Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Fasting going ok as have new sense of resolve. There’s no doubt though if you eat more on NFDs it makes the FDs harder.

    Jean you’re absolutely right. It must be unimaginably hard for people living in high rise blocks with children right now. Saw on the news that in Italy they’d relaxed rules slightly so children could go out for a walk if it was urgent for them to do so. I do agree that living in more rural areas or at least in houses must be a totally different experience. Hope the pain from your fall is beginning to subside.

    HH good for your mum, surely the supermarkets should be prioritising vulnerable people or those over 70 for deliveries.

    Minols, I don’t see why you shouldn’t have the frankly heavenly sounding sausage and haggis balls every week. You all like them and they’re available…The funeral sounds extremely sad. I think we forget how much we use physical contact until it’s not sensible. When I was teaching I would on occasion put an arm around an upset student. It’s just an automatic gesture if someone is distressed. And I remember a student once literally flinging her arms around me and having to gently extricate myself. I guess that would be very much frowned upon today though.

    Heard someone on radio talking about making gingerbread and now I have a yearning to do so! Not today! So need to regain fasting mojo.

    Thank goodness OH not tempted by daytime TV. I just couldn’t bear to have it on in the daytime, though I listen to the radio pretty well all the time and have radios all round the house.

    About to sow spinach seed……at least no munching potential there yet! Hang in there fasters xx

    My son has inspired me- he’s been doing HIIT workouts most mornings- so dusted off my trainers & gave it a go, just an easy beginners one but still out of breath & feeling a bit hungry/ sick now! Had an extra workout as I had to pull everything off the top shelf of my wardrobe to find my gear, so sorted it all out afterwards, getting up & down on a chair to put it all back! Threw out a few things too 👍. Looking forward to dinner!

    Evening All…
    A good fast day…kitchen now closed…

    Still hurting but it is easing now, wrist is not too bad just very bruised…walking a bit better…

    I have just heard some bad news my work colleagues daughter 52 went missing in March, her car abandoned …her body found on the edge of the Humber…she also lost her husband last year…we don’t keep in touch as we have moved away but I feel so sorry for her …

    Tesco are not taking on anyone new at the moment for deliveries…I must keep looking…you have been productive today, drawer cleaning a good start..tick on Cakeys list…Steves cleared another two file boxes out going back to 2005 😬..most things are paperless now…

    Keep strong and I hope you have all your shopping done…

    Jean x

    Turn over page…
    Keep strong fasting…hope the spinach is sowed, it’s been a lovely day…

    Wardrobe too..well done…you are getting motivated 😀

    Jean x

    Had beans on toast for tea, enjoyed it. Shopping tomorrow, I will go on my own seeing that they only allow one person per shop.Denise is having a full breakfast 🤤🤤🤤.I dug out my wireless Bluetooth headset so can watch my laptop while she had Midsomer murders on 😁.

    Jean- glad you’re hurting a bit less…so sad about your friend’s daughter. Steve’s doing well with his clearing out!
    Dave- glad you enjoyed your tea, hope you do better with the shopping tomorrow.
    Hope everyone else fadting has done okay, stay strong!
    My dinner eaten too, I’ll have some raspberries soon, looking forward to them. One last helping of profiteroles to dish up for son, will be pleased when they’re gone!
    Another dieting program on tonight, C5, might watch it.

    Evening everyone , well I completed my fast day but it was hard. Next one due on Monday.
    Am planning on staying up until midnight again to see if I can get a Tesco delivery slot 🤞 Virgin leaves the internet alone tonight.
    Jean glad you’re feeling a bit better. My sister messaged me to say that she’s had a delivery today from Iceland she lives in Cambridge so not sure if it’s cities only.
    Hedgehogs well done on the exercise.
    Take care everyone.
    Nana x

    My virgin broadband connection as been pretty good, not as fast as it should be but still over 200 meg download speed.

    Morning all!
    Hope all of you who fasted yesterday enjoy your breakfast today!
    Nana- did you get a slot? I’ll update my order tomorrow for Monday, it’ll take a while, my list is growing!!
    Jean- hope your wrist & knee improve more & hope you’ve slept better.
    Dave- fingers crossed for your shopping…
    Sarah- hope your son starts feeling better, & stops worrying you 😬
    Hope everyone else is okay…
    I’m hoping for an 800cal FD today, but think hubby is gearing up for an unhealthy dinner & to start on one of our boxes of chocs we would’ve had on holiday, won’t be able to resist them!
    Going to see Mum later, it would’ve been their anniversary today 😟

    Morning All..
    Lovely morning…keeping to the village on my walks now, debating whether I could take him through a horse field, it’s about 100 metres, through two gates, it is on a public foot path…he’s not keen on horses!..
    I am much better with my pain, knee still a bit, walking better.

    Staying the same weight which is fine….

    We have an Iceland…forgot they do deliveries..I have just place another order at the corner shop, deliver later this morning, she’s very good.I will be fasting Monday …she’s just rung, here in the hour £20.56..her prices are not bad..
    Reviews on your bread buns say they like biscuits would you say yours were better, it’s maybe how they made them…

    You are lucky to have the fast speed…my daughter is like you…

    Thank you I did sleep well, Steve too his tablets are working..it makes him feel much better….just thinking of breakfast, I walked first….must do a few jobs today, cleaning car ? I need a tick on Cakey’s list….must finish my river on the jigsaw..then start the sky 😬.hoping all the pieces are there as from charity shop…good luck on the chocolate later, we shall possibly have some later tonight.
    Hope mums ok when you see her, she may be upset…

    Have a good day…

    Jean x

    Jean Im glad you arent feeling as sore today and great to hear Steves sleeping better now.
    Good that your local shop delivers too. How do they take payments?

    HH, hope your mum is ok when you see her later. Still going to be harder on poignant days.
    Im joining you on a 800 fd.

    So yes Im going to follow sarahs lead and get back on it!

    So far my April tasks are doing ok, just need to keep them up and crack on with the diet side!

    Feeling tired probably down to poor quality sleep. I need to switch off from technology earlier too!

    Kay x

    Good morning everyone, I have started watching Star Trek Voyager on Netflix.Not seen it before only the odd episode.Halfway through season 1 lots more to come, I switch it on when Denise as gone to bed. I will take Heidi out then go shopping.My son said large queues at Tesco so dosent look good, I am going to Sainsbury’s. I have decided I will get weighed in the last day of every month,so only 12 weigh-ins per year.

    Must be something in the air, Jean – I got a good night’s sleep, too! Kay – hope you manage a good one tonight…it’s so draining without.

    Sorry to hear about your friends’ troubles – so sad.

    Just had the help of the boy filming a wee tiny bit for Sunday…think I’ve menaged to schedule it alright to go up at 10.15?

    Minimal work time today as the school has declared term over early…so I’ll settle the boy in front of fortnite and just let him play!

    I’m trying to not eat until the takewawy tonight…not been that good foodwise this week.

    Like others, need to plan ahead a bit so I can put my order in at the butchers, and then know what I need to go to Tesco for when I do my weekly shop there.

    Time to do a check of all tech, tidy up a bit and then cycle home with the boy…and that’ll be exercise done, too.

    Take care.

    Morning Everyone,
    Well am pleased to say I got a delivery slot for 23rd April- have done my usual list but restricted to 3 items on some things but that’s fine can also add or delete items up to the day before. Slots were available just after midnight.
    Jean glad both of you are improving. Am going to make bread rolls again today so if they come out alright again will cut one in half and post photo on WhatsApp.
    Hedgehogs have a good FD and hope you’re mum won’t be to sad.
    Kay I’m tired from all of that technology last night might have forty winks this afternoon.
    Dave hope shopping trip is successful.
    Have a good day everyone.
    Nana x

    Mum’s decided she wants to have a miserable day on her own & doesn’t want company 😢. Will let her have some time to herself…
    We had an exciting walk- there’s a new lot of piglets where we went again, but one had got under the fence & couldn’t get back in! Tied Xena up to a tree & managed to get it back under, then went a bit further & there were a whole load out! So hubby help the fence up & Xena & I herded them towards him, she thought that was great, obvs! But by the time we’d done a loop of the woods& come back more were out, so had to do it again! We fixed the fence in a bit better so hopefully they’ll stay put 😂
    Goung out to do some garden jobs now, not so cold today 😀

    Hello everyone

    Just back from walking Gretel but missed the sun unfortunately which has just come out here but looks a lovely afternoon. Spinach bed prepped and sowed (me) and the last bit of heavy digging (OH). Will transfer to work in garden now as can’t put other stuff out in allotment just yet. Have potted the sweetcorn etc which are now in summerhouse. If the weather gets very nice I might have a couple of hours with Wolf Hall in the garden…

    Yesterday’s fast was fine, still not completely in the zone (mackerel pitta and small (ish) piece of shortbread for lunch) tonight, veg and bean stew from freezer with pesto tonight and have some rock hard pears which I may poach. But I know I will succumb to wine tonight. Still doing better and feeling more motivated after my stern talking to. I’ve fiddled around a bit now and I’m not like some of you peeps who are maintaining or close to I still have a stone to go. Hopefully at some stage I will join the maintenance (ish) crew soon. I know I’ll have to stick with 2 FDs though.

    HH hilarious with the pigs…how public spirited of you too. Son is saying chest pressure feels less today and not much breathlessness so hopefully turning the corner. Sad for your mum. Goodness this is horrid for so many people.

    Jean, glad you are both sleeping better and you feel less sore too.

    Nana well done on your tesco slot, must have been so infuriating before. Im fasting too.

    Kay go girl!

    Afternoon All…

    Struggling with two pieces of river on my jigsaw..all done barring two pieces and no way will they fit!!…

    Chips cut for tonight,..no haddock and chips ☹️… Charlie’s veg all cut in the pan, all done to cook later….shopping delivered..it’s all go 😂

    The shoppings working well..free delivery…I ring up for what I want, only parsnips I couldn’t get, so I got a turnip. She rings back to say how much and when she will come, usually within the hour. I tell her what cash I will put in envelope and she brings the change or I can do a bank transfer…I have spent £42 this week so good for her too….I am quite liking this, you are not buying extra bits. When it’s all over might consider Tesco as she may not do it then…her prices are better then I would have thought.

    Lovely school finished early, very hard to keep going for all mums..enjoy your cycle home…

    Glad you got a slot well worth the late going to bed …interesting about the bread buns, nearly did them for lunch reviews put me off..hot bread with butter and jam 😂

    Brownie points to you, hubby and the piglets ….still having lovely walks, I miss the park…maybe mum just wants to be on her own with memories…chilly here no car wash…flapjacks are calling to be made ..it’s Friday ….

    Jean x

    Turned cold as soon as I got out in the garden! Potted up the runner beans to harden them up, they’re flimsy & leggy, not had that trouble before, courgettes like that too & some have died, still early enough to try some more I guess. Sowed some lettuce in a big pot as well. Xena was a pain so got sent in!
    I was naughty before my teenie lunched & sneaked a peek at the scales- another half pound off so only half a pound to go to goal 🎉

    Oh how exciting, HH – must be all that piglet chasing!

    Survivng without food pretty well just now – probably won’t qualify as a fd as having takeaway tonight, but don’t mind. I just needed to not fall prey to the biscuit stash at work!

    It’s really cold up here today, so I’m in my study with a lap quilt over my knees and wishing I’d brought my fingerless gloves home that I made when it was really winter for using down at the church! Probably going to find over the next wee while that things are in the ‘wrong’ office, but when I go back by myself on Sunday I’ll maybe do a proper tidy up and bring some bits and pieces up the road.

    Just remembered, I made stock last night…must get a pot of chorizo soup made up this evening…always works well for me.


    Jean – jsut caught the last line of your post…flapjacks – YUM!

    Sarah- glad your son’s improving, must be a big worry off your mind…
    Minols- hope your son is enjoying being free of homeschooling! He sounds very amenable, can’t imagine my 2 ever settling down to do much at that age, even with threats & bribery!
    Jean- enjoy your flapjack, I’m envious!
    A couple of small jobs ticked off my list, as fast as they get ticked off I think of more though! Will keep me going through 3 months of lockdown at least!

    Evening All…
    Walk finished I am not happy the way people are not moving out the way, I am climbing down the bank then back up it a few times, a couple walked to me he walked down the bank she stayed at top, I held my hands out and said where do you want me to go?..I told them I wanted a 10’ space, I climbed down and went between them but not really good enough!..

    Good 1/2 pound off you deserve some movement you really work at it….Charlie has been a bag of wind too..very busy you put me to shame, I think about it and that’s it…

    You seem colder than us….flapjacks had treacle and golden syrup for a change…only a dozen made….

    Jean x

    Minols- saw on TV that Minecraft are doing some educational games now, might be helpful for son- after the holidays!
    Jean- that’s so annoying, people being to close! Start coughing, maybe they’ll keep away?! I am feeling like getting stuff done, Cakey’s inspired me! Shown me how lazy I’ve been through winter! You’re usually busy, & you’re looking after Steve right now, so relax when you can. How were the chips?
    Son finally home at 7pm, he should’ve finished at 4pm…he can’t keep away, he’s the happiest he’s been in ages, loving being so busy! He did actually remember a couple of bits for us too.
    Sitting down now, I’m done!

    Your time for being busy, lots done. You make me feel guilty ..knee much better must make an effort tomorrow ..
    Lovely your son busy and enjoying it all, it’s nice when they are…lots of ups and down with Steve I suppose its there when you don’t realise it…he seems a lot better these last two days, a courtesy call from our doctor tonight, I thought it was nice speaking for 10 mins, telling him to contact him if he needs anything.
    Chips, ham and egg not quite haddock and chips but they were nice, 🍷🍷too..chocolate later…
    Hope mum has been alright and she’s got through the day..she’s a worry…

    Have a good weekend..

    Jean x

    Morning All…
    What a beautiful morning…a later walk for us, finish my cuppa and go…

    Three lots of washing to go in and maybe an outside work day….Steve feels like going in his garage, he’s feeling much better after getting some sleep and he looks quite well…

    Everybody get outside and get some vitamin D, it will do us all good…maybe a sit outside tomorrow with a book ..😀..🍷

    Have a good weekend…

    Jean x

    Oh Jean – sit outside with a cuppa and my book. Simple pleasures but so sweet.
    Glad Steve is feeling a bit chipper, nice he wants to do stuff.
    I am trying to work up to some Fast Days but so look forward to my wine in the evening.

    Morning all!
    Up early & out in the fog with Xena, she doesn’t like it when it gets too warm so it was better for her. Then cooked breakfast for youngest as he did a 12 hour day yesterday & will do a 10hr one today. Got to tackle my Asda order 😨…the list is huge. Probably no jobs done off my list today, I’m seeing mum this afternoon.
    Have a good day all!

    Well I did it! A fd achieved! And probably around 500 cals although dont know for sure as Neil tends to underestimate the amount of oil/butter he uses..lol

    Not sure what to do today, maybe a potter in the garden, start to pull some weeds up and work out whats coming up from last year. Dont suppose I will be buying many plants anytime soon! Apart from what I can from our local shop!

    Up late playing lara croft on the xbox….how old am I?? Bed about 3am but still awake at 4.30am 😵
    Awake again at 7.30am but luckily did go back to sleep for an hour about 9.
    I think its the lack of routine for me.

    Going to try and have a controlled NFD day. Neil is just off to work and wont be back until 10 or 11pm, so if overeat I cant blame him.
    I was going to make the biscuits but I dont trust myself, so will wait until next week.

    HH Good luck on the asda order and hope your mum is ok this afternoon.

    Jean, so glad that Steve is feeling up to pottering a bit.

    Sunny here but a bit breezy, not sure its warm enough to sit outside with my book, maybe tomorrow.

    Minols and Typhoo, hope you both are ok.

    Kay x

    Where is Dave? We miss you, hope you’re okay?
    Well, the asda order took forever, the site is so slow & kept freezing, then got to check out & loads of it was out of stock when it’d said it was in atock 😬. Saw Mum- she’d spend all day in bed being miserable but today was as happy as anything! She’d been for a walk, met a friend & stayed opposite sides of the road, & then they’d gone in another friend’s garden, a bit naughty but it’s cheered her up! Sat out in the garden for a bit, & have done another short workout. Eaten well today!
    Hope everyone’s okay…

    Evening All…
    What a beautiful day…a lovely long walk, a big bitty but ok..sat and looked at some horses twice on route..Charlie was good with no barking, he can be a bit frightened he’s getting a lot better…

    Washing all dry and car washed and vacuumed a tick on Cakey’s list…chicken dinner cooked. Productive day. Steve in the garage for tidying up…

    No fog here…early out for you too..your sons doing a lot of long hours he will be tired…I might look on the Asda see if any better to get on than Tesco delivery..glad mums had a good day as long as she keeps her distance she should be ok…

    Well done on your fd..think of my daughter she planted 4 trees and 58 bushes yesterday she looked cream crackered…bless her..she is a worker..
    What a late night on the x box, no sleep at all..naughty!!…not warm enough to sit out here, hoping for tomorrow…it’s iffy baking, trying not to do too much and only a small portion…

    Jean x

    Evening everyone, not many of us posting on here today. Hope Dave is okay.
    Jean didn’t make rolls yesterday as our lovely young neighbour made her own brioche rolls and left us one each on the doorstep they we’re so lovely and light must get the recipe from her. Son in law was allowed back to work yesterday and he face timed us in the evening and he looked shattered he said that it was manic and when he arrived for work at half six in the morning the queue to shop was all around the building and all around the car park.
    Hedgehogs glad mum was brighter today. Have never used Asda for online shopping only Tesco – used it such a long time my password is the name of our last dog that we lost in 2003 and he was alive when I first registered.
    Nice evening meal of Steak with a few home made potato wedges and a mushroom sauce. BBQ planned for tomorrow.
    Keep safe everyone.
    Nana x

    Morning all!
    Dave- hope you’re okay…
    Nana- your neighbour is lovely indeed!! Not tried your other recipe…have you ever made cloud bread? Not really bread, but fluffy, & very low cal & good for FDs. BBC have a good recipe. I’ll get my bread maker out next week!
    I’m surprised at the advice that if you’re still coughing you can go back to work- I saw that on the news yesterday, seems strange?
    Jean- glad your wrist & knee are good enough for doing some jobs…hope the chicken was good!
    Kay- hope you got a bit more sleep, doesn’t really matter if you’re out of routine at the moment! Really well done for your FD!
    I’m hoping for a FD today, but it’s eldest son’s 21st birthday tomorrow so not sure whether to make his cake today or tomorrow. Keto or not I will be having a piece!
    Have a good day all, enjoy the sun…

    HI all – been down at the office since about 8.15 this morning. Everything set up for worship to roll – hopefully, and I’ve been trialling a couple of other things with my phone camera in the Sanctuary while the office warms up. Now I’m going to put on some music and gut the office, so I’m ready to not be here much for the next 2 weeks…look out for a post in a couple of weeks where I can’t find a thing because I don’t remember where I tidied everything away to!

    Managed a bit of a FD on Friday by accident! Didn’t eat all day because I knew we were having takeaway. After consultation, we decided on getting a delivery from the Indian place. Put the order in at 5.20 for ‘asap’ delivery…phoned at 6.30 to find out where it had got too…oh, there’d been a problem with the clocks on the automated system (?!) was just ready, would be there in 15 mins…phoned from 7pm to 7.15 but couldn’t get through…quickly scanned what was in the fridge (not a lot!) and rustled up a tomato ‘arrabiata’ with a bit of old chorizo and bacon and pasta that really needed eating…divine! and well under 500 cals!

    Of course, pigged out yesterday!

    And my first job on getting home later will be pancakes – our new weekend tradition!

    Have a good one, everybody.


    Morning All..
    A glorious day…

    Going a different walking route this morning, see how it goes….grass cut later and bedding to iron..Steve giving a quick vac and dust down stairs while we are out….Charlie doesn’t like the hoover….hope to sit out later…

    Updating two computers could take all day!!…then transferring some music onto our phones to play through the car…er if we can 😂..

    We are all worried about you..not like you to not come on…please let us know you are OK…

    How nice of the neighbour to put the brioche rolls on your door step, are they the ones with chocolate chips in?…how thoughtful….it’s hard for SIL to go back to a very busy place when you might not feel 100%..

    I have made in the past easy Focaccia bread, that turned out well…might be a tester to make some next week it’s ages since I have..

    Goodness a 21 year old !!…it’s sad when you can’t go out for a nice meal or out with your mates…how is his long distance relationship working 😬, I suppose not so good or easy…hope he has a lovely day as much as you can.
    We had the chicken legs with a cooked meal yesterday, cold chicken tonight..I get the large chicken then we can get a couple of meals off it…easy 😀…knee getting better still a bit stiff and sore…

    All our days upside down now..hard to get into a routine…I think you get fed up sometimes, I was a bit last night just not being able to get out to cafes and lunch out..it will pass…

    Cuppa and out..waiting for some warmth in the sun….

    Jean X

    Minols- well done on an impromptu. FD, rustling up a dinner instead of takeaway & getting all sorted for your ‘break’, enjoy your time off!
    Jean- good you’ve found a good & hopefully quieter walk! Hope Steve doesn’t overdo it…will be a strange birthday for son, although he’s not one for a lot of being centre of family fuss, so it could be a good one! He had hoped to be going away with his girlfriend, but it turns put her brother is also 21 on the same day, so her mum had suggested a joint party instead, he’s quite chuffed to have got out of that 😂. I will wait on him all day & spoil him with food, he can play on his computer all day- probably not a bad 2nd choice!
    No FD for me- neck painful again so have had to take painkillers & therefore eat something, & now I’ve started it’s made me hungrier! Cake to make later too…

    It’s warm outside, took Heidi out in the sunshine but it’s cloudy now. May try and do a bit of DIY, bathroom door needs fixing and painting. I hope all the idiots who go sunbathing in the park stop it or we will not even be allowed to take the dog out soon.

    Afternoon All..
    Charlie fast asleep..I did the down stairs clean..Steve upstairs sorting our music out to go on our phones, not easy..we are not very technical…
    Our morning gone quite quickly, lunch eaten…

    Sorry our posts crossed again…big minds think alike…shame on the Indian meal but all worked out well…enjoy your pancakes after work sounds lovely…enjoy your time off work for a couple of weeks…

    Walks good but cows and calves are expected out anytime now 😬 …so it will be no go for us…Charlie is frightened of anything bigger than him..winning on the horses…

    Your son will have a good day, with you making a fuss over him…enjoy his cake…what sort do you make?

    A bit of DIY get a few jobs done…

    Jean x

    Another day in lockdown
    Looking forward to tonight
    When we can go into the porch
    And clap for all our might.

    The news is very worrying
    So we have to find a place
    Where we can look for something
    To bring a smile to our face.

    I found some clips of Peter Kay
    To make me laugh out loud
    and finished off the crossword
    That made me feel so proud.

    I’ve been going to the shops on eBay
    Just to have a look around
    And I’ve been trying to get some groceries
    If I could get some that would be sound.

    I’ve face timed grandkids every day
    And messaged my friends out there
    To let the know I think of them
    And send them a virtual prayer.

    I sent off for my passport as it was out of date
    And tried to take a photo that got me in a state
    I’ve sent it several times now
    But it’s always been not great.

    I tried to do some baking
    But ingredients are sparse
    So I’ve decided that it’s all too much
    So I’ll sit here on my arse.

    Another day tomorrow
    To catch up with the chores
    No ones going to see me
    As we have to stay indoors.

    I hope you all are coping
    We will talk about this for years
    and when we all meet up again
    There will be plenty of whoops and cheers.

    Morning all!
    Hope everyone’s okay today? Survived 2 weeks in lockdown?! I don’t know if it’s a mass Monday fast, but won’t be joining you as I have some birthday cake to eat!!

    Morning All…

    We braved the park this morning. Just finishing our three rounds when Oreo arrived so did another two rounds of good play, 2 huskies friends joined in too….I am shattered…9,500 steps walked….😀..20’ distance a lot of shouting!

    I am fasting today…breakfast, a milk and water coffee….eggs tonight…

    Thinking on my jobs not decided yet..Steve faffing paint spraying in the garage, he’s sat not doing too much.

    Happy Birthday to your son…are you feeling old too 😂….what sort of birthday cake are you making?…we have survived three weeks of lock down..a week more than everyone else…

    Love the poem..

    Jean x

    Morning All,had a lovely day yesterday enjoying the sunshine in the garden. What was even nicer was that usually on a nice sunny Sunday afternoon the peace is usually shattered by the sound of lawnmowers but yesterday perfect silence as everyone had mowed their lawns during the week.
    A FD for me today hope I manage it.
    Hedgehogs hope son’s birthday goes well.
    Jean hope you and Steve are keeping okay.
    Just started raining here so that’s put off husbands planned outdoor garden project of making a small raised garden.
    Have a good day everyone whether fasting or not.
    Nana x

    A few of us fasting today. Good luck everyone.

    Cloudy and a bit of sun today, but not nice enough to sit outside for me.

    Ive started to get lazy and apathetic…

    Stay in bed til after midday then just lounge on the couch, pretty much doing nothing, although plenty I could be doing.
    Its good that the anxiety levels have dropped but not good that Im now inert.

    Ive not been out for a walk since my birthday and Ive only been out in the garden once since then!

    If I manage to stay motivated for todays fast, it will be something!
    Salmon and veg for tea, had to leave some stuff out of the borrowed freezer as it wouldnt all fit!

    Heard from the estate agent who have contacted the landlord about the oven. Landlord reckons that the oven should still be under warrenty, so should be fixed. However the shop where it came from arent sending any technicians out on home visits, so not sure how its going to pan out.
    Not urgent though, can work around it.

    Still on the search for a new freezer, as yet unsuccessful. Surely supplies will be coming in soon. Is it because they are imported?

    Just remembered I have a shopping slot reserved for later this week I think, need to cancel it!

    I shouldnt be so miserable! Lots of people going through hell at the moment.
    Need to go and force myself to do something….

    But not eat!!!


    I am watching the hallmark channel, some good stuff on it, lots of mysteries.Took Heidi out she met her friend Rashford and a new dog Mia. It’s sunny here now so will take her out again later. Feeling hungry now but will last a few more hours. Having cottage pie made with sweet potato, so only 300 calories.

    Afternoon All…
    Cloudy and showers here a bit chilly…washing done but on clothes horse and radiators…

    Fasting going well just a half and half coffee and tea….

    Just made two fruit loaves, last a couple of weeks or longer, when cool I dribble with whiskey then leave a week to mature…Steves favourite, tempt him when not eating….9 days to next chemo….

    Love being in the garden when quiet and bird song..not really warm enough yesterday for us to sit out. I didn’t get the grass cut, as soon as it’s dry again, next job….

    I know how you are feeling it’s taking me time to get moving and do jobs..you are bound to be down with the cooker and freezer breaking down on you..of all the time to happen…
    I am doing too much baking, I do it when I am a bit fed up…must change it more to dinners and savoury things…
    Try and push yourself to do something it does lift you a bit…I chatted or should I say shouted a bit to people on my dog walk I came back feeling much better.

    Hope your Birthday Cake is made, are you doing something nice for your birthday meal tonight…Enjoy…

    Enjoy your meal tonight..keep strong with all the food about you today..

    Jean x

    Very hungry now may last another hour two preferably if I can. How’s everyone doing?

    Dave- you’re doing well, keep strong!
    Kay- a pain with the freezer & the oven, it is a weird time & can be hard to get motivated…I guess alot is imported from China so that will be slow…
    Jean- you do well doing all this baking on fast days! Glad you got to talk to people on the walk…I do miss chatting to people out & about. Son has requested burgers & chips for dinner, so not hard! He wanted chocolate fondants for pudding too, so I’ve made them ahead.
    Nana- hope it was quieter for you again today!
    Hope everyone else is okay?
    Feels like I’ve spent the whole day cooking, & eating too 🐷 Did pop in to see Mum again, she was a bit grumpy at being told by several people that she shouldn’t be going round to her friend’s garden! She’s happy to sit & watch the blue tits nesting in her garden, but has started talking to the birds now 😱

    Had my food, kitchen closed 525 calories so far, still a few cuppas to have but will come in under 800.Just paid my road tax for the year. It was £5 more than it said in the letter.£150 in total my Hyundai was only £20 ☹️.And it had a bigger engine.

    Evening All…
    Fasting day has gone well…kitchen closed…about 550 calories…

    Kay sorry you didn’t make it, always another day…it’s been stressful for you, it happens.

    Hedgehog your cake looked absolutely gorgeous…it will soon disappear..

    Dave your meal looked good too maybe not for me..

    Jean x

    Can’t say I enjoyed it. Don’t think I will be getting it again. Threw half of it away. No bred today so that’s a big help. Can have an apple and a yoghurt later.

    Evening everyone , managed my FD but it was a struggle am still hungry and husband is watching Masterchef 😮 must stay strong and hope for a loss on the scales tomorrow morning.
    Really didn’t fancy going for our daily constitutional walk but husband insisted and I’m glad he did as I did feel better for it. Rain was only slight so husband was able to get outside in the garden and get on with the raised bed.
    Dave our road tax was £195 this year and yet son in laws Alfa Romeo is only £30.
    Kay a nightmare for you with the oven and the freezer problems. Hope you get sorted out soon.
    Hedgehogs the cake looked lovely hope the son has enjoyed his day.
    Nana x

    Morning all!
    Well done to all those who fasted yesterday, & if you didn’t, there’s always today!
    Dave- son’s flipping great Audi was only £30 tax I think, my little Jimny was £120 or something, all very strange! Shame about your meal yesterday…
    Jean- hope you get another good walk in, & that Steve’s still feeling okay…
    Nana- glad you managed a walk, probably less crowded if it was wet! Was your bbq good on Sunday?
    Kay- frustrating time for you, hugs to you…
    Hope everyone else is okay!
    Definitely a FD for me after yesterday! Don’t think I’ll get lots done as both boys are off today, will end up doing lots of food no doubt!

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