Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Dave, yes I should post. i did for awhile a few years ago, but life got in the way! That was my point, you don’t need to wait for the e-mail. The only thing you need is patience {to actually get through} and your booking ref. number. She didn’t even try to persuade me to take a voucher, just asked if I would like one!
    I lost weight with 5:2 4 years ago. Lost over 4 stone and have kept most of it off until the last year. Haven’t actually weighed for months but have eaten and drunk so much during this lockdown I have gained quite a bit! Every week I aim to do my 2 fasts but am really struggling to do so!
    Next week I intend to start afresh! I may join you!!!

    Morning All…
    Windy day again…

    Walking shortly catching up with Oreo….nothing planned other than cooking a dinner tonight, will have a think when I come back..washing is on…

    I haven’t checked my TDEE in ages, I am tall too at 5’.8”…I suppose I felt blah yesterday, bored and fed up and locked up….disappointing with daughters household on ignoring Charlie, he only needs a fuss then he settles he tried so much bless him…

    I do like your mantra of thought..I found it interesting..

    These holiday companies soon take your cash..hope you soon get it sorted…I won’t be going to see my daughter and grandchildren in Texas this year, I thought October depending on Steve but it’s a No …I think it will be too expensive and not wise to travel.

    I don’t think it will be long now so you can hug the grandson..talking of 4 different family house bubbles to visit…all these holidays people are missing it’s such a shame..

    The visit was good in some ways and not in others….Hope hubby is ok and sorted not a long do like Steve has ….good mums shopping is sorted she does well getting slots…I am missing fresh stuff, daughter got me some yesterday…

    Good news on Admiral, that’s good…

    Have a good weekend..

    Jean x

    Did a post this morning and it didn’t say log in but I lost it.

    Trying to remember
    Endellion, well done on the weight loss. Minols, you saved me! Just home yesterday after dog walk, fancying biscuits I remembered we’re in the cupboard then I read your post and just had a small banana. (Didn’t really need anything).
    Somethings not right. Jean saw your post this morning on recents, but it’s not here. Made me sad re your daughter’s family and Charlie. Some people just don’t get dogs and they miss out on so much.

    Realised its one year today that I started this way of eating and the forum. Two stone off, but three pounds back on at the moment, eight pounds to target. Oh just thought perhaps it’s turned the page. Will look after finishing this as I will lose it again!

    Mel…so encouraging -2 stone in a year and only a little on because of current circumstances. I’m hoping the last couple of days have stopped me and turned me…and the OH is a bit more involved too.

    Just had a ‘breakfast cranachan’…the BB did zoom baking this week so the boy made the most amazing biscuits out of peanut butter oats and maple syrup! They were then challenged to ‘present’ them and send in pics…some amazing ideas! But ours was simply a desert glass, one crumbled biscuit, generous dollops of skyr, fruit out of the freezer and another biscuit standing like a tweel- yum! And should keep me going well past lunchtime.

    Jean – such a hard decision not to go to Texas…these trips always mean so much to you all. But now the decision is taken, knowing you, you’ll settle to it with grace and think up ways of still having a great relationship with the family there. Does your grandson still play fortnite? I remember being so impressed that you’d played it when I was still swithering over letting the boy have it!

    Taking of whom…I’d better prise his fingers off the controls ling enough to eat some toast!


    Morning everyone!

    Minols – no problem! There’s plenty more where it came from haha! I’m very interested in the psychology behind things, and trying to figure out how I can tap into it and rewire certain behaviours. I imagine this long lean me, who says things like “No thanks, I’m satisfied”, or “I’ll save this for later”… Maybe it all sounds a bit crazy, but it seems to help me.
    Wow, your breakfast sounds so delicious!

    Nana – what a sweet message to receive from your grandson. Must be heartbreaking to have to stay away.

    HH – another busy day for you, hope your husband’s nose is alright!

    Jean – sorry to hear about your trip to Texas… it’s such a shame all these holidays are going to have to be held off. I suppose the bright side, if there is one, is the money can be saved up for next time, or double the trips when things open up again.

    Dave – you’re definitely entitled to the money back, might just take a while…
    All the insurance is going to be so complicated, for sure. The virus hit while I was still away and I received an email from my yearly worldwide policy to say ‘any costs related to Covid for plans booked after 9th March will not be covered’. Any excuse to not have to pay…

    Mel – your progress is brilliant! Reading the day to day things sometimes I lose track of the distance everyone has come, which is very inspiring. Not far to go now!

    Anne – glad you got your money back in the end! Shame you didn’t get anything extra for all the hassle! And do come along and join us again…

    Bit tired today, but might try and work out before rain comes in. My salsa group has free online classes all afternoon which I might join for some of as well… It’s a shame, as my favourite part was always the pair dancing compared to footwork, and I’m not very motivated to practise alone. But I should, really.
    Will be doing lots of cooking today too, I think. Broad bean and basil dip for lunch on homemade sourdough, then an aubergine katsu tonight and a lemon ‘cheesecake’ with berries.


    Goodness so windy out, lots of branches down..not many people about this morning…

    We are a friendly group, it’s so hard on lock down for us all..it’s doing the best we can…

    The annoying thing with my daughter is she has a lovely old dog Oscar, King Charles Spaniel. We have had him over loads of weekends when they have gone away ( and grandchildren) and I think about 6 two weeks holidays to save him going into kennels. When visiting us she always brought him, if she was going to the big shopping outlet near us they would drop him off while shopping…Both dogs get on well..
    The grandchildren are old now they look after him..so we are now redundant!!….moan over!

    Well done on two stone off a big amount over the year…it’s hard for us all at the moment..well me 😂

    I don’t play Fortnite now..when I updated my iPad..I had no space left for the new App…shame…I speak to them all every day so we are close…daughter should have been here in June with the children ☹️..she will come next year. They are younger and maybe safer than me.
    Breakfast sounded lovely, cream for me not yogurt 😂

    Jean x

    Anne I can’t do anything,my wife booked it on her debit card and is stubborn so she will not do anything until we get the email from them. I was talking to a lady when I was in a queue outside B&Q,she said she kept trying to get through on the phone, eventually she called to book an holiday and got straight through so she asked for a refund instead of booking an holiday.Denise won’t do either so will have to wait and see. We may never go abroad again if we are not going to be covered by insurance.Still can’t go bowling the Manchester city council are blocking it until the do a overhaul whatever that means. Think they are worried because most bowlers are not getting any younger.

    Afternoon all!
    Anne- hi & welcome! Would be nice to have you here, it really helps especially on FDs…
    Dave- frustrating with the holiday (& Denise!), I’m sure you’ll hear soon…
    Shame about the bowling, but given how vulnerable most of the bowlers are it’s not surprising.
    Mel- 2 stone is great, just a little blip with the lockdown, you’ve done well, it could easily have all gone back on!
    Jean- a shame your family are funny about Charlie, you’ve mentioned it before. I would’ve thought the boys would like him, he’s such a lovely, friendly boy!
    Minols- the brunch sounded lovely! Good that your son is still able to do BB things on zoom…keep strong today!
    Endellion- enjoy the salsa if you do it. Maybe you overdid the handstands yesterday?! Your food today sounds lovely, as usual!
    Nana- enjoy your day, whatever you do!
    Kay- you’ve gone quiet again, hope everything’s okay…
    Went out early with Xena- no sticks today as she was sick overnight, some little bits of wood came up, yuk! She found a manky ball on our walk today instead! Hoovered out the car, was just about to do the outside when we had a downpour! So that’s on hold, indoor stuff to do instead! Hubby is happy as Asda had the only pizza he’ll eat back in stock again, so pizza for us tonight, I’ll make a keto one for me.

    Good afternoon people.Was about to take Heidi out then the heavens opened hail stone so glad we didn’t go. The sun came out but now it looks very bleak.Sun out again,I will go out now.

    Evening All..
    No rain here but very windy and noisy…upset Charlie, he doesn’t like it…

    A lovely meal but I opened a bottle of wine..just complements the meal…Charlie joined us he get so excited at something different…spoilt rings true…

    Talking to a TUI employee she said they are giving money back…her grandma went back to the shop where she had booked her cruise and they sorted it out a refund…her cruise was the middle of June….just an idea unless you booked online….

    Had daughter on and she was very chatty, I don’t think she realises how upset I am……I don’t think I will go down again..I have a grandson 21 in August…I would only go for that if we are normal again …he’s lovely.
    Hope Xenia’s ok after the sickness they are tinkers at eating sticks and grass..good the pizzas are up and running again…

    Jean x

    Ate the biscuits I left yesterday 😱. Apart from that haven’t pigged out. Lamb tonight and Rioja. I hope you don’t mean Charlie joined you in the wine Jean! No wonder he was excited. No rain here either, wind has dropped and a lovely sunny evening. We haven’t had a spot of rain so back to the watering.
    Fast day tomorrow, must admit I am not looking forward to it. Must be strong. Who is with me?

    Made sausage rolls today for the boy during the week…so had that for mid afternoon! Late fish and rice from the OH so hopefully jot over the top today.

    And tomorrow is always slammed from 7.30 to 1ish so as long as I don’t snack at the church office then I’ll do pancakes at 1…yum!


    Morning everyone!

    Jean – hope you’re feeling alright today. Fingers crossed by August things will be a different. Wine and dinner sounds good as well. I had white then red yesterday (bonus of having a wine enthusiast for a dad…)

    Mel – lamb and red wine, perfect combination. Good luck with the fast today, hope it goes well.

    Minols – your busy day today… I had pancakes too this morning, sourdough ones! Covered them in blueberries and strawberries. Delicious!

    HH – in the end I did a salsa class and loved it! Very glad I found the motivation. The teacher was great at breaking down a few elements I’d always struggled with.
    Hope the pizza was delicious too.

    I feel blaaah today.
    The way my freelance work was meant I was always busy and working crazy hours. And I’d have the next trip on the horizon, where I’d be free to do whatever I wanted for a few months at a time. Now, having no work to get out the house for, not much of an income (my furlough pay is around a quarter of what I normally earn) and no trips possible, I don’t really know what to do with myself. Normally I’m very proactive at changing things that don’t make me happy, but I’m a bit stuck at the moment.
    Of course I know in many ways I’m in a really privileged position in all of this, and able to use the time for lots of nice things, so I feel ridiculous complaining… I’m so lucky to have a place to stay at the moment rent-free, and no children to teach, entertain or look after. But, it’s okay to still feel a tiny bit sorry for myself anyway. Right?!

    Katsu curry was incredible yesterday, as was the lemon cheesecake (making good food is keeping me sane haha). Just had my morning coffee, and going to try and write today. Maybe look for some work opportunities…

    Still, I’m glad to have ‘Project Me’ on the go throughout all of this. At least that’s giving me a nice focus, making sure I’m moving, taking care of myself, and eating well. Changes are definitely happening and I wore a top yesterday that I’d actually hidden under my bed with some other clothes a year or two ago, as I wasn’t happy with how it was fitting… So that’s positive!


    Morning everyone, a breezy day here again but still went for our daily constitutional walk. Was having a lovely day food wise yesterday and then one of our neighbours rang us to say that they were going to collect a take away from our favourite Indian takeaway which has reopened for collection only and said if we wanted to place an order for ourselves for the same time they’d collect it for us. We ordered a double amount- and as they come in large containers shared one and put the other three in the freezer. Another glass of wine was also consumed.
    Jean a shame about the family attitude towards Charlie bless him.
    Hedgehogs hope Xena is better now.
    Minols haven’t made sausage rolls for ages thinking about making some soon.
    Dave shame about the bowls. Hope the holiday situation is resolved soon. We’ve had an email from Shearings with a link to obtaining a refund but cannot do anything until the 26th May. When daughter first got her two older cats we offered to pay for their food as the cats were brothers whose owner could no longer care for them and they were going to a cats home so she took them on even though money was tight for them back then and knew we wouldn’t have wanted them separated she knew we’re a soft touch where animals are concerned.
    Son in law coming over to collect a bag of cat food that we have as a regular order from Amazon and daughter said she may come with him but not get out of the car be lovely to see them even if it’s from a distance.
    Have a good day everyone whether fasting or not today and keep safe.
    Nana x

    Good morning everyone, it’s a miserable day today weather wise.I ordered a new phone last night,and with the trade in it will only cost £100 so happy with that.It’s got a quad camera, the latest Android system and Bluetooth 5 which is also the latest.I must backup my data off this phone then reset it to it’s original state.I don’t get the new phone until June the first so got a bit of time to work out how to do it.

    Morning all.

    Been feeling a bit blah these last couple of days, struggling a bit and sadly the diet is suffering too. Although I have managed 2 x 800 days earlier in the week. Going to do another one today as Neil is off tomorrow and we are planning to go for a walk somewhere and take a picnic.

    Really disappointed with my family and their lack of understanding. It sounds as though my sister has been telling them (my brother and his family) all that neither me or my mum have been supportive over her losing her son (my nephew who died a couple of years ago from cancer). Which is of course a load of rubbish but they are choosing to listen only to things my sister has to say these days and because me and my mum question things said sometimes, they see it as being an attack on my poor sister 😠
    So know there is no communication from them to us, well my mum has had the occasional message from one of the granchildren asking if she is ok and I got a message too, with a video of my great nephew who is a few months old.

    I want to be able to move on from it and stop wasting my mental energy on them, but its constantly on my mind and even when mum and I chat, we always end up talking about it and how we cant understand what has happened.

    I am also quite upset that we are still no nearer in adopting a dog. For those rescue centres who are trialling new temporary rehoming procedures, they arent accepting new applications as there is now a huge demand from people wanting to adopt a dog whilst they are bored at home with lockdown!

    My weight is almost back up to where I was after christmas, so Ive undone the work I did over January and February.

    But I can do it again. I know it works when its done properly, I just need to get into a better frame of mind. I think I am the worlds worst emotionally eater!
    I think I might draw a line under the weight loss and gain this year so far and start afresh with small goals. Im just getting more and more frustrated with myself trying to roll back to previous months and lose more on top of it.

    I was going to try and go out this morning, for either a bike ride or run, but Im not motivated to do either. I might have a potter about in the garden, but its hardly the exercise I need.

    Well thats enough feeling sorry for myself! I’ll post this before I lose it and then write another sociable one!

    Kay x

    Kay looking at you photos you don’t need to lose anything, so I suppose it’s just what you personally think you need to lose. I have to lose 4 or 5 stone and would still be classed as overweight.I think it’s really very difficult to lose weight at the moment.And can’t see anything changing soon so that’s not making me feel any better. You could buy a dog but would be very expensive.I think Heidi cost £70 years ago when we adopted her. Don’t know what it costs these days

    Welcome Ann, hope you join us and post more. Dont be put off by my moans, we all have our moments from time to time, but mainly are happpy and chatty.

    Dave, interesting about you choosing a Motorola, I started to have a look at them last night and Im quite impressed with the spec on some of them. I have had Samsung for years and love them, but they are so overpriced that I might be time for a change.

    Jean, I cant seem to find the post where you mentioned your family giving Charlie the cold shoulder. How silly. He is so adorable. A small jumpy, yappy thing would be far worse.
    Glad you enjoyed your fish and chip outing again.

    HH, Hope Xena is ok today. Too much stick chewing! Ellie used to do that! Silly things!

    Endellion, loved your shared thoughts…so true.

    Nana, good plan for the indian takeaway! So you are still paying for the food your daughters cats!

    Minols, have you made friends with the online technology for your Sundays now?

    Mel, you have done so well! Wish I had been more like you! Im joining you with the fast today.

    Sorry if Ive forgotten anyone, too scared to keep scrolling up the posts.

    The sun is out now, but its not very warm. Just realised its BH weekend, not that it makes any difference!!

    Have a good day everyone x

    Quick post – Jean and Kay, both of you suffering family relationship problems. Don’t worry about venting on here, it’s what we are here for! Kay, yes draw a line under the weight gain but don’t worry about it until you feel ready. Just try to maintain maybe for a while then start again. So frustrating about the dog situation.
    I am fasting today, not very enthusiastically but I will get it done. Just two cups of tea so far.

    Afternoon All…
    A dull cold windy day..over trousers went on! Just the two of us out this morning…I have been cooking Yorkshire pudds for the freezer and Aloo tikki for lunch, (Indian street food spicy potato patty)..calories I suppose Is high but It was tasty different for a change.

    No wine for Charlie but he has a bit of a taster of most things we eat..unless it’s on his purine list what he can’t have…We are from the old school of dog feeding😂

    I haven’t made sausage rolls in years…they are rather nice…

    I suppose I feel like most people…feeling blah again today…it’s good no ones visiting 😂.hope you soon feel better too……it’s good news on the tops fitting…

    Your Indian order always sounds good…chilly walk this morning at least dry…A nice wave from your window or a closer chat to your daughter it will be nice to see them….

    Good you ordered the phone, I always think it’s nice to get the new one up and running and put it the way you like it, phone rings etc..
    Buying the animals even from rescues are £200/£250 then all the vetting, which I suppose they must do..Charlie was £400, he’s worth every penny…You are talking of a long while back now for Heidi.

    Enjoy your picnic tomorrow the weather is much better…
    Families!….I don’t think they realise how you feel and how upset you get, they are busy and for me being at home it whirls around your head, I could do with a bit of support sometimes at the moment, just chatting. I sometimes feel like blocking them all on my phone but it would make things worse.
    You are possibly feeling the same, young deaths are hard to deal with, things get said and twisted, I have no idea why…lots of people still grieving and sometimes feel guilty of the past times…it’s just so hard.

    (My daughter and grandsons were real fussy when we got Charlie, bought presents etc then SIL decided he doesn’t like big dogs..is he big?…So after the initial first few weeks nobody dare show any affection to him.. it’s just got worse, I know they don’t want us to go down, we don’t see them at Christmas, no patting or fuss at all for him….it’s a shame he just loves company. Unfortunately he’s non negotiable we are three. I won’t go down any more I have decided. There is just grandsons 21st I would go for that, just for him, it’s in August )

    Just keep fasting and chatting on here, weight will come off even if it’s after lockdown..we are all up and down..moods and weight…Shame on the dog front…

    Have a good holiday weekend….😂every day’s the same!

    Jean x

    Afternoon all!
    Kay- so difficult for you with your family situation, it’s hard not to dwell on it, I know when BIL was being so diificult it would get talked about alot…take heart from the contact you do have, nice that your late nephew’s wife keeps in touch, she must be finding lockdown hard…a shame about the dog too- how many will be handed back when it’s over & people are back to work & busy lives? Are there any volunteer dog walking opportunities for people who are isolating? Not the same but…hugs to you, & I agree with Dave, your photos look lovely & you don’t look like you need to lose any!
    Endellion- true you have much to be thankful for, but your freedom & lifestyle have changed so much, down days are understandable…great that clothes fit better though! Project me sounds like a good idea!
    Minols- hope it all goes smoothly this morning…hope son likes the sausage rolls & they don’t tempt you too much!
    Jean- nice to have seen your family a bit but not if it’s upsetting for Charlie, if they didn’t have a dog themselves you could maybe understand. Charlie is big, but he’s very well behaved! Such a shame your other daughter can’t come over too, is she coping okay? Lunch today sounds good! I keep thinking I’d like to try new recipes & then we don’t get the right ingredients on our online shop!
    Dave- have fun getting the old phone sorted ready for the new one, hope you can get it done okay…I don’t like change, but was pleased when I got this one!
    Mel- hope your FD foes well, looks like you’re on your own! Keep strong, you can do it!
    Nana- hope you see your daughter, even if it is from a distance!
    A bit of a rush this morning to walk Xena before Church, then cooking for the boys- youngest is doing an overtime late shift again, so wanted to feed him beforehand. Will see Mum soon. Eaten too much today, so fasting will be welcome tomorrow!

    All the photos backed up,It’s good to change your phone now and again, not very often I have one that long, they very out of date so fast.I am watching Minols on my TV now.I don’t know the hymn so can’t sing along. When I get my new phone I will try not to put to many apps on it. Roast chicken for tea, can’t be bothered making Yorkshire’s today.

    Jean – so sad to hear about poor Charlie… sorry, I think I missed that the first time round. He sounds so lovely. Lots going on for everyone at the moment, take care.

    Nana – sensible freezing your takeaway! Now you can have easy fakeaways whenever you fancy! I always think the leftovers taste better, too.

    Dave – your new phone sounds awesome. I have automatic backups on my phone, so switching from iPhone to iPhone is pretty effortless – it all just comes out exactly the same inside after an hour or so transferring. But then of course, that’s probably the point. Makes it so easy and they keep you sucked in paying stupid phone prices! Luckily mine is second hand.

    Kay – sorry to hear you’re not feeling too good. Still, don’t be too hard on yourself. Managing two (and now nearly three) FDs in all this is brilliant. I can only hope things will sort themselves out with time. Family problems can be so difficult. There’s been one or two in my own family, but they’ve got so much better over time.

    Mel – good luck on the FD! Get another one ticked off…

    HH – hope your mum is all alright today. It’s funny with the online shop – things get swapped out for the most random things sometimes.

    It’s great to have a place to vent and get things off our chests. Most important thing to remember is that nothing is permanent, and that difficult times will pass. And remember to look after and be kind to yourselves! Ring friends, watch silly films that make you laugh, have a bath, a cup of tea, a stretch, an early night… whatever it is. Take care everyone x

    Never had an iPhone it took me 2 minutes to back it up. Like you say automatically backed up using Amazon.I had turned it off but thought it’s the quickest way to do it.Only problem is hundreds of pictures on it I don’t want. To be honest I only keep pictures mainly of Heidi😁.Got a few holiday ones but not many. Neither of us like looking at ourselves. Need to save some apps to put back on, only important ones though.

    Dave- hope the roast chicken is good, well done with the phone! I have tons of holiday photos, none of us though, just all the scenery!
    Endellion- hope you’re feeling better too, physician, heal thyself!!
    Hope everyone else’s Sunday has been good!
    A frustrating time with Mum- having helped her with her shop, she went back to it yesterday afternoon & changed stuff! So having put enough milk on to last her for the week, she’d reduced that & now won’t have enough! She keeps trying to diet as all her summer clothes are too tight, so she puts salad etc on her list, then the next day she’s back to comfort eating, so puts cakes & puds on. Whatever she ends up with then will be wrong for the rest of the week! Aargh!! She was right down in the dumps today too, it’s hard for her I know…
    Took Xena out together when I got back, we always have to call it a day & stop playing ball with her, but called it a bit late today & she quite scared us with how she suddenly got very out of breath- she’d been okay playing until we stopped! & she’s scraped her back legs raw sliding along the ground, was oblivious to that too, so will give the park a miss for a few days! There won’t be anywhere left to walk soon, with avoiding bracken, sticks & now ball games!!

    Evening All…
    Lovely blue sky this evening hoping it goes into tomorrow…

    Chicken and chips tonight, half a bottle of wine…definitely fasting tomorrow …still feeling off…

    Feeling tearful it can only get better..Eaten quite the wrong food but that’s how it is sometimes…lots of cooking for the boys and hope you sorted church out, on line I would think…your youngest sounds very busy at work..

    Your Mum sounds like me..loads of pudds 😂..poor Xena it’s hard time for the mutts….really miss the country parks and canal sides..just need a change of walk…

    Good you have backed up..so just waiting for phone…

    You have wonderful sensible words quite true but takes time…it’s a thought..

    Jean x

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