good you found some boots, I really like mine so comfy after the breaking in…I don’t think I will be doing other than food shopping too faffy for me…

    Good you have sorted your holiday out..things are altering all the time maybe the isolating when back may be removed …something to look forward too, get your strappy tops out 😀…you have sounded so busy you do find the different jobs…enjoy your rest…

    Jean x

    Good evening still very hot here and going to be 31°C tomorrow.My new fishing tackle is being delivered tomorrow 😄😄😄. Just in time to try it out on Thursday.I had the big fan on me before and the small fan on Heidi. So we were both cool.Be careful ladies when the hairdresser opens, watch you don’t get trampled.

    Evening everyone, been a very hot day here but managed to go to the next village and withdraw some cash from the cash point in the co-op first time since we came back from my birthday trip to Norwich just before lockdown started. Went to the fruit and veg shop and stocked up so much nicer to choose it myself. When we got back it was starting to get hot so we only had a short walk.
    Jean have a good time tomorrow with your friends.
    Hedgehogs hope you were able to enjoy a bit of time relaxing in the garden.
    Visit to daughter and son in law tomorrow morning nothing much else planned.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Dave- I am smug as I already have a hair appt, she rang me to book it hoping that they could open July 4th. Won’t it be too hot on Thursday for fishing?
    Jean- it will be a long few weeks for you & Steve, very tiring…so enjoy the socialising tomorrow!
    Endellion- do you look for jobs on Indeed or something, or get recommended?
    Did sit in the garden for a bit, but had to carve a chicken for sandwiches for the boys, & Xena has a bag full of scraps, made tuna & macaroni cheese for my lot & Mum, enchiladas again for me, have done ironing, changed bedding…watered garden & we walked Xena again so now my feet ache!
    Enjoyed my food today, fasting tomorrow!

    Morning All…
    A scorcher today….out the house at 6.30..so lovely and warm with the morning feel…breakfast eaten and having cuppa…
    Then busy sorting things out but not too much to do, make my quiche and build my cake…

    Happy Hamper came…5 bags…so naughty and so kind …I have my ‘Xmas shelf’ again..loads chocolates and different biscuits, pork pies, sausage rolls, scotch eggs (for our picnics), ribeye steaks, three bottles of wine…keep us busy for a while…

    No panic for me I have a hair appointment too…..enjoy your fishing tomorrow..

    Enjoy your catchup with your daughter this morning, always nice to pick your own shopping up…first time Steve was in Tesco this morning picking a hot baguette up…could have done with some butter there and then 😂

    Just laughing, on Steves news page…a hairdresser with 4 shops, July now fully booked at all shops, 2000 people on a waiting list, opening another 4 hours each day…

    Busy day for you yesterday..have a good fast day..love the sound of your holiday as you say you will be the first in, that’s good….

    Well must push on…hoping fussy Charlie behaves he loves company, Christine not so keen on dogs…or he will have to lay in his bed!

    Jean x

    Morning everyone.Scorching here 21°C already. Will take Heidi out now before it gets too hot, My fishing tackle is due between 11-12.I have to go and get my maggots and casters later 😵 Denise dosent like them 😄.

    Nana- sorry I missed your post last night- have a lovely visit with your daughter & SIL today, nice weather for it!
    Jean- enjoy seeing your friends too, chocolate cake sounds good. Hope Charlie behaves then! Nice to have your hamper, doesn’t sound like you’ll lose this week!
    Dave- don’t blame Denise about the maggots! Hope Heidi enjoys sitting in front of the fan!
    Endellion- hope yesterday was a relaxing day after all your hard work!
    Everyone up early today, so hubby came out for an early walk with Xena & I. Have done a workout too- thought I’d get all the sweatiness over & done with 😂. Hubby going to ring up the holiday agencies we’ve booked with to check they’re definitely opening. A few jobs for me to do & seeing mum this afternoon.

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