Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Feeling depressed now think I will go in with my son to see the therapist.🥴. Spanish lessons and bowling cancelled so it looks like I will be stuck indoors☹️☹️☹️. Plenty to watch on the telly so something to do. Ordered another smartwatch one that can be seen outside in the sunshine (if I ever get out)fast day about 890 so not bad for my first one for two weeks more or less. I will try to stay below 1000 all week.

    Morning awoke this morning with head full of thoughts about how we will get through the coming months.

    I feel especially for those living alone or with significant existing health issues.

    I feel more understanding of the stockpiling issues too. In a way I guess it’s people trying to exert a bit of contol in a world that now seems quite inexplicable. At least the better weather is on the way now making quiet walks and the garden more alluring.

    We need home based hobbies, jobs or learning. Our french teacher yesterday was showing us a clip from bbc bitesize. Lots of resources for free. Plus we have our Michel Thomas. We use the CDs but there will be other higher tech versions for non luddites. Keeping minds as well as bodies healthy has to be key or everyone will go stir crazy…..

    So it’s a NFD today and I’m grateful for that. Positive thoughts to all.

    Morning all!
    Jean- I’m sure that you & Steve didn’t get much sleep last night, keep strong, you’re a very close couple so that will help you. Hugs to you both…
    Sarah- up early too! Sounds like a good plan, keeping up with the French! I have books to read, to learn a language would be torture for me 😂. A bit of advice from you or Kay- my runner bean & courgette seedlings have sprouted but are bolting; what should I do with them? If I put them outside in the day & just in at night will it slow them? I’ve never got round to starting them this early, I’m usually late! Enjoy your nonFD!
    Dave- did you keep to the FD okay in the evening? I guess there’s no need to stay up so late, or is the hockey still going ahead? And did you get the microwave sorted; it’s fairly new isn’t it?
    Tammy- guess your London trip is definitely off now? Does your daughter take exams this summer, that’s all up in the air I guess?
    Minols- a bit more clear advice for your congregation now…hope you keep well.
    DF- did your fast go okay?
    Mel- never mind on the FD, hard when you’re looking forward to another trip! Have a good time!
    Typhoo- enjoy your breakfast this morning!
    Nana- hope you both can find enough to keep you busy, and stay safe, a worry with your hubby too…
    Kay- hope you weren’t too tired after yesterday, have you got to do it again today?
    Cakey- I bet Waddington likes having you work ftom home, or does he miss doggy daycare? I guess that’s another industry that’ll be inadvertently affected, if lots more people work from home, all these things you don’t think of. A local family run 2 places near us, going to affect them…
    Youngest son went back into work in the evening to help restock shelves, people are clearing so much stuff. They’ve been able to get a good delivery, but won’t get any more for a couple of days. People were coming in to try & get stuff that they couldn’t get from Tesco & home deliveries, out big Tesco 10 miles away is pretty much stripped bare. Eldest’s work has finally accepted that people will need to be off; they have to ring the managing director to explain! I guess that’ll intimidate malingerers! Obvs no dog training today for us, a nice day so will do some stuff in the garden. As Sarah says, at least we can hopefully look forward to better weather & being outside!
    Anyone fasting today? 800cals for me…
    Look after yourselves everyone!

    Morning all,

    So much to think about at the moment, there’s a really weird atmosphere around I feel. The roads are eerily quiet too, with lots of people choosing to stay at home. Very worrying times. Take care of yourselves everyone and do what needs to be done. I’m trying to carry on as if things were ‘normal’ but its always there in the background.

    FD went okay, although was a struggle, they seem to be harder for me at the moment. It will be nice to eat a little more today for sure.

    Not at work for the next two days after today, Steve has hospital appointments again, just routine 24 hour ECG’s being fitted/removed, but I want to go with him, just for moral support and so he’s not on his own.

    Good luck with the day, stay positive!

    Love to all x

    HH spoke to OH who is the gardening know how. He says putting them outside for a few hours in the day at the moment might help slow them but they have to be in a very sheltered spot. He thinks the big issue is probably uneven distribution of light. They need to be somewhere with even light, not necessarily very bright ie like a windowsill. If they are somewhere like they need to be turned a minimum of daily. Hope this helps. You’re way ahead of us…nothing in a pot yet…xx

    Morning All..
    Lovely day…up very early needed milk, non about yesterday…I was at Tesco at 7.30 with a small list got everything barring toilet roll.

    Speaking with the assistant at Tesco..The Distribution Centre at Christmas moved 1 1/2 million pallets/cages of produce in Christmas week…this last week 4 1/2 million went out…they just can’t believe how much stock is moving.

    Just a note on chatting to the Nurse yesterday..when you have been out and about make sure you keep drinking hot drinks…the Virus lives in your throat hot drinks will help to kill it.

    I think you are right to restrict a bit..just being thoughtful on what you do…we both took Charlie out this morning and it’s up lifting when the weathers good , saw people at a distance…this morning in Tesco at 7.30, it was extremely empty that’s the time to go….

    Fresh air is fine…your sport is the problem..

    I managed about 800 yesterday, nearly tempted to some chocolate last night Steve wasn’t bothered so I was good…

    I don’t know my thoughts on your Aunt visiting..if she is brought down in a car and they both isolate might be a good idea for company…is she far away…

    Sorry your day didn’t go to plan..hope you had a good nights sleep and feel up to it today..chin up..

    You are a bit down too..hope you feel better today…things are so depressing out, you see lots going on in the shops..

    Jean x

    Morning All cont..

    A nice watch gadget to keep you busy…

    A good idea to find sone new hobbies, spring cleaning and decorating if you get your paint…we will have to keep busy…exercise videos to get the fat moving 😂…singing from the windows er no…😂..maybe not watch the news…

    I had a good wobble yesterday at hospital I feel more positive today..we can’t change things ( as even the virus world) we have to move forward, a plan in place maybe tomorrow..then juggle things around to fit…

    How did your long day go? Are you going again today?

    The hospital appointments are a worry..I did notice people were giving people space, the clinic not so crowded..maybe some appointments maybe cancelled …hope it goes well…

    Keep strong everyone and safe…we can’t change the world so it’s best not to worry..stop watching the TV constantly, as I was, it’s so depressing…wash hands and plenty of hot drinks!!

    Jean x

    Jean- glad you’re feeling a bit better today, as you say you can’t change it, got to get through it…good idea going early to the shops, quiet & the shelves should be restocked overnight! thanks for the hot drinks tips, I shall guzzle plenty! I’d prefer my aunt didn’t come, firstly she could be bringing it with her as there’s lots of cases where she is, she’s quite scathing & think’s it just flu, so I think would encourage mum to go out, or if they did stay in then I think they’d really get on each others nerves!
    Sarah- thanks for the plant tips! Hope you get your paint today.
    DF- hope you can keep your distance from others at the hospital…
    Been for a walk in the forest, eldest off today so he decided to come, Xena loved him chasing her about, although his stick throwing is even worse than mine! Had to wash her bedding & she’s been really silly again- stayed on guard in her crate all evening!
    Am I the only one fasting?

    At Tesco this morning before 6am they were queueing up outside and it’s 24 hour shop. They put more hand sanitizer soap but it all went in minutes.They are limited to two per person.We are going to Sainsbury’s soon to see what’s left there. Denise said they went to a toilet roll factory on the telly and there was millions of toilet rolls, they said there is no way they will run out. We have not bought any for a fortnight, because there are non to buy. Fast day was a little over not much so a good first attempt.

    HH and Jean – your chat reminded me of something I’ve been saying a lot to kids recently when we’ve been talking abut fear, and everything that’s going on. You used the ‘just have to go through it’ phrase…Did you ever read ‘We’re going on a bearhunt’ to kids/grandkids? Every obstacle encountered – we can’t go over it, we can’t go under it, we can’t go round it…we’re just going to have to go through it! Had a morning of panicky calls and shock – which I get! We saw this coming, but reality is a different thing. And soon after this, adrenaline will wash away, and then we just hav to knockle down and get on with it. Tbh, I was quite glad to escape the office and go and take a funeral! Probably my last normal one for a while. Nice old gentleman, nice family, nice friends from the golf club, from former working life…nice turn-out.

    Anyhoo – managed a fd yesterday…not today. Will probably try again tomorrow.

    Dave – if you’re stuck, I’m carrying 3 spare toilet rolls around with me in the car in case I come across anyone ‘needing’! Could be worse – we queue for toilet rolls in a crisis – the Americans are apparently queuing for guns!


    Minols- I thought of the bear hunt as I wrote it, wasn’t sure how many would know it! Boys loved that story, I kept it so read it with my homestart families. Glad the funeral was a nice one, hopefully no more…lol, emergency toilet rolls! Have seen quite a bit online about panick buying guns in the US; scary! I did post a pic on WhatsApp of long queues outside the weed cafes in Amsterdam; how countries deal with this differently is interesting!
    Dave- do you want me to post you a loo roll as well?! There’ll be more soon in the shops, the panick will die down…
    Just seen on the news that a supermarket in Australia are having a special hour for the elderly & vulnerable to have the shops to themselves- a lovely idea.
    Learnt my lesson from the other day, just did a couple of hours in the garden so haven’t overdone it!

    I had to read the bear hunt every night for years! along with one or two other stories. There were nights when the boy was restless when I would just recite it with my eyes shut. And there was once when I was trying to get him to manage the 2 mile circuit we walked the dogs (rather than me carrying him in a sling!), when we enacted the bearhunt…

    Can’t believe how good just remembering those days and nights makes me feel!


    Minols- haapy memories! A lovely idea to get through the dog walk! We used to go to a Playbus (literally a double decker bus with seats taken out, filled up with storage, toys etc) & they would always have the bear hunt at story time, over a dozen toddlers crammed on the benches doing all the actions, happy days indeed! 😀
    Homestart have now stopped all home visits, phone support only, I thought they’d have to do that soon. My family’s baby is due to have his operation tomorrow…

    Baby’s op is cancelled, they had someone die from the virus in that hospital a couple of days ago,thought it would be. Very tough for the family, they’re not even looking at another date. Understandable though 😞
    Eldest is determined to munch his way through all the food we have! He often is too busy at work for lunch, so makes up for it on days off! Good job I’m not too hungry 😂

    Well back from Sainsbury’s,or the “front line”no bred hardly but guess what they was just putting toilet rolls on the shelf, people were like piranhas but managed to buy a pack,also got hand sanitizer or should I say soap.I said out loud if I had a machine gun I would shoot anybody with a shopping basket too full😁.A man agreed and said he had been in Morrisons and a woman there had a full conveyor belt full of shopping and another full basket waiting to go on.Her bill s close to£300.One woman went past me with 30 packets of coffee🤯.No fast day today was starving so had a big sandwich on sourdough.Didnt have normal bred so had to buy some white bred.The man I was talking to coughed all over me too🥵😬.

    Dave- that sounds lovely! 😬 Hope his cough wasn’t anything much…
    Just had dinner, finished off with some 100% cocoa chocolate, lovely!

    Evening everyone, not much to report today. Pleased to have completed another FD will see what tomorrows weigh in will show.
    Went to our local co up this morning for a few things hardly anything on the shelves but was able to get what we needed. A big 24 hr Tesco Extra near here has announced that its closing from 10pm until 6 am to enable staff to restock the shelves. Been a beautiful sunny day so our walk was lovely.If the weather is as nice tomorrow we plan on going for a nice long bike ride as our usual Wednesday lunch has been put on hold – at least my alcohol consumption will be less.
    Jean hope Steves oncologist is able to provide a good treatment plan for him at his appointment tomorrow.
    Stay safe everyone in these difficult times.
    Nana x

    Think I will do another fast day tomorrow, I said to Denise if I get this virus get me a giant bar of chocolate 😁.At least if I pop my clogs I will go with a smile on my face 😁.They will probably start queueing at Tesco at 22-01 hrs.My son said they have two people watching for people stealing stock.As well as security staff.

    Evening All..
    Up at 6 tomorrow to shower, hair wash and a long walk away for 8.30…tight but will be ok…a long day for Charlie on his own but he does sleep..I worry about him…I will have to get a dog walker in if I have to at a later date.

    Good idea Tesco shutting to refill at least they will get on top of the merchandising…

    Have a good bike ride sounds a good idea..

    Hope son hasn’t eaten all your food..and enjoyed his climbing tree day with Xena…shame on the babies operation and the telephone calls only, not quite the same…

    The bear hunt reminds me of my guide days…we have to go through it all, you can’t worry about what you can’t change…

    I like the idea if you are going under..a large block of chocolate…sounds good…and a 🍷

    Enjoy your holiday and time away….a few 🍷🍷🍷why not…keep safe…

    Early night…so it’s a night night from us…..soon…

    Jean x

    Hi all
    Hey Jean, no I’m not down I’m just getting my head around everything.
    HH not officially been told but yes I would imagine my course is off, I will get told tomorrow.
    I can imagine that work for me is about to become busy, I am sure the schools will close Friday, meaning less staff and we all have to pull together, I’m not one to refuse to work, especially in exceptional circumstances.
    Hubby not very good just now, he’s dragging his leg, but everything else is fine, I worry stroke but he wont go to the doc, I will see what he is like tomorrow and may have to put my foot down, but hes so stubborn.
    Daughter is disappointed at everything she was looking forward to being cancelled as is everyone else.
    I might try a fast tomorrow, I’m feeling the over eating,and not liking it, but not sure yet.
    Take care everyone.
    Tammy x

    Our doctors is shut,can call to arrange a telephone consultation.In Serbia the over 65s are under curfew from 8pm until 6am, I wonder if that will happen over here 🤯.Feel very full,had to much to eat today.But that’s good because it makes me want to cut down on what I eat. Fast day tomorrow.

    If they put my mother under curfew, she will be the first to be arrested, she will need to be tied up to keep her in, I’m dreading it !!!
    Tammy x

    I think it’s going to be a long year.

    Just lost my post I typed!

    So just a quick one as Im very tired.

    A lazy day for me. No incentive to do anything. Weather was grey and damp too.
    Need to get my head round fasting again!

    Jean, hope tomorrow leaves you feeling more optimistic.

    Minols, hows the dog?

    Catch you all tomorrow x

    Good luck today Jean & Steve. Hope all goes well.

    Morning all!
    Jean- best wishes for today, hope they can start treatment soon & the virus doesn’t mess things up. Maybe look at a lickimat for Charlie; you smear stuff all over it & it takes a while to lick off, supposed to be calming too, keeps Xena quiet for quite a while. Hugs to you…
    Nana- well done on your FD, lovely to keep cycling…hope it’s reflected on your scales!
    Tammy- a worry with your hubby, & Mum! France have got very strict & are arresting people, maybe we’ll end up the same if people ignore the ‘suggestions’! Such a shame for your daughter, the youngsters are finding it hard too. Try & fit in a FD, it’s only one day, although you have a lot on.
    Dave- hope your FD goes okay. Is your son still working?
    Minols- how’s the woof, we’re all worried about him!
    Sarah- did you manage to get paint? Are you fasting today?
    DF- how’s hubby got on with his ECG? Can be hard to sleep when you wear one?
    Mel- enjoy your breakfast!
    Kay- are you working any more at the building site? Long days…
    Typhoo- hope it was good eating yesterday?!
    Woke very early, have some stuff getting nearly out of date, so don’t like to waste it, & not easy to fast this early so won’t worry today! Seeing a friend later- she’s well but isolated herself so she could be free of anything & visit her carehome, but then the carehome banned any visitors anyway! Will be my last social thing…
    Keep strong & safe all.

    Morning all

    No paint yet. Saw daughter and grandaughter yesterday. She is being very cautious and hating the school run with so many people. She’s part of a whatsapp group to help the large proportion of older people in her close. All the older people on it and they’re going to help with shopping etc if needed. Proud of her.

    Feeling slightly compromised re seeing grandchildren. And I know many will feel the same way. OH 68 in May and has scarred lungs from double pneumonia but no ongoing lung problems. Never smoked…difficult

    Jean thinking of you today. Do you have a kong for Charlie. You put a little PB inside and it takes them ages to get it out.

    Tammy, tricky for you at the moment with OH and your mum. How very frustrating. I’d have a hard time keeping calm about either of them. Some people will have no chance to work and some key workers like you too much. And dealing with disappointed daughter too. Shame for her. Try to maintain focus on fasting though it might help you feel something is happening for you.

    HH I laughed at lickimat. Gretel would probably devour the whole thing! Gretel weirdly actually licks my (clean i think) slippers all the time. Fed up with wet slippers tbh and will be happy when I go into summer flipflops in the house. Also funny re xena and bedding. They have their little ways and thank goodness we have them to make us laugh. My grandchildren’s lab only aim in life is to love everyone. He’s a massive lolloping exuberant boy against Gretel’s elegance but his nature is amazing and he’s so good.

    They are fining rather than arresting people in France if the haven’t got a written self declaration of why they need to be out. Friends from my area in the south say the police are warning offenders first especially anyone elderly who seems confused about it. Might be different in big cities. I guess if people kept flouting the law they might arrest them. I have every respect for how Macron is trying to deal with it and our lot are trying their best and trying to learn lessons from the other countries.

    Soooo awful times but we have to be positive and on that note seeing the smiling faces of the extra wuhan health workers as they depart the region and the children returned to school is a good reminder that this will pass and normality will return. Thank goodness it’s Spring and those of lucky enough to have gardens can enjoy them. Feeling very very sad for people in high rise flats in places like Hackney right now.

    Kay enjoy your well deserved lazy day.

    Everyone, stay safe and hang on in there.

    Sarah- a big worry for you & hubby, I don’t know what the answer is with grandchildren…lovely idea what your daughter’s street is doing.
    Jean- keep strong…are you still getting your new car today?
    Just walked Xena, didn’t see anyone so that’s good. Son’s girlfriend in Winchester went shopping very early this morning, the police were there keeping an eye on everything but she still had a bloke have a go at her…best (people looking out for neighbours) & worst of humanity…
    Looking forward to my catch up with friend, & hubby’s hoovered the car out before it goes in for a service which I was going to do later, so that’s good!

    Good morning all.Fast day today and salad for tea so I can have extra cuppas 😁. will get dry then take Heidi out.Should have been bowling today but got a phone call saying it’s off.I think the entire season will be off ☹️.Pity really because there are only 8 in a team and only 4 play at a time. So not a big crowd. Will have to wait and see.

    Still going strong on FD.Slightly hungry but will last out a few more hours. Got soaked taking Heidi out, so hopefully the weather will change for next walk.

    Ended up with no choice re grandchildren. Daughter’s close friend’s husband has come down with ‘flu’. Their family self isolating. Won’t see daughter now for a week or so at least.

    Apparently their local dad’s group sent SIL’s a message saying do the dads want to go and support their local pub on Sat eve 😱😱😱Daughter sent message back saying if you want to support local pub stick a tenner under the door. SIL unaware at the mo 😉She is my daughter! The area they live in has loads of elderly and many of the younger ones commute to London. How flipping selfish can you get…

    Jean thinking of you and hope day not too exhausting with a good outcome.

    Ho all.
    Nice low day today…just waiting to tuck into a beef casserole as soon as OH in.

    Jean how’s the day been?.

    Dog seems a bit better -2 mornings with no vomiting, all tests fine, ultrasound fine. Just has a shaved tummy, now!

    Busy day…who knew cancelling stuff would take so long! No Sunday services for a while, so thinking creatively. Going to write loads of stuff for fb. Going to run an ‘in time’ service . Going to try and open Sanctuary for prayer regularly…people need somewhere to go when the walls start closing in.

    Wierd trying to think what ot means to be a minister without people to see, services to hold and meetings to go to…but quite exciting to be thinking differently about things…I think🤔

    HH – sorry to hear your HS baby ops cancelled…really tough on everybody.


    I thought you weren’t on fb Minols.If you were we could all see a picture of your dog. It’s full of dog pictures 😁. Very hungry now but will hold out until 6pm.Heidi has had her fix, found a new supply.

    Morning, afternoon and evening All…

    Sorry such a busy day…appointment went as we thought a lovely consultant, a hours delay….treatment over 4 months ..4 cycles of chemo, every three weeks then tablets and self injection at home that same week…scans in between…then three weeks, 5, 5, 5, of radiotherapy…we both have to isolate, keep away from people and try not to get ill or the treatment will stop until he is better.
    With it being a small cancer the consultant is confident of a good out come…there is no other treatment if it returns…

    We collected the car very pleased with that, it’s so dirty after a rainy day….not stopped all day…poor Charlie was on his own for 6 hours, asleep and not bothered for the loo when we got in…so that was good…just a one off…we will play with the car, radio and packing bits in etc tomorrow ..

    Too many to post individually..sorry..feeling a bit shattered..

    Jean x

    Sounds promising Jean,get the wine out tonight, you deserve it.And maybe chocolate too.

    Good to have a plan now to focus on Jean, all sounds very positive. Just keep well both of you.
    We are still in our hotel, had to stay another night as the car made a horrible noise in the car park as we were leaving. Apparently a suspension spring broke. Hopefully they can do it tomorrow early enough for us to still go to wales for a couple of nights.
    Have been speaking to the couple who own the tiny hotel we are booked in for next week for four nights. They are shutting the week after but not sure about next week. They just have a couple of bookings. Said it is up to them, if they are open we will come. We only walk the hills, avoid shops and people. Otherwise when we get home from Wales that will be it. Will stay at home as much as possible, just a bit of shopping (if anything left) and quiet dog walking. Easy in Lincolnshire to walk for two hours and not meet a soul.
    Anyway must change for dinner, love to all.
    PS Minols, glad doggie is ok.

    Jean, that must have been totally and utterly exhausting. You must be very hopeful of a very positive outcome. I know there’s the treatment to be got through but one day at a time. You’ve been so amazing!

    Ps you were right about schools then. Hoping you have a nice glass of wine and a good sleep planned.

    So fasting tomorrow….good luck to anyone braving it today.

    Jean- a very long & stressful day, a big worry but good to have a plan, & good that they’re positive about the outcome. Isolating won’t be hard at the moment 😬
    Mel- a shame about your car, hope that it gets done tomorrow.
    Sarah- shame about the grandchildren, as you love seeing them but at least that worry about your hubby is taken out of your hands for now. I really like your daughter 😂😂
    Dave- hope you’ve found enough to do today? Not easy fasting if you can’t keep busy…
    Minols- glad old dog is improving! I’ve just remembered that Josie was often sick 1st thing, but before food, that was pancreatitis brewing, but I’m sure that they tested for that. A difficult time for you work-wise, lots of phone support I guess? Our Church is hoping to do some sort of online service for everyone.
    Tammy- shame about your course, hope your store’s not too busy? Or not closing with lack of stock…
    Lots of people gone off sick coughing at eldest son’s work, one customer in all day, can’t see them staying open much longer. Youngest still fairly busy. The restaurant where nephew works is closing tomorrow, don’t know if he’ll keep in Yorkshire or come home. He has rent to pay though. Sister works at school so that’s closing, BIL isn’t allowed to work with his boss in case they both get ill, so they’re alternating days, only working twice a week, affecting so many areas.
    Not such a good chat with my friend, her hubby was made redundant a while back, he has been offered a job, but down West country, she’s very upset at the thought of having to move & leave her mum (in care home), & friends 😞 My mum is in a total state at the moment, just think you’ve reassured her & then something else sets her off. & Xena has got overtired & is crabby 😬
    But at least I could eat today!

    Just took my son to ball hockey, that’s still on at the moment.About 900 calories today so not too bad. Will try again tomorrow for another FD/low day.

    Evening everyone, no cycling today as weather not very good but had our constitutional walk. Another low calorie day for us and the scales showed a half pound loss since last weigh in so pleased with that.
    Jean sounds a good plan very similar to my sisters breast cancer treatment which was successful and your consultant sounds confident. A long day for you and it sounds like Charlie was a good boy.
    Hedgehogs a worry with your mum bless her. Trying times ahead for all of us.
    Sarah we usually visit our great grandsons at our daughters as she looks after them on Wednesdays and as we’re self isolating won’t be seeing them for a while so daughter face timed us – it was so lovely to see their little smiling faces and chat to them.
    Have a good day tomorrow everyone – and for those of you who remember watching the tv series Hill Street Blues the seargents catchphrase after the morning briefing ” Let’s Be Careful Out There ”
    Nana x

    My grandson was sent home from school yesterday, his school closed. My daughter works for the NHS but his school is shut. Her husband works nights so there will be someone there with him all the time.

    Nana- well done on a pound off! Nice to facetime greatgrandchildren!
    Dave- well done on your FD, I’ll join you tomorrow…
    Youngest son had to go back into work & do reports- one of his staff seems to have corona virus- NHS won’t do a test, but have diagnosed her on symptoms- luckily she was off work & caught it from a relative so hasn’t been in contact with public or work colleagues. Don’t know if people diagnosed this way show up on official figures?!

    Probably hundreds got it with being tested. They talk about 25,000 being tested in a month’s time but they’re are 65,000,000 people live in the UK.

    Morning all!
    FD not going to be easy, neck playing up again, want to have painkillers but not on an empty stomach 😬 If I start to eat it’ll be game over! Got to take Xena out in a minute & then take my car in for a service.
    Hope everyone’s okay & keep strong anyone fasting!

    Morning All..
    A slower start this morning but up early…we are both walking this morning ..I shall be fasting today..

    Faffing with the car later, sorting it out….

    Natalie, Oreos mum, brought us some lovely different cakes her mum sent to us, she bakes for a living…delicious…people are so lovely…
    I agree lots more have it who haven’t got on the list…keep walking Heidi.

    A nightmare with your car hoping it can be sorted quickly and you can get to Wales…good luck with the next hotel you will have to go with the flow…things are moving quickly…enjoy what you can…

    Strange about the schools, my daughter who is a headteacher saw on the news on the school closing..she has a big meeting with other Heads in her area this morning. Her school will remain open for key workers children her own vulnerable children and free schools meals, she will know later how it will work, she has already lost a lot of her own staff. Very hard times in every direction..

    All our houses will be well cleaned and sorted, if we can be bothered 😂..plenty of walking and keeping apart…I can see how your mum worries when she is on her own. Tell her to stop watching the TV. Shame on your eldest son if he closes and nephew
    Hope the cars fine and not too long….

    Well done on your loss seems a regular steady amount. I use face time on America daughter, sit down and have cuppa with her, we can for about a hour most days 😂..nice, see grandchildren too.

    Our church is opening up more in phone calls and face time calls, helping on company, chatting and talking through why? in a religious way…
    Lots of help going on in our village…glad the old boy is home and doing ok..

    Have a good fast day I think a few of us..

    Jean x

    Jean you would have to chain me to the wall to stop me taking Heidi out. It’s a beautiful day here, not very warm about 6°C but feels warmer in the sun. Trying to fast again today, if I fail it will be a low day. I expect I am still a few pounds heavier than before I went to Lanzarote, but I have been well below my TDEE every day since I got back. Not getting on the scales until the 27th, dental appointment on the 30th.I see no people got the virus in China yesterday,but there was 34 new ones that came home to China from other countries.I think every country on earth should close their borders until it’s sorted. There was a story online that three grandma’s have moved in together to self isolate.Good idea,it will fight loneliness.Ityped in loneliness on my phone and it came up kinkiness 😆 predictive text as a lot to answer😆

    Daughter rang her Doctors surgery yesterday for her repeat prescription and he came onto the phone and said that she’s only allowed out to walk the dog and stay away from people whilst outside. Not allowed to go to shops or have visitors either. Luckily we can face time her.

    Nana- You’re doing really well with steady losses! Your poor daughter, does she have asthma? I’m sorry I can’t remember, I think you’ve probably said before…all a worry.
    Jean- your home will probably be cleaner than mine; not done anything much today, trying to shift neck & headache! Hope your daughter gets some clarity about what’s happening, it’s good that some are staying open, but not sure how it’ll all work if children have to get to different schools. People are wanting answers but you can’t sort everything out immediately, everything’s changing very quickly! Have fun sorting the car out!
    Dave- keep strong on your FD! You’ve done well since your holiday…how’s your son getting on with work, have they closed his shop?
    Sarah- how are you feeling today? Hope you’re okay? Have just seen a clip on the news about Ragdolly Annas, they do dance & music sessions online for toddlers as they’ve had to cancel their classes, maybe your granddaughter would enjoy it? Can’t imagine being shut in with lively children, feel for your daughter…
    Fd going okay…
    Hope everyone is all right, quiet today!

    Afternoon everyone

    Daughter popped to waitrose for a few bits as literally couldn’t get into Sainsburys. No loo roll or paracetamols, quite a few bare sections. Check out person told her no shortage but some people arrive early and literally leave with trolleys full of loo roll. Woman said there is no shortage of anything but some people are stockpiling ridiculously Why???? What on earth are they doing with it..selling it? They need to start rationing it like yesterday.

    Anyway I will need loo roll soon so first thing at shops it will be. Luckily I have some kitchen roll I can cut up…

    Pretty sure my mild head cold is just that and less headache today. No fever or cough. Took a couple of ibuprofen last night but probably would have had paracetamol if I’d had it…just in case.

    Got paint from B€Q yesterday for summerhouse plus wood for some rotten bits. Shop v busy with people buying paint. I guess people want to do something productive with enforced time.

    Been sorting herb pots out etc today.

    HH must be tiring with your mum. Was wondering what form Xena’s crabbiness takes. Can’t really imagine Gretel being crabby. She does have her annoying side though, not least with greyhounds, various terriers and any thin dogs. Just don’t know why. Anyway she has surpassed herself today. We had quite a lot of dahlias for allotment last year. A bit hit and miss as bought online but we saved tubers from the 2 fab ones, had quite a few tubers which we overwintered in summer house. OH sorted them out and left them on patio in pots ready for their compost. Gretel popped out and ate them. She is well in the doghouse.

    Nana nice to face time GG children. Hope you can see them in person before too much time has passed. Sorry to hear daughter has to self isolate now too. Is your trip still going ahead?

    It’s drizzly here but nothing too bad so will walk Gretel and go over to allotment. We’re growing more this year…just in case and anyway it won’t go waste.

    Mel, hope car ok and you can continue to Wales.

    Dave, think you’re right about borders. Just hope that they still allow goods over the channel or we will real shortages very fast. French cancelled now like your Spanish but I am going to make a very big effort to continue. God knows my verbs need a lot of time and attention. Even in France you’re allowed to walk yourself and dog.

    Jean hope you’re recovering from your exhausting Weds. think you’re right about not watching too much news. We need to be informed but I can get a bit obsessive and anxious so determined to think about and do other things as well. Might post pics of before and after re summerhouse. We inherited it and use it as a sort of garage. It’s just storage of garden furniture, games and a freezer. We’ve never actually sat in it and never would. But it’s very visible in a smallish garden so want it to look nice.

    Fasting today which feels quite tricky as slightly off colour, but want to keep in with it and go to France at goal next time. Stay safe and well all fasting buddies xx

    HH thanks for tip about ragdolly annas. Will tell daughter. Iris loves music so bet she would enjoy it. Emma already feeling the potential strain. He hubby works from home. He is a civil servant and was working on keeping the wheels on in event of no deal brexit, now working in emergency planning for Covid. He’s v handson with children but he is really busy, working til 11 some nights. Emma wants to kill him already…

    She told me that divorce rates have soared in China….

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